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I’m happy

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I am. Really very truly happy.

I mean. I’ve come to accept that maybe some people don’t like that I feel like I’m all that but at some point, all of us should think that. Hello? Have you thought about it? If you felt that you’re not a teensy bit special, how can you live among millions like you?

Anywhoo, I’m just babbling.

Had two important meetings today :)

One for the Psych department’s core group, the Psychedelics.
I’m keeping my position as batch rep.
And with two responsible department reps, I think this year might kick ass.
Now if only they give us priority during enlistment!
After all, we’re going to help out during registration :(

Second meeting was for UP CSA — Bong and I are part of the executive committee (did I get that right?)
He’s the president (if you guys don’t know)
I’m heading a committee. :3
And the exciting part is that — we have TONS of activities planned for next year! <3
And they’re not at ALL boring :D

Oh guys! Forgot to advertise our new blog for some of those who like food :D

Manila Foodistas is now officially online ♥

Please come visit us at manilafoodistas.blogspot.com :o)

Photo source: Joey’s Flickr


Tingal didn’t recognize me! Boo Tingal! :/

Toy Stores = Love

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

IMGP4304Note: I re-edited the pictures. They were horribly pixelated. No more using photobucket for posting for me. :P

Just back to posting using lovable Windows Live Writer.

Yesterday, I went out with Spellbinder and Sunshine. D

IMGP4310If you remember Spellbinder, he’s the guy who used to be a mod here in sanriotown too D

Anyway, it’s been such a long time since the three of us went out! I’m just glad we found the time.

Since it’s Harrell’s birthday on Monday, he treated us to Burger King! Yumyum!

And guess who I saw in the toy store???

Well, this rat, for one.


And of course, Hello Kitty!


Happy Halloween, guys! XD Even though it?s not Holloween yet.


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I went Hiking

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

I was supposed to go tree planting but ended up feeling like I went hiking :/

The hell? Hahahaha.

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 4 in the morning. Imagine! It’s the time I go to sleep!

Edmond was on time! (Yay?) He was there by 5:00 (thankyouthankyou for the ride!) and then we went to his friend’s house to pick his friend up who happens to know my Chem prof’s boyfriend! Coolie :D

Planting tree site would be at the Ipo Dam. We got there by 8 and then proceeded to ride a boat to the mountain.

There was actually this kid who was celebrating his twelfth birthday today and chose to spend it planting trees, wow.

As much as I was wow-ed by it, I was a bit irate cause I wanted to start right away to planting those trees!

(Well if you know me well enough, you’d know I have no care for show, which tend to be superficial sometimes. Again, sometimes.)

I was really expecting it to be this huge plain with holes in them where we shoot the tree-lings (bear with me), but it was a mountain–with slopes! Ack!

Again, I went hiking.

I did see old friends like Sharmayn, Christian, and Ralph (and finally got to meet his girlfriend). So, yay!

So, have you heard? Dumbledore’s gay.

Signing out,
Your very sunburned Tiffy

Family Scandal

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

What do you get when these four people end up in the same house?

You get kid#4 trying to hug kid#3 and then you get a kid#4 flying and falling down his ass after being pushed away by kid#3.

And then when the adults *cough*us*cough* try to get kid#4 to hug kid#3 again, you get an irritated kid#2 pushing away kid#4 and preventing him from hugging his sister.

Kid#1 is perhaps curious about the attention and then proceeds to hug kid#4.

In the end, kid#4 steals a kiss (lips to lips, baybeh) from kid#3. Aww… To which, his father shouts, “Did anyone get a picture of that?”

Kid#1: Angel
Kid#2: Diether
Kid#3: Fiona
Kid#4: Matmat



Friday, August 17th, 2007



誰會講中文用中文回答吧 ﹗我試試看如果我能看得懂 :D

我發現Sanriotown很多人會用中文寫日記 ﹗:)

Books and Comics

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

See? It wasn’t such a bad idea to read the Deathly Hallows the whole day yesterday. That would’ve be waaaay better than what Merryan was doing; which is to cover her ears and sing, “lalala” to herself whenever someone threatens to spoil it for her :3

I love Pi. :)

So now I’m in on the secret. I feel like part of the Order of the Phoenix with all the secrets I know *O* Lame analogy, I know. My head’s been in the gutters (another lame analogy) ever since I spent three hours in a chem lab trying my best not to fall asleep on a teacher who’s lecturing us about chem stuff nonstop. x_x

Tip: Write as many answers to Villaseñor’s quizzes as possible. If she asks for the product, write the transition state and intermediate carbocation/carboanion as well–BONUS POINTS! Too bad I realized too late.

Oh well. Down the drain goes my grades.

And instead of studying in advance, here I am reading Runaways the whole evening. Thank you Sean for lending it to me :3

It’s like, waaaay cool :3 With kids with powers trying to overthrow their parents :3 Not that I’d want to overthrow mine — I love them to bits! I just want the cool powers :3

Meeting tomorrow for Psychedelics. And then PE :) Goodnight :)

Being Featured

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

I was going to wait until someone comments on my blog again before posting a new one. But it seems that after the whole maintenance things, people have not been blogging as much (or maybe that’s just me).

So in an effort to lighten things up and continue in the spirit of blogging, I will carry on with my wackiness. :P

Have you visited Superbong’s Hello Kitty Experiment blog lately?

He featured me — Yay!

Now on to more pressing matter — House episodes.
I need to watch more! Now after I study for all those exams (just a week left), I’m going to go crazy watching all these stuff!

Good day :P

School’s Cool

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Maybe I should repeat that over and over for it to come true. Heh.

Anyway, ask me what I’ve been up to these days and I’d tell you, “School, school and more school.”

My Normal Night Studying

This are the things that stood by me as I studied for my PE1 exam last Sunday night (darn that exam). I was only able to post this now because my mom brought the cam with her to Cebu. And tomorrow, she’s headed for Tokyo. Lucky mom!

My notes, my cute Piglet the Piglet, my cellphone (which replaced the one that got broken and which I bought for around $10–lucky girl I am), my pedometer (all this physical fitness talk is getting to me. I’ve been carrying my pedometer with me for three days now), and my midnight snack–the picture looks familiar, no?

Hahaha. Whoops.

Trying to lose weight and then eating that at night is a big no-no :P

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I love Japanese restaurants.


Cause my dad loves eating Japanese foods.

I remember as a kid, my mom and I brought home a styro-full of Japanese foods. When we got home, she called my dad and answered my question of what those things in the styro were, adding that it was my dad’s favorite.

When my dad finally got down, I was trying to decide which one of those “things” I was going to eat (they all looked raw). Until my eyes set upon this cute apple green colored thing…

Uh oh.

Well you probably know the rest of the story.
Anyway, last Sunday, we went to Wasabi to eat brunch!


There we go :)

At first I was even shy–I didn’t want to take a picture. Heh. But then not much people were near the door so what the heck.

It was a buffet so I didn’t have the courage to take pictures of the buffet XD

Here’s what I ate:

Japanese foods


According to Sean,

“ooo…my fave Jap restaurant…the buffet is lousy though; they hoard up the stuff that they didn’t sell in the week and present it as a buffet. If you’re going to really going to go ala carte, go for…the sashimi is glorious, the #1 special, the fried soft shell crab in either sushi or main course form, the ahi special, the oyster shooter, the scallop special or whatever it was called…it’s a rice meal i think. yumm…haven’t been there in a while”

Anyway, a goodbye picture!


Sunday, April 15th, 2007

今天雖然想用中文寫我的 blog。