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Backlog of stuff to watch

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Last semester, me and my groupmates did a CD and chose songs from musicals and connected them to Psych concepts for our Psych 101 class. One of our songs is from Les Miserables. And ever since I read a synopsis of it, I’ve been wanting to watch it.

I mean, come on! My groupmate cried reading the synopsis. What more the real thing?

So I bought a concert of it XD

I can’t wait to watch it! :D

P.S. I can’t wait to read Stardust too!

Win a Copy of the 4-Hour Workweek

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Manila Freelancer will be giving away a copy of the 4-Hour Workweek.


Just blog about it and comment on his blog entry.

The only catch is that they will only ship to any address within the Philippines.

Not to worry, though. I know there a lot of members here in Sanriotown.com who lives in the Philippines XD


Anyway, have any of you read this book? Is it even any good? :)

I just like getting a chance to win a book. I haven’t really won in a raffle online, so why not give it a shot, right?

Books and Comics

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

See? It wasn’t such a bad idea to read the Deathly Hallows the whole day yesterday. That would’ve be waaaay better than what Merryan was doing; which is to cover her ears and sing, “lalala” to herself whenever someone threatens to spoil it for her :3

I love Pi. :)

So now I’m in on the secret. I feel like part of the Order of the Phoenix with all the secrets I know *O* Lame analogy, I know. My head’s been in the gutters (another lame analogy) ever since I spent three hours in a chem lab trying my best not to fall asleep on a teacher who’s lecturing us about chem stuff nonstop. x_x

Tip: Write as many answers to VillaseƱor’s quizzes as possible. If she asks for the product, write the transition state and intermediate carbocation/carboanion as well–BONUS POINTS! Too bad I realized too late.

Oh well. Down the drain goes my grades.

And instead of studying in advance, here I am reading Runaways the whole evening. Thank you Sean for lending it to me :3

It’s like, waaaay cool :3 With kids with powers trying to overthrow their parents :3 Not that I’d want to overthrow mine — I love them to bits! I just want the cool powers :3

Meeting tomorrow for Psychedelics. And then PE :) Goodnight :)

I’m a Musician’s Daughter — but who’s asking?

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

I want to have my rest. Argh. Too much work and school (more school than work). T________T

Why did I ever think that taking 19 units would be fine? With 2 majors and a Chem31 subject? Organic chem, I love you :D Please be nice to my grade!

On other news, I finished reading this book here. I actually like Amy Tan. She’s one of the authors that I really adore reading. Why? Well, cause she knows how to make a story flow smoothly. And she creates conflicts that are so close to heart that I can’t help but continue reading.

I’m Chinese, yes, but my family never really entirely resembles that of any of her characters (should I be thankful?)

Anyway, this book is about Ruth Young, a book collaborator who lives with Art and his two girls. She has a mother who’s an illigitimate daughter of a bonesetter’s daughter (the relation is quite far) XD Anyway, this mother of Ruth’s, Luling, has Alzheimer’s disease and she’s plagued by dementia.

This books is about dealing with family and talks about family ties and the like. It also goes back to when Japan invaded China (back when Luling was still in the prime of her youth) — interesting history, really :) It isn’t pretentious and it won’t overload you with facts (for me, anyway).

By the way, been updating my mail.com blog lately (they have new layouts :D and they’ve improved it yay)

Photo from here.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Friday, June 1st, 2007

A challenge: beat me at finishing this book and I’ll… uh… (it’s never a good idea to send a challenge when you don’t have a prize, don’t you think?) be your email friend for a week? Lol.

diary of a wimpy boy
Photo from Overstock.com

Diary of a Wimpy Boy was written by Jeff Kinney. It’s about Greg Heffley and his life during 7th grade. I don’t really know much about it yet since I’m still at the first few pages.

I found out about Greg’s adventure through my sister who found the site accidentally (or so she says). She’s already at day 100+! And I’m only at Day 4. D:

Sometimes, when she complains about me using the computer too much, she’d tell me to resize the browser so she can read at the other side of the screen (if you don’t get this one, I’ll try explaining more clearly XD). The moment I decided to read it was on that day that she kept on laughing while reading it. Funny is always a good thing :P

Photo of Greg from Funbrain.com.

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