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My valentine

For valentine’s day in Japan, the girls are the ones who are supposed to give guys chocolates.

So anyway, the day before vday, Nori calls me up drunk and says, “Give me chocolates tomorrow.” And I was asking him what chocolates he wants and he tells me that he’s not actually a big fan of chocolates.

Talk about weird.

Anyway, since we both like drinking, I told him that I’ll give him a bottle of Jack Daniels instead. Which is expensive, mind you.

And so the night of vday, after I got off work at 9:30 at night, I go to Jingu Nishi station and he was waiting for me by the train station wicket.

I had dinner at his apartment. It was the first time that he had dinner with his parents since he came back from Cambodia and his mom was worried about him I guess. The food was awesome. The alcohol was too.

Minus the fact that I was totally and shamelessly still drunk (or hungover, pick one) the next day. And mind you — I had 2 finals that I didn’t study for.

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