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Dance to the Underground

For my internship today, we went to Shirotori Garden. We were told to wear long sleeves and bring insect repellent. But since I don’t really have any long-sleeved shirt, I didn’t wear any. I didn’t really want to wear a jacket just so I’m in long sleeves.

Boy was I lucky they lent me a long-sleeved shirt. Too many mosquitoes! And thanks to Lisa, I was protected by the insect repellent. I forgot to spray my feet though — got half a dozen bites there cause I was wearing my sandals.

So the guy toured us around Shirotori Garden. And I wasn’t really listening. I couldn’t understand anything and he spoke so fast so I just stared out in space. I think he noticed. Oops.

And then this very very energetic girl came and told us the stuff we’re supposed to do. Like sweep under the roofs to remove the cobwebs. After which we picked up trash around the garden. I picked up a torn pair of pants (they were heavy cause they were wet with rain water), a bunch of cans, cigarette boxes, pet bottles, and a whole lot of trash.

We were tired after so the girl let us rest. And every time she let us rest, I’d take a nap.

I dunno why but I feel so drained and stressed and tired. It’s actually starting to get me depressed. I think it’s because we change job discription so often that it’s just really stressing. Or that we don’t really know beforehand what we’re supposed to do.

I loved feeding the carps though. It follows you around and scrambles to get the food. It swims one on top of the other! And they’re so big! A cup of fish food costs ¥50. So Lisa put in ¥100 in the box thing and made me get a cup. When one of the maintenance guys saw us feeding the carps, he motioned for me to go to him (I thought he was telling me to throw my cup in the bucket he’s holding). Apparently, he has this bucket with a lot of fish pellets in it. YAAAAAAAAAAAY. It was fun.

Video in my blog.

5 Responses to “Dance to the Underground”

  1. fairlady-z:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of carp! They’re fun to watch. XD

  2. shesroyaltee:hellokitty.com Says:

    Omg… Mosquito bites on your feet are the worst. O_O

  3. Erin Says:

    Raeeein! You’re in Japan?!? We need to catch up! :D

    I visited Japan for a few days when I was in Korea–it was fun and too short!

  4. Pink Says:

    At least you had fun in the end. :)

  5. lutymishima:hellokitty.com Says:

    hey you’re still blogging here?
    Oh carps are so cute! I fed them too here in Brazil!

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