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Welcome to the fall

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I got McDonalds coupons now! Nyahaha! Food for cheaper! I had a big mac for ¥200 yen! Pretty cheap! :> But just the big mac, though! No drinks or anything! But I’m not complaining! I haven’t had that thing for months! Well, not that I couldn’t afford it, I just didn’t feel like it! Mwehehe.

Lately, people haven’t been feeling like going on with classes and stuff! Summer vacation is SOOOOOOOOOOO near.

We went to OXO bar after classes! It was awesome! I had one drink. Lychee tonic. And then we came back home. 15 minutes to 10, Mika calls me up and says that we’re going for Baskin Robbins for ice cream. We’re not sure what time it closes and so we think that it prolly closes at 10. So we RAN to Baskin Robbins. People were looking. It was AWESOME.

They have a promo right now — ¥410 yen for three small scoops of ice cream (not really that small), and ¥580 for 3 bigger scoops of ice cream. Just imagine this: their normal one scoop of ice cream with the works costs ¥390 yen! AWESOME PROMO!

Today’s a good day.

One lifetime

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

So Saito sensei called me up during my lunch break. He told me that if I wanted to become a teaching assistant (TA) for the library next term, I should go see Maiko at 3PM in the library. Soon after, Eyobe FB chats me asking me if I’m going to do it and I told him that I would since I’m not really doing anything and that it’s a great way to make friends.

So me and Eyobe went there after third period and sat in on Matt’s (the exchange student from Alaska who’s currently a TA) class. He sort of did an English conversation thing today. We just sort of talked about music and Japan and books blahblah.

This all made me realize that I want to go traveling this summer vacation but I don’t really know where to go and what’s a good plan! ;( Anyone?

All I want

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

We went to the club yesterday cause it’s free to get in if you’re wearing a costume. I went as a gypsy! Although I’m not sure if I was believable as a gypsy! I still got in anyway. Lol. It was my first time to go to a club. Didn’t like it that much! I had fun, but it was so cramped :c Adrian says that that wasn’t even THAT packed. But there were times that I couldn’t even move that much!

Argh! I should probably start with school stuff. Meh.

Been so tired lately

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I dunno what’s up. But lately, I’ve always been so tired. Nevermind that we had an exam today. Nya. That was pretty hard. Urgh. I sort of feel sorry for Eyobe though! He came in a little late so he missed some points because we started with the listening part of the test. I hope I do well this time. I’ve been making careless mistakes, it’s not even funny. Meh.

Slept the day away, pretty much. I have to start doing my paper.

Just uploaded some pictures from Kyoto on my SandBox account.

My bike’s seat got stolen

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Weird huh. It’s the first time that I heard of such a thing happening. But oh well. Lesson learned. Uhh… Make one’s bike look older than all the other bikes? I dunno :/ I was parked at the bike parking. Oh well. I had it replaced now. Cost me 1,300 yen though. And the guy changed the screw so that it won’t be as easy to steal. But then that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to adjust the seat any time I want to.

Which is fine by me.

On a whole other note — my carelessness is getting the better of me. I still haven’t found my pink iPod. I know that it’s broken and all (after being fully charged, it sometimes dies on me after a few hours), but still! That iPod has been with me for 2 years now (nearly)! Shibata先生 told me that I shouldn’t keep losing my stuff. HAHAHA. Cause I lost my train pass (which cost me 16,800 yen for 3 months) and my school ID and people surrendered it at the office. LOOOOOOOL.

Oh! And remember when I skipped badminton to do my homework? Well, the coach was all, “Tiffany-san last week absent! I missed you!” (in a wacky joking manner that’s not at all creepy — he’s that kind of guy) And I went, “I missed you too sensei!” And he went, “Liar!” and started laughing. My badminton partner started laughing too. HAHAHAHA.

For the last time

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I went to the bar to quit. I’ve been debating whether or not I should tough it out for two months since the contract clearly said that I should notify them two months in advance if I’m going to quit (which Mika says is illegal cause you can’t tell the employees to notify you two months in advance).

Steffi also worked for the same bar. She lasted 3 weeks until she quit. She didn’t get her money either so I didn’t really bother with it.

I told them that I’m not asking for the money (since I already know that they’re not going to give it to me anyway, might as well go down with pride) even though Mika says that I should since I worked there for 2 weeks and the contract I signed is most likely not going to hold when it came to the law. Or something. I dunno. I just don’t want a mess. It was 4 days.

Speaking of which. I got a new student today. We just talked in English for 2 and a half hours and after, he gave me 5,000 yen! It was my first time meeting with this Japanese. So technically, 500 yen for the first hour (trial lesson), and then 1,500 for the next succeeding ones.

I told him that he didn’t need to pay me that much but he told me that I don’t need to give him a discounted price cause he’s willing to pay. I kept saying thank you — I was so shocked! 5,000 yen for 2 and a half hours of “work” (which consisted of JUST having a conversation in English) is a lot!

As I’ve mentioned. The pay for part-time work here is 700-1000 yen an hour. Or something like that.


I changed my mind

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Tomorrow, I’m going to Sakae to quit working at that bar. It’s just not worth sticking around for 8 more weeks. Yuck. Anyway, hahahaha. Chalk it up to 2 weeks worth of partying. Yay.