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Why I haven’t been posting much

Monday, November 17th, 2008

WARNING: Semi-long post ahead! 

Hi guys! So as you all know, I’m going to Japan next year. I leave in April. Because of that, I have resigned from moderating sanriotown forums, blogs, etc. Superbong told me that I can always continue work from Japan since it’s online and all. But then the price of living there and here aren’t the same. Putting up work time for sanriotown will take away time that I can commit to something else. Like looking for a part-time job there (if the scholarship allows me to work).

It’s nothing personal, really. I just can’t afford the price of living there (I calculated that I would need around 85,500 円/month) and I don’t want to be a burden to my parents.

So next question: Why resign now when you can do it next year?

Well, I have 20 units of subjects under me. So that’s 3 of my majors, Bio 11 (which is a major subject in itself), and Hapon 12-13 (Japanese language course). The load is pretty heavy and I’m in school from 7AM (YES, MORNING! NYAAAA) to 5:30PM. Factor in travel time, and I get home at around 6:30-7PM. I need to sleep by 11:00 if I want to get 6 hours of sleep (cause I wake up at 5 everyday). And then eating time, preparing for sleep time, checking emails time–around 2 hours. So that’s 2 hours left for studying.

I still blog, though. At http://tiffy.i.ph/

But it’s not as pesonal as how I used to blog here. I’ll try to give daily short updates on what I have been up to. And I will keep up to date on your lives — because I believe that I’ve made friends here. And not just superficial ones. Ones that will last my lifetime :p

Or, if you don’t want to visit me at tiffy.i.ph, I can always crosspost here :>

Hello Kitty Tiffy-fied

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Truth be told, I dunno why I put off blogging about this. Maybe the mess in the house just reminded me that I need to put this away to a safe place. And doing that would mean that I might not be seeing it for a long time. So before I send it off to some safe place, I took a picture of it first.

Someone wrote Tiffy in different colored pens and made out Hello Kitty’s face :”> Awesome, right? Thousands of Tiffy’s made this particular kitty’s face!

Isn’t she adorable?

It was a late birthday gift — I got it a few days after my birthday — THANK YOU.

Hello Kitty Online

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Office had it put up the day I visited!

Oct 28: Let us be mice

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Kuromi and Hello Kitty

I went to the office yesterday to visit my dear sweet Hello Kitty who the boss held captive by using Kuromi as her sidekick!

True story.

I had lunch with CoKho at Terriyaki Boy at Galleria. YUM FOOD. Tofuuuuuu.

Thank you ♥ I love you

 The office updates:

1. Pete got a new pet :”> Probably given to him by one of our bosses. COUGHCOUGH

2. I finally met Gino! I first met him on Plurk when I plurked about moderating sanriotown.com and he went, “You work for OB?” Boo ya.

3. Office mates who got sent to Hong Kong are now baaaack! THEY’RE BACK! And got themselves relocated somewhere else in the office!

4. Ernest is no longer detained by the customs people. Although he’s still under suspicion of having an affair with one of our big boss ROFL. And he says, “SHE’S OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY MOM — although I didn’t tell her that.”

 5. Some people remain the same! Teehee!

6. Others are forever glued in front of their computers testing games for work. ENVY HIM.

7.  And still others are about to finish their masters even though they’re only a year older than you ._.