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Oct 25: Havaianas PlayBack

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I wasn’t really planning on going to the event. This day was supposed to be for meeting up with Geoff to talk about HIVE since it’s about to get published and all. But then he texted me the day before to ask Jayvee if he wanted to have coffee with us as well (YES I STILL OWE YOU A CUPPA COFFEE!) and Mr. BlogBank replied that he can meet us in the bloggers event today and that, “I’m bringing my dog!” 

Commuting to places I’ve never commuted to before = disaster for Tiffy.

First blooper would be reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere while riding the MRT with my iPod on loud. After a few stations, I started panicking — I THINK I MISSED MY STOP. Turned out I didn’t. Well, good thing I turned my iPod off and stopped reading anyway, cause the announcement over the MRT was messed up — announcing that we’ve arrived at Buendia station when, in fact, we’ve arrived at Ayala. 

And don’t get me started with the bus drivers who didn’t know where the bus stop to Ayala was! I ended up calling up Bong more than five times today, asking for directions.

So I finally got there. PLSKTHX! 

Outdoor games? I was already perspiring from the commute. But then I saw all my other blogger friends and it was all good.

For one thing, I’ve never talked to byahilo.com before and I figured that they were wary of letting people into their group; but then as soon as he said hi while smiling his shy smile, I WAS HOOKED :”>


Tumbang preso, piko, patintero, Chinese garter, sungka, sipa, and lakad lata. Teehee! I missed playing these old-school games. Although I’ve never really tried sipa and I don’t ever want to try again. You’d be laughing, too, if you saw me fumble.

Oh! And if you were at the event, you wouldn’t miss this bossy guy! Coughtheguywiththecameracough. He was ordering people around. Ish. Like the time he called me and Bong to play sungka for the camera. That time, we were talking to someone from Geiser Maclang. He all but frowned at us for not going to where he pointed.

Or the time they were playing patintero and he was shouting for them to let the guy through.

Well of course we’re all supposed to humor you because you’ve got a camera and you shout instructions at us, direk! ;D

All in all, it was a happy day. I got to meet with HIVE and a lot of the other bloggers. Honda Fernandez, the doggie, turned out to be a really behaved dog who’d sleep on the floor of Coffee Bean while waiting for his “dad” to finish with his meeting.

Tee hee.

And then after, I got to have dinner with my mom and sis! 

Guess who finished the Uni?


Havaianas is available in All Flip-Flops, Aloha Boardsports, Celio, FiveForty Surfshop, Gas, J&S Surfshop, Moana, Nail Spa, Rustan’s, ROX, Sepatu, Souk, Stoked, The Zone, Kidsports, and Orange Juice. For provincial outlets, visit www.havaianasphilippines.com

Oct 24: Smores Snores

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Long days can be had.

I’ve been starting this bad habit of turning the laptop on while I eat. And you know what THAT means, right? Yuh huh — Plurking while eating. Which would be good if you want to eat slowly. But not when you’re meeting with friends at 11am in UP.

So I ended up being late. But so was Mon.

Twas Anj’s and Vicky’s joint birthday celebration — they cooked us lunch. So we went and bought all of us a cake! That smores cake = YUM.

I really oughta get myself some Gossip Girl action, huh. I couldn’t relate, LOL.

Oct 22: Donut-ing in Lasalle

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I was supposed to meet with Niqui in Lasalle for lunch. But then silly Globe didn’t let the message reach me that she had to do her Bio lab report. So I was at the LRT station. Oh sod it. I’ll just meet with other friends. But then other friends also had classes. So I ended up meeting with various different people. 

People like Stan, Kenevvy, Sheryl, BeChan, Cobs, Charmaine, and Hazel. I missed them :”>

So waddya do when you see each other again? 

Take pictures!

Well, it makes it all worthwhile — waiting until 4 for oldschool dismissal time. And then hanging out at Cello’s being loud and all.

Catching up and mostly talking about who’s dating who, who broke up — normal kinda stuff. 

Now don’t you wish you’re back in high school?

Nah, not really.

I still get to be with them anyway.


Moshi Moshi

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Remember filling out those forms for college entrance exams?

Err… That’s kinda how I felt when I filled up the application forms for the exchange student thing.

Plus, there’s the whole certificate of health thing. BLOOD SAMPLES — need I say more?


And the thing is, the whole scholarship thing isn’t even a sure deal. Well, yeah… I wouldn’t have to pay for the tuition fee. But living expenses would roughly be around 80,000 yen a month. That’s one too many zeroes that I cannot afford.

I’m worrying too much D:

Oct 18: Exceladon Sportsfest

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

So if you must know, the most sporty I’ve ever gone is… running around. Joining runs. And only because Achi Michelle influenced Bong and me to start getting off our asses!

Moments moments!

So there were only 16 of us there. We basically lost a lot — in most of the games (volleyball, basketball, etc).

Won in badminton too :”>
I won two games of badminton!

BUT! We channeled all that hate and lovin (each other) in the tug-of-war :D

1-2-3 PULL 1-2-3 PULL.

And guess what? WE WON.

So even as the rope wounded and dug into our palms, we pulled on.

And then there was the moment where
Dee: A cute Atenean guy passed by! :D



And then… After the last game of tug-of-war (CHAMPIONS, baybeh), we poured alcohol on our hands ._.


Who’s with me on this one?! :|


Silly meeeeh.

Oh! Oh! So all in all, I played 4 games of badminton, 2 games of volleyball, 2 tug-of-wars, and half a game of basketball. NYAAAA.

THE NEXT DAY: I did NOT want to get out of bed. My whole body. HURT. SO. BAD.

HIVE Contributor’s Night

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Hive is a new magazine basically about New Media Marketing. Last Friday, we had our first ever Contributor’s Night where bloggers and representatives of marketing organizations alike came together.

Program was as follows:

White Hat Charity Event

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Jumping the Bandwagon

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Okay so I started playing HKO the other day and here are some step by step info that you might find interesting.

First quest would have to be Panya’s quest. Right click him and then he’ll tell you that he’s going to give you a gift. And then talk to him again and tada! You have your white tee.

Next would be Wanwa’s quest. After talking to him, talk to Panya, Nyako and Buppi. (BTW, in the requirements, it says that you have to remind Wanwa Nyako and Buppi — ignore. Panya, not Wanwa) After, go back to Wanwa to get your reward.

Then Nyako and Buppi (this is the third quest I did) are thinking about what they want for dinner, that’s easy.

And then go to Sora for the Harvest quest.

Kyupi for the Milk Delivery quest.

Scone, and then Kyupi again.

Something like that :/

Well, pardon me for having a hard time looking for the NPCs with the quest button on their heads! Nyaaaa. That’s why I stopped playing the other day! :o

I don’t have a guild yet. Does anyone know what the new guild name of the former AllTrades is? I WANT MY OLD GUILD.

While reading Breaking Dawn

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

So there I was, reading Breaking Dawn. WHEN THIS PAGE JUMPED UP MY VISION.

Can you see what made me laugh?

This here is a page from the EBook I’m reading –



The guy who edited this must’ve had a HUGE sense of humor :o

Tropic Thunder

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

I was out with a friend yesterday to watch Tropic Thunder at the Trinoma mall. I was really apprehensive about watching the movie because when I asked, “Is it a guy movie?” my friend told me, “Yeah. If you didn’t like Knocked Up or Superbad, you won’t like this one.” GULPS. FYI, I didn’t like Knocked Up because I thought it was stupid. Although, someone there caught my eye. Can you take a guess?

Uh huuuuuuh.

Jay Baruchel.

So anyway, I frantically send a text message to my other friend, and I ask him, “Is it true Tropic Thunder is like Knocked Up? I’m screwed.” To which he replied, “Knocked up was stupid. This one is awesome. Trust me.”

So yay.

The trailer:

Nyuhuh! It’s a movie about this bunch of guys filming a war movie. It was really too bad that we missed the start of the movie. Cause they showed these fake trailers. Kinda like this one (MUST WATCH, SRZLY):