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Sept 12: Because Going to the Lib is Cool

Saturday, September 27th, 2008




Because you have to study after celebrating your birthday.

And then after studying, you go and play RockBand with friends at

G/F One Burgundy Plaza, Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, QC
Tel: 434-5434
Mobile: 0929-698-6738


The guy assisting us, Zyg (did I get the spelling right?), was really uber nice.
I mean — tolerating noobs like us wouldn’t have been easy!


See? We were having fun.


Plus! FOOD! Quesadillas!


See what you guys missed out on, Chicken and Jeff!


Sept 11: Happy Birthday Me!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Got donuts and cards. Lucky me.
I actually got 2 cards.
One that Bong made people sign.
The other that Alex made people sign.


They even decided to tell the truth and just write down 20.
Hmm… If only the switched the 0 and 2.
Then that would be, “Happy tooth (twoth) Tiffy!”


Levi even drew me. At that moment.
Even though I couldn’t keep still.


And did I mention that after my first class (ended at around 10am), I got like… 30++ unread messages on my cellphone. Silly Alex for texting people it was my birthday. LOL. I got birthday wishes from people I didn’t even know!


Thank you for the orange rose and the charm bracelet.
Orange is my favorite color.

Even Luty took a photo of me and my sis.
And Photoshop-ed her face in.
I ♥ Luty!
You dear girl!

Thank you all for greeting me! NYAAAAA! Loves you all.

Sept 6: DalandanSoda at Metrobar

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

And then I looked at pretty pictures.
Of the gig.


Aug 31: Early Birthday Celebration

Sunday, September 21st, 2008


So my mom wasn’t going to be in Manila on the day of my birthday.


So we decided to celebrate my Chinese birthday instead.


And dad has this tendency of writing on the napkins while waiting for our food.


My Daddy, the show-off.


Oh btw, Alex gave me these markers for my Chinese birthday ♥

Spoiled little girl that I am.
They even smell nice.

Aug 30: Of field work and bands

Friday, September 19th, 2008


I do my field work at Payatas B Elementary School. I’ve been doing it for a good couple of months — which is why I don’t have my Saturdays to my own :c Boo hooo. Now no complaints, really. Except maybe for this kid who keeps on professing his love for me; otherwise, all’s well.

Today was their last day under the Sibol Hesus program :c Sad fez. The next time I’d see them would be on Sept 20!

So fastforward to the afternoon:

I tried out laser tag! ♥ With mostly friends I met through ChickenMafia.



And then evening came and it was time to watch my friends’ gig :D


Yay Dalandan Soda.


Gasulina didn’t go to the gig cause they went and watched the Eraserheads concert. So Dalandan ended up playing two sets — not that I’m complaining!

3008200804 3008200805



Aug 26: Bye Chamie

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008


So Chamie already left for Korea by now. But that time, she was still here NYA. So we celebrated her going away and then her birthday on Sept 2.


And do you know what she’s up to there?


Scouting for cuties on the train and during conferences in school.


You should see her update. They even have code names for the hotties.

I wonder if I’ll do the same if I go abroad.

HMM… If I do, will I be posting them here?


Aug 22: Niqui’s Birthday!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Every Friday, I have a date. A date with Niqui! And since we were always together on Fridays, some of our friends started teasing us that we were girlfriends. Lol.


It was her birthday on the 23rd so she treated us to pizzaaaaaaaaa!


Where I met monster pizza!


And tried to fight off kisses — kidding! ♥


And then we saw a mosquito trying to drink water! :o

After the dinner, I went to attend “Hiyas ng Arki.” This pageant where they make straight men compete with each other as… BEAUTY QUEENS! ♥


Aug 22: Nail Painting!

Saturday, September 13th, 2008


Just because green is such a positive color. Lols.

Everyone who passed by the org’s hang out place got their nails painted — even the guys. Nyahaha. I ruined mine, though. Cause I had a class at 10 and my nails weren’t properly dried yet! :o

Soooo… What’s your favorite nail polish color?


Aug 19: Buddy Date

Thursday, September 11th, 2008


It was my buddy’s birthday that day and I only found out about it a few hours before the day ended. She was supposed to treat me to ice cream cause of one reason. And she made me promise not to tell the others what the reason was. Then BAM, “it’s my birthday” NYAAAAAA. Panicked and made Bong guess (cause I couldn’t technically tell him).


Oh. One more thing, if you follow my blog. Since looooooong ago, you should have something to say:


Aug 17: Running Around

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008


It all started when Achi Michelle asked us if we wanted to run the Milo run. We were supposed to try running the 5km thing. Sadly, it was raining (raeining? ;p) hard that day and Achi didn’t want us to get sick since we still had classes :c

So luckily, there was another run. That was the Men’sHealth Miracle Run held in Fort Bonifacio Global C ity :p

My mom drove me there at 5 in the morning. Did I mention waking up at 4:10 cause Bong called me up (and woke up the whole room in the process)? Nyaaaaa.

Well at least I ended up quite on time. Hee.

Got home reaaaaaaaaally tired. Went plock on the bed. Nyaaa.

Well, not before eating lunch:


Bitter gourd and tofu and something else — Yum :D