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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

paprica and tiff

Lately I’ve been seeing Psych alumni around campus. Like these two. Who I did NOT know ended up hooking up! Like… LOL.

They’re, like, so cute!

Funny, really. I think I mentioned that I applied to this organization for the third time (organizations in UP have applications processes). And Papo, the guy, used to be my co-app (and now he’s an alumnus)! It’s especially funny since the girl’s name is Rica. So you know what they’re called?


PapRica ♥

Suka’t Sili

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Suka't SiliThere’s this place near our house called Suka’t Sili. I super love it there cause it’s so yummy. Well. Okay. Maybe “super love” is an exaggeration. But I’ve always loved those hole in the wall places which serve pretty decent food. And this establishment serves seafood and stuff.

Tuna sisig was ♥ Looks yummy, noh?

Oh, and this other vegetable that I like. Here in the Philippines it’s called Okra. What is it called in your country?

Suka't Sili

Watch out for our Suka’t Sili post in ManilaFoodistas.

You don’t know how scared I am

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008


If you haven’t noticed yet, I do this thing where I tell my friends who go abroad to get me a picture of Hello Kitty or something. And my friend from Beijing (I think), took this one.

Hello Kitty looks a bit like Charmmy Kitty here, don’t you think?

Hawaiian Hello Kitty

Thursday, July 24th, 2008


Patrick went to Las Vegas during summer and I told him to take Hello Kitty pictures for me.

Apparently, it’s from Build-A-Bear? Whatever that is! :c

Color Coded

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008


Lately, Harrell and I have been wearing the same colored shirts ._.



I look thinner with my hair tied up.

Or I think it’s cause I gave blood the day before the pink picture.

The morning starts to shine with teardrops in my eyes

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

tiffy merry

[Photo by Sean]

Now I’m not proud of what happened but the day before this picture,  I got drunk. Lol. It was Chris Ng’s despedida — he’s going to Australia. Well actually, he’s already in Australia now.

I won’t really go into details now.

But let me tell you. It was my first time drinking. Ever. And I guess it’s good that I got to try it with friends and family present. My sister was the ever responsible one — she made sure I was decent and safe. LOL.

I’m with Merryan in the picture. She’s a darling! ♥ She bought me coffee that night (though I remember you’re just supposed to give someone water if he/she is drunk, right?) and she refused to let me pay. This pic was right after she said, “No, I just want to help out a friend! Heart! ♥”

And lemme tell you — that’s going to be the first and last time I’m drinking THAT MUCH alcohol.

Photos stolen from Superbong:

DSC_0059  DSC_0004

What to do when…

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

… you receive Hello Kitty cup noodles as a gift from a friend who just came back from Hong Kong.

1. Take pictures

picture(1781) picture(1782)

2. “Cook” it


3. Spot a Hello Kitty face, take a picture…


… and eat it! (Well actually, my sister ate it.)

Donating blood for a third time

Monday, July 14th, 2008

It was July 8 when I donated blood for a third time. I was lacking in sleep. I slept for only four hours. So during my breaks, I made sure I slept in the lib so that my blood pressure won’t be that low during the bleeding.

So I waited for Nikka until 6 and hitched a ride to FEU Hospital in Fairview. First, we made a stopover at her house for food ♥ MUNCHMUNCH.


We got to the hospital at 8. I waited until around 9 to get screened. At first they didn’t want to screen my at all. Why? Cause my veins were too small, apparently and if, during bleeding, my vein collapses, it will be considered a failure and my blood cannot be used.

But I persisted. I’m really very stubborn. So they agreed.

During bleeding, the blood flow stopped three times. So they had to move around the needle around my vein. The second time it stopped, the med tech told me that my vein is hardening already (?). The third time, they stopped. I was only able to donate 380 mL of blood. That’s a soda can + 50 mL. Hee. Guiller was able to donate 500 mL :c

Friends in college are the best

Sunday, July 13th, 2008


These are the guys that I spent my freshmen year with ♥ Two weeks ago, we had a mini reunion and we did academic stuff! And gossiped ;D

therese tiffany chua

So lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the library. Mostly sleeping. Cause I sleep really late so I do stuff at night and then during my 1-2:30pm breaks, I sleep in the Third World Lib. I dunno if I told you this already though.

Clavering is what I do best

Thursday, July 10th, 2008


For Psych 118, we’re required to visit different organizations or sites (you get the idea) to do an exploratory research.

When we finish choosing a site, we’ll do research on that particula r site that will hopefully benefit them! :)

So the first site we visited is my organization. The Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Organization.

And lo and behold, my groupmates were sort of “tricked” into pledging to be a vegetarian like I was previously XD

To update you on that, I ate meat today : ) And my parents were soooo rejoicing (think beaming smiles and wanting to go out to eat at night). So anyway, I’m not entirely sure if I should still call myself a vegetarian but I don’t plan on eating meat even though I did eat a bit today. I’m going back to eating veggies tomorrow.

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