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A Different Kind of Positivism

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I was going to make this my chem 1 report topic but then turns out that the guy who wrote the research, Masaru Emoto, is highly criticized for the way he conducts his experiments. I don’t like experiments with a lot of holes in it :/ Error and everything. I still believe that scientists should be mindful of their work and to not do an experiment when you’re biased and you manipulate the study such that you get a particular finding. True that he claims that he is NOT a scientist but if you present a study like that, one would expect the criticisms.

Avenue Q The Second Time Around

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

blog13Last June 17, I watched Avenue Q for the second time around! Lucky me, indeed!

At first, I tried joining. How? Well, all you had to do was email Gibbs and be the first 4 people to email him. His only conditions were these:

“I’ll tack on another one. In the interest of making these freebies accessible to more people, I’d prefer that those who get the tickets this time are bloggers who’ve not had the chance to join activities, avail themselves of free tickets or win other prizes from this blog.”

I didn’t really have any problems with it except that, I didn’t win the tickets! D: Superbong did! But then he couldn’t go so I went instead of him.

Watching the show a second time around made me appreciate all the little deliberate actions. Plus, I didn’t have to spend my allowance (which isn’t much) on it — AND I got to sit at the orchestra area! : D

In my opinion, Carla did a better Kate Monster ALTHOUGH I hated her as Lucy the slut! D: I loved how Carla was able to make all this quaint and cute expressions — her face can convey soooooo much expression! Plus, she’s got a really cute voice — Like a kid’s!

And, surprise surprise! During the intermission, I saw Kris in the lobby! And then I saw my former professor and her BF after the show. Small wooooooooooorld.

So, thank you for this opportunity to watch Avenue Q!

Avenue Q Shirt Day

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008


Last week Friday, my friends and I decided to wear our Avenue Q shirts! XD Even our professor was supposed to wear his. But he didn’t :/ Boo him!

Anyone watched it on stage yet?

Batangas AFICS Ocular

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

blog10Batangas is around 3 hours away from Manila. Or maybe more of 2 hours since we just really got lost when we got there.

Anyway, AFICS stands for Alliance of Filipino Chinese Students. It is an umbrella org for 5 different Chinese students association under 5 major universities: UP, UST, Lasalle, Ateneo and UA&P.

Last Saturday was our ocular visit to our team building site : P

It was better than I expected it.

When we got there, the help cooked us lunch. Fried chicken :/

So I ate the pancit (a sort of pasta) and removed the chicken bits. Sighs. It was crispy chicken too. With crunchy skin.

I hate me D:


P.S. I lost more than 10 lbs already.

Wasabi lovin’

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

blog7Remember when I said I saw wasabi popcorn in Trinoma in the past? Well I finally got to taste it.

It tasted like wasabi :P

Complete with the nose feeling! I don’t really know what to call it. It’s not spicy but there’s a kick! It wasn’t as strong as real wasabi but it will do : D

Although I didn’t like the fact that the popcorn was a bit stale — it’s not that fun to eat it when it’s that way!

We watched Made of Honor that day! And I must say — Patrick Dempsey is hot. It was good. AWESOME soundtrack. You’ll feel the same way when you’ve watched the movie!


We ate at Pancake House after :D I love my CAT friends!

Biology boo hoos

Friday, June 20th, 2008

This, my dear friends, is my bio 1 professor. I kid you not.

Her first name is Edna. And she looks like this Edna! Don’t tell me that you don’t know this cartoon Edna! Shame on you for not watching cartoons!

Anyway, other Edna mutters to herself. And it’s really hard for me to understand her. She gave a quiz during the second meeting (she hasn’t discussed anything yet at that time cause the first meeting was for introduction and attendance-checking stuff) and another one for the third. I got a 1/5 on her 2nd quiz and prolly got a 0 or a 2 on her 1st one.

Am I screwed or am I screwed?

Oblation Run

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

The Oblation Run is a long standing tradition in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Every year, during the Lantern Parade Christmas celebrations, a handful of naked Alpha Phi Omega frat boys run around the Palma Hall. Today is the university’s foundation day!

Supposedly, 100 guys ran. I was in class that time, one of my classmates remarked, “It’s starting.”

Then my professor went by the window and said, “Class, it’s starting! Don’t you guys want to watch?”

And a bunch of my classmates stood up and took a peek!

I was going to post pictures of what the Oblation Run is about. But I might get fired :/ Or banned. Or something.

Btw, the guys wear masks.

New Hello Kitty Stuff

Monday, June 16th, 2008

blog6My Tzu Chi orgmate, Achi Bea, just came back from HK! While she was there, I asked her to be on the look out for something Hello Kitty.

And then I mentioned a watch.

At first she couldn’t find one so she bought some socks instead. But then tadaaa ♥

I even had it adjusted yesterday, right after I got it. Who knew that adjusting the strap costs 50Php :/ Shrugs.

Happy Father’s Day

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

blog1 Hey guys! :) First of all, happy father’s day to your fathers! :)

Well, my dad didn’t have that nice a father’s day XD Why? Cause he came at 2 am and well, he forgot his keys. But then, I was asleep and he couldn’t call me up cause both my cellphones are turned off. I wasn’t answering the doorbell either! XD So he slept outside. In the car! D:

And then he still had to drive me home in the morning! blog2To Tzu Chi! Cause we were having our monthly relief missions to Dreamland in Cavite. We were packing school stuff for the kids there. But then I wasn’t able to attend the actual going to Cavite and bathing the kids :( Mom made me go home.

Well, it’s cause mom wants to have more bonding time with the family! :D

So we went out to SM at first cause dad didn’t want to go to a faraway place. But there were too many people! D: So we ended up driving somewhere else. With REALLY yummy food! :3 (Beer too! LOL)



The Incredible Hulk

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Well, it’s not really coming soon right now :)
I watched this movie Saturday night with a friend.

That, and a dinner at Green Tomatoes where I had the Vegetarian pasta.
LOL. He even offered to switch food with me cause he thought I didn’t like it cause he remembered when I told him that I don’t like veggies! XD

The Incredible Hulk was a good movie :)
It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible.

I mean, I’m not really a big fan of sequels cause I think that they can never compare.
But then I was never able to watch the first movie SOOOOO… This movie, I enjoyed! :D