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Wo De Tingal Alert

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Matt Czuchry


He’s Logan in Gilmore Girls. It took me just now to reach Season 5! :D



I love Alexis Bledel.

She should’ve ended up with Matt!



How can anyone not watch Gilmore Girls? :D

My Mothers’ Day

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Last Sunday was mother’s day. I slept really late cause I was finishing stuff for work (which I seem to be doing lately).

That day, I had to wake up at 7:30 in the morning cause I have a tutoring stint at 8. When I woke up, my mom was still awake cause she was having a girls’ night thing going with two of her bestfriends.

So basically, our day started at around 3pm, when I woke up a second time after work.

At my sister’s nagging, we got prepared to go out by 5. By then, my mom didn’t feel like going to Rockwell as my sister intended. We did, however, go to my Sa yi’s house for dinner — lamb chops! Yum!

On the way there, we hung this Sushi Coconut air freshener from David & Goliath in our car. Well… Now it’s on top of the table in our room — rejected by my mom. She hated the smell. LOLOL.

And Thea was all, “How can anyone not like coconut smelling sushi? D:”

Anyway, I’m here to do Philos’ meme

Rules are simple: (1) Post a photo of you and your mom together and include “I heart my mom” somewhere.

Well here it is:

To the mother who spoils me. Who made me love books as much as she does (Perry Mason, anyone?) Who would pout if I forget to kiss and hug her (I got it from my mom, apparently) Who never fails to send me an SMS saying “Good luck on your exam. I love you.” Who brags to all her friends about me. Who likes me more than she likes my sister, hehe (this is my blog!) :P

[Photo source for the D&G Sushi Air Freshener]

I like playing around

Monday, May 12th, 2008

burger shop

This is what I’ve been doing the whole day! Burger Shop.

You see things in the air? The space ships? When I got to that part, I could BARELY perfect the level! Grawrgh. So I did what I did to keep myself from being sane — cheat. Eek. How? Err — pause and unpause to decide my line of action!

Okay. Useless things aside…

I, Raein, have been picked as one of the chosen few to play Hello Kitty Online during closed beta testing. Woot.

I’m hkotest0845 — not at all trendy though, hah!

Although — downloading it via torrent is a pain. A total pain. It’s going by oh so very slowly. Oh. So. Very. Slowly.

I’m a HKO Closed Beta Tester

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

I just got my email now!



I’m sharing it to you guys :3

D&G Event

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Yeah. You read the title right. Imagine — almost 3 hours on the road. And guess what? We played pusoy doss, this car plate game Harrell invented (do you know how many car plate thing have the letter Z in? A LOT.), and talked about how much the other drivers are staring at him cause he keeps trying to cut them. No shit. Accidents hassle so much people; they should just stop happening altogether.

Day started out at UP — we met up to go to Bong’s house to eat lunch and wait until we go to the David & Goliath event. Yuh huh! He cooked lunch for us!

So we stayed there for hours! I slept and Thea went online while the boys were cleaning up Bong’s CPU and putting in a working CD player.

Tonight was David & Goliath’s launch for their Little Losers line.

Miss Bitch, Miss Spoiled Brat, Mr. Pimp (elbows someone), Mr. Tight Wad — if they’re a loser, then they’ve got it.

The line was created after the creator (Created after the creator? Whoever wrote the press kit thing was trying to be redundant. Maybe it’s the third person thing.), Todd Goldman, who someone jokingly refers to as Mr. Douchebag (And why not, right? Kidding! Don’t sue me.)

Highlights of the event included watching Harrell kiss guys: not once… not twice… but three times. You heard me right!

That, and seeing Jeff there! Hee. Sort of threatened him to go (which is what I should have done with BA! Grawr!)

Food was great, freebies were awesome (including a 1k worth of GC from D&G) — what more could you ask for.

Btw, the guys who took charge of the emceeing and the talking and blah are great.

Guys with glasses ftw.

Cough up the money

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I realize that I don’t like breakfast at Heat :/
I don’t know if it’s just me but the food ain’t yummy!

Err… And for the first time in a long while, I went to a Tzu Chi meeting.
General assembly, more like.
And remember that they have uniforms?

Well, here’s the deal (for us, I think):
Forget to button your shirt = 50 Php
Wrong socks = 50 Php
Unbraided hair = 50 Php (I used to have an excuse for this — short hair. But now that my hair is long… :/)
No belt = 50 Php
Not in uniform = 500 Php

Ouch ouch and ouch.

If you’re late:
Number of people already present x number of minutes you’re late. (Screwed)
If you’re going to be absent, you need a valid reason which will go through the disciplinarian.


Friday, May 2nd, 2008

logo_edsashang.jpgCurrently, I’m here at the lower lobby (free wifi here) in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. We’re staying here until tomorrow (including breakfast at HEAT–yum!)

On our way down, there were these two people talking about dentistry or something.

As they got out, guy says, “I don’t know why they did that.”
And the girl says, “So do I.”

As they leave, my sister and I look at each other and laughed.


Thursday, May 1st, 2008


This is what I did today! :D

(Name tags for the psych (our department’s) volunteers, including me!)

I printed it on hot pink multipurpose paper! It’s so adorable.
(Maybe I feel great because I’ve been productive today!)

Well, that and shop at 168! I bought two shorts and a blazer — all under 750 Php (around $25), I think. Me likey.

And we ate at Emerald’s for dinner :(

A lot a lot!

And just when everyone was saying that I lost weight, I go and splurge on food!