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Ken Lee

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Watch it until the judge asks her, “What was that language?”

I love it C:

I love that girl! She’s so poised and confident! Nyar har har.

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I’m back

Monday, March 17th, 2008




today’s the first day of [my] break and the only thing that I’m worrying about is that hamster!

Ergh. (I was training it yesterday, to my dismay.)

So… For some of you who were confused with my story of the hamsters, here is a quick outline:

Adobo (bought alone)

  • suicide

Siomai (bought with Buchi)

  • still alive

Buchi (bought with Siomai)

  • attacked by Siomai.
  • died while being given hydrite

So here’s a picture of Buchi’s last day:













Oh fine. It might not be that gruesome for some but it is for me :c My poor beautiful white hamster! Why did it have to die.

Just 11 more days and I won’t care about no hamster no more!

Last run

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Or sprint. Or whatever. Anyway, things have been hectic.

Only a week left until the last day of classes and these still need to be accomplished:

Psych 115 experimentation
Psych 115 final paper
Psych 115 presentation of paper
Psych 140 third exam
Psych 140 animal show (train the hamster. we’re starting from scratch here.)
Physics 3rd exam
Physics finals
Eng1 2 formal compositions (both are optional but I’m thinking I’m still doing both.)
Eng1 finals
Kom1 long quiz (last quiz, we have no finals for this so I have to get a high grade.)
Kom1 final paper (I did horribly for the project, I need to get a good grade.)

Did I forget anything? In any case, some deadline for some of those are not really before the 18th. But most are :( So either way, I’m screwed if I don’t start focusing :(

Bye, y’all! I’ll miss you! We’ll have fun this summer! :D
I’ll be back after the 18th!

A Hamster’s Tale

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

So… Our hamster died yesterday.

We were thinking that it was sleeping at first and David was poking it. It’s dead.
Adobo (the hamster) was at the corner of his cage, his teeth apparently stuck in the metal bar thing. It was actually pretty weird that he died cause Trisha’s help was playing with the hamster early at 5:30 in the morning. We went to her house at 9. I mean, if it was stuck, it could’ve still lasted for just a few more hours before we can rescue it!

So after making our maze (we were training Adobo for our Psych 140 project), we went to Tiendesitas to buy new ones. When I told the guy that our hamster died, he asked me if the hamster was already old. I told him that his teeth caught and he died.

He said, “Ah, your hamster committed suicide.”
My eyes went O_O and I asked, “Hamsters commit suicide?”
He asked, “Was the hamster alone?”
He asked, “That’s just the way things are. When a hamster gets depressed, it bites the bars of its cage really really hard and will keep on biting it until it dies.”

When I relayed the message to my groupmates, David exclaims, “Emoooo!”

Again, happy birthday to Mon who celebrated his birthday on February 29! Ahaha! He treated us to lunch in Tiendesitas!