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Photoshop blues

March 29, 2008 4:52 PM

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I’m starting to love it. I’m currently banging away at my laptop. After this, I’ll continue reading the Photoshop CS2 for Dummies ebook that I downloaded last year. Never mind that my laptop has Photoshop CS3. Hee. Anyone has an ebook of that one?

I’m such a pirate.

Well, yeah. I promised myself that I’d finally learn how to use that dratted Photoshop. After all, I can’t rely on Bong and Harrell forever for my Photoshop needs—sorry guys!

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  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    You posted an entry while you’re on the road? How?o_O

  2. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    I just changed the time lol. In the wordpress thing :D

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