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Using my mac,

I can type in any language I want :P

真的很好吃 :)



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  1. polkadotrn:hellokitty.com Says:

    hahahaha! only the first and the last sentence :p

  2. superbong Says:


  3. superbong Says:

    oooooooooohhhh 我已經知道。。。 您非常喜歡吃玉米棒。。。hay yah!

    我現在將睡覺。good night!

  4. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    . . . . . . . . . .

  5. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    哈哈哈!真的好棒哦!-> great
    今天还很高興能吃玉米棒。-> really happy was able to eat a cob of corn
    真的很好吃 :)-> really yummy
    也是我喜歡的。-> also my favorite

    剛才跟我表哥用中文談一談。-> chatted with my cousin in chinese a while ago
    還好他沒笑我。-> good thing he didn’t laugh at me

    ¿entiende? -> understand? :D:D:D

    I love it! :D

  6. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:


  7. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:



  8. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    HeHeHe! Yeps, I saw it!

    Are you all going to use Chinese in this post?

    Welcome to China.

  9. superbong Says:

    hahahah! :P

  10. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Nah. We’re stopping now xD

  11. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:


  12. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    I was using Chinese characters by Pin Yin Search, and I found out the pinyin for 么 is ME (pronounced as mer), and not MO (pronounced as moor).

    Hey, I always pronounce 么 as MOOR. That means… I am wrong?

    BUT I am never wrong!!

  13. Zakura Says:

    o.0 Me only get the last sentence.

  14. White-haired Journalist Says:

    What in the world? There are chinese here, chinese there, chinese everywhere! But you know, it’s quite cool to know a language not everyone knows. You can communicate with your friends without strangers knowing what you said. Hahahaha.

    Speaking of chinese here, there and everywhere, do we all have their blood here?

    Tiffy - purebreed
    Bong - purebreed
    Ting - purebreed
    Stef - halfbreed
    Me - halfbreed
    iheartbadtz - bird


  15. superbong Says:

    @WHJ: 真的呵! 你說的對! :)hahaha! bird! :))

  16. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    HA HA HA! Birdie~~

    Hey, do you take CH lessons as part of your curriculum?

    Oh by the way, I think Steffi is not halfbreed CH…

  17. polkadotrn:hellokitty.com Says:

    WHJ lol @ iheartbadtz comment.

    half-breed here. Non-speaking at that.

    a mongrel? haha

  18. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Tingal:因为whj回讨厌我们!hee 骗人:P 别人是不会讲。所以我们必须停了。我跟bong从小就在学校读中文了。是应该的。

    lol. nothing against, of course, i can’t speak it properly actually. shame on me since it’s the only language i use to communicate with my dad. haha.

  19. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:


    你说WHJ在想什么? 你说WHJ在想什么? 你说WHJ在想什么?

    What about those who are not CH? Do they do other language? Are you allowed to do other language other than CH?

  20. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    aaaaaanyyy language? you lie

  21. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    想什么?我是说whj dislikes us! :c


    Mr Rock Out: ALMOST any language :D

  22. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    HAHAHA!!! Mr Rock Out!!! You rock!!!

    I see… how many 国语 are there in PH?

  23. White-haired Journalist Says:


    I see my name in so many lines!

    你说WHJ在想什么? 你说WHJ在想什么? 你说WHJ在想什么?

    因为whj回讨厌我们!hee 骗人:P 别人是不会讲。所以我们必须停了。我跟

    想什么?我是说whj dislikes us! :c

    I demand an explanation, lahs! :D

    If you don’t tell me what those are, I’ll…I’ll!!!

    I’ll slay the penguin!

    *highfive polkadotrn*

  24. White-haired Journalist Says:

    Oh i didn’t know you don’t speak chinese polka. I only know a few lines, thanks to my teacher Tingal!

    Wo shi Chuanshuo Hu (my chinese name). Ar sher san shui de zhi zhe.

    Ni hao ma? Ni tien shi hao ma? Hai ki ye. xie xie!

    And a few cantonese…

    Pahk fan - plain rice

    ba jao yuu- fried squid

    ying man tsao pei? - do you have an english menu?

    tsi zo hai pin to? - where is the C.R.?

    tsi zo HECK hai pin to? - where the HECK is the C.R.?

    hahahaha. These are my basic survival skills when I went to Hong Kong. :)

  25. White-haired Journalist Says:

    OH YEAH! and…

    Mm goi - Please/excuse me/thank you (in cantonese)

    woohoo! XD

  26. speedy3223:hellokitty.com Says:

    is this like some sort of babel fish program in the mac? that’s awesome.

  27. tingal79:hellokitty.com Says:

    WOAH!!! WHJ remembers what I taught him! WOOTS.

    I dont know cantonese. Not at all…

    And by the way, you may slay the penguin. HA HA HA.

    Just kidding, of course. I wouldnt bear to part with my badtzies.


    你 - you
    说 - say/think
    WHJ - name of some guy
    在 - is
    想 - think
    什么 - what

    Hey, what? You think WHJ is think what..?! Sigh, I give up.

    Bye badtzies. You know I will always remember you.

  28. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Hahaha care to translate for him, Tingal.
    Oh yeay we have spam protection now! :D

    Anyway, I’m not using the mac right now so no chinese first XD

    And polka is Bong’s cousin. Of course she knows how :P

  29. White-haired Journalist Says:

    你 - you
    说 - say/think
    WHJ - name of some guy
    在 - is
    想 - think
    什么 - what

    Waahhhhhhhhhh! I can’t understand! :( *Slays the penguin with a bear’s paw*

  30. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    What did you say WHJ is thinking about? Something like that :)

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