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New Year, New Life

Monday, December 31st, 2007

The year 2007 just has half an hour left. I want to feel like something in me dying and then something being reborn. :P I like drama (just not when I’m the one doing it).

And what more reason to anticipate for the New Year than celebrating it with our Sanrio family?

Let’s count down to the New Year with Hello Kitty! :)

New Year’s Resolutions:

1. No swearing
2. Being honest
3. Being nice
4. No sweets (I’m not dieting :/ It’s just that… I eat a lot of sweets and I’ve been dizzy lately. My dad has diabetes so my mom wants me to cut back on the chocolates, ice creams, cookies… you get the picture.)
5. Less DotA
6. I’m going to read 100 magazines/short stories/novels/any literary work by the end of the year!
7. Work less, study more.

I got a lot of Hello Kitty

Friday, December 28th, 2007

No, seriously! XD


Don: Ooooh, you now have a good excuse to smoke!


Heeeee. This is my new alarm clock! :P


And… Did you guys know?
That before liking Hello Kitty, I loved Piglet?

And among other stuff I got, I got a Hello Kitty mechanical pen, two coin purses, one key chain, a bag, and a ring.

The coin purses was from Chamie. Who gave it to me after telling me this, “Tiffy, I remembered you while we were cleaning at home. I saw these and asked my little sister if she still wanted to keep them!” XD


Smile at me

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

P1010761If you follow Superbong’s blog, you’d know about the dinner we had at Balducci!

It was expensive as hell.

On the car on our way to Serendra, The DonTCha finally had a chance to bond some more! :3 I love it! It’s our first time with each other ever since break started!

Anyway, this dinner was fully planned the day before so I was a bit surprised that we could go! XD

Oh! And there’s this thing in Krispy Kreme — when the red light is on, they give out free donuts. And they were all a bit shy :/ I was the only one who really wanted to get one! Booooooo!

Oh, by the way, just check the date! XD I finally had the energy to post a lot of entries! XD

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! :) I know I am! I’m finally doing something productive.

For one, I just finished typing up that sideline work I got. The typed output is due first week of January and there are only a thousand or so words left :)

And I just finished posting around the forums — editing and deleting stuff! :P

Hee. After this, I plan on finishing that outline for the report we have for next year! :D


Oh! Oh! And I made a new Bong song!

Jingle Bong Jingle Bong
Jingle Bong Crack!
Take a huge sniff
Or needle it in!
Takes you to places weird and untold –
That’s the Jingle Bong Crack!

Merry Christmas, guys!

P.S. I’m not an addict.

The day before Christmas

Monday, December 24th, 2007

SP_A3146The day before Christmas, we were at my Aunt’s house for a Christmas dinner :P

And… What can I say?

I have an adorably cute nephew. No kidding! He has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen in a kid. And compared to my other nephew, he’s very light. :/ He’s only 6 months old :D

Here he is with my sister. Hahaha.

So, how did you guys spend your holidays?

I know I have a lot of homework left to do!


Till next time!

All I want for Christmas is You

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

I just finished cleaning ChaoChao’s (the rabbit) cage. Eep. Now this is the reason why we’re bringing the rabbit to Kaira’s house later today — I canNOT clean after a rabbit while our help is taking her well-deserved vacation.

I guess I should be glad that I don’t have to clean after the dog who I have not seen for months even though he’s just there. My dad reminded me to take care of the dog right before he left for China (with a quick stop at Hong Kong) half an hour ago.

Sucks to be you

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Me = super feed again.

Warning: This post is about DotA.

I used to bug Carlson about helping me use Puck (the Faerie Dragon) in DotA. And he did, earlier this day.

And a few minutes back was the third time that I’ve ever used Puck and uh, I became feed. Out of the 5 items (Guinsoo, Skadi, Shivas Guard, Aghanim, Heart) I was planning to have, I only got 1 of them — Guinsoo. And I didn’t even know how to use it until Patrick kept shouting (well, typing), “use your guinsoo!!!!!”


Well, at least I’m getting the hang of it.

I would’ve kept using Razor if not for the fact that he’s too item dependent. If I don’t get my items early, I’m basically screwed (like that game last week). After I buy a Stout Shield, I don’t usually bother with threads and immediately build up for a Mjolnir. And then Skadi. And then Butterfly. I ♥ my Razor but I have to part with him soon.

And I would’ve kept using Traxex if not for the fact that she’s boring. :/

(If it’s any consolation, Spellbinder quit our 1v1 game last night after I totally owned his Luna with my Razor XDDD Having a lot of moolah at the start of the game is ♥)

I’d have to say I love you in a song

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Yesterday was our university’s lantern parade. I got to school at around 11 to help out with my batch’s practice for our very very rushed presentation. Hee.

The lantern parade is celebrated every year. Long story short, these different colleges make “lanterns” (mostly mini floats lol) based on the year’s concept. This year’s theme is “National Artist.” I think this CSSP lantern won.

Then after, I stayed at the CSA tambayan to look for food be with friends.

Stayed there until 6 or 7 then proceeded to Pat’s house which is love.

I got to play Cooking Mama on Patrick’s DS. Actually, I was playing FMA on Pao’s DS then after, we got Patrick to put Cooking Mama on Pao’s DS too XD

Oh! Oh!

Remember Charlie?

(Pat’s dog! :D)

It’s my turn to be brave

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

I kept listening to Brave by Idina Menzel.

And… Have you heard about Mamma Mia?


DotA is Love

Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Okay! Here’s the deal. At first, it was 3 v 3: Chris, Merryan and Wu VS Patrick, Austin and me.

Around 2 minutes into the game, Austin lagged out and got ejected from the game! So Patrick and I were left! We were pushing so fast and Patrick was getting so good!

After we smashed their mid with two of their tree-like whatchamacallit gone, Patrick suddenly lagged out!

And Merry suggested, “Stop?”

And I said, “Yeah. Pat is gone. I’m screwed anyway.”

And Chris Ng went, “Don’t you wanna try winning the game by yourself?”

So I went on and multitasked — using both my Razor and Patrick’s Troll. (If you play DotA, you would know that this is highly NOT recommended because not concentrating on one character might make you lose the game). I quickly read Troll’s abilities and pushed the upper lane while I pushed mid with Razor. But it was absolutely heaven sent that Troll was strong when Patrick left the game because I have never used Troll and I didn’t know how to use him!

After that, I couldn’t reply to any of their messages because I was too concentrated on the multitasking bit — I didn’t even call up Patrick to coach me!

And before I noticed, my money skyrocketed to 7k+. I quickly bought an Eye of Skadi and in that process of controlling the chicken + the two characters, I let Troll be killed. And then when I was getting Butterfly, Razor got killed :/

And I kept on killing them! Either Wu or Merryan! I didn’t know what I was doing. I just clicked fast and targeted the one with the lower HP. And I didn’t know why but I kept on Blind-ing Chris (which Patrick tells me was the right thing to do)! It worked! :D

Check out people’s YM statuses (image above). :D (I forgot to screen cap when Wu and Merry were still online but Wu said something like, “Tiff won = 3 v 1.” and Merry was something like “<33″ and something XD

Patrick’s (the one who taught me what I know about DotA) super proud of me!