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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I have two questions.

1. What’s this supposed to be?

2. Do you think I can cook?

I has attended a debut!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Yes, of course the grammatical error is intentional! What do you think of me? A can’t-spell Tiffy? Whoops. Wait. Yeah… I cant spell! :/

Anywhooo! Last Saturday, I attended Dorothy’s debut! :D

ot's debut 485

Well aren’t we adorable?


But then it was soooo very cold there — that’s why I was wearing a jacket! But trust me! I was wearing something smart casual / semi-formal inside! Really, I was!

On the left would be Patrick, Superbong and me! :D

(Just so you know, Patrick’s also trying to apply to be a moderator at Outblaze! :D)

Anyway, there’s this joke I heard from Krizia. The world joke.

Do you guys know that?

Here’s how it goes.

You tell the person to cup his/her hands. After which you point to it and say, “This is the world.”

And then, “Now shake it!”

And then when he/she shakes it, you move like there’s an earthquake :P

I wasn’t supposed to crack a joke at Deej’s debut XD But… I didn’t know what else to say.

Eeep. A bit humiliating, that one. BUT… people laughed!


(Well, maybe it’s also because of the fact that the people at my table also did the earthquake-shake!)

But still :P

Can it GET any better?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

There is such a thing as being bored even when you have lots of things that you should be doing, right? :/


s-death3I mean, come on now. My head is slowly turning to mush and I don’t know exactly what I’m supposed to do these days. And I don’t think I’m doing well in both work and school.

Oh what the heck.

Anyway. Just last week — or was it last last week — I was finally able to finish reading the Sandman. Yay yay yay! That was a few days after the Singaporean interaction event wherein we got to meet these students from Singapore who were having their field trip here or something.

(So sue me for not blogging about it. Hee.)

I love death :P She’s the most interesting character I know. I mean, aside from the fact that Dream’s supposed to be the main character and all — he’s just too emo. And Delirium’s a kindred spirit. Hee.

This book, I love.


Novelty songs

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

I’ve always wondered what kind of novelty songs other country have. XD

Well, this is ours, in any case. Try watching it! XD Make time for it. He’s really funny.

Basically, he was trying to “prove a point” saying that he’s not gay but ended up re-affirming that.


This is getting addicting! O_O

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007
What Your Handwriting Says About You
You are sometimes a very energetic person, but you are sometimes quite lethargic. You’re moody, prone to ups and downs, and you don’t have a lot of endurance.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you’re not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are conservative, old fashioned, and a little stubborn. You are resistant to change.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

And so we’re back! From outer space!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

IMGP4676 I went to the office today. And what was waiting for me there?

My certificate of employment so I can finally apply for that credit card!


Hello Kitty stuff! Free! (Care of the Company!)

Wahoooo! :D

All of us got one! Even Bongsky Bong!

Though it wasn’t all good :( Austin, a friend of me and Bong’s, had to wait outside the building cause shorts and slippers weren’t allowed :/ Yikes. :( And and… I think he waited too long. :( Guilty. Guilty.

Oh. And I suppose now I’d have to focus on the chat room and the forums and not so much on blogging and visiting all your blogs :( Cause, I think I got too carried away with the blogs. Tee hee.

Anyway, after visiting the office, we played DOTA for an hour! :P Heehee. Yesh. I plays the dota. And then we hopped to Burger King! :D Yum. Fries and burgers? You can’t go wrong!

And THEN we played badminton! They have this play all you can from 2 (I think) to 5 for 60 PHP over at Araneta Avenue :D

I sucked.

Ahaha. At one point, I played doubles and ended up having Harrell as a partner and left him doing all the work :P

Chocolates and cakes are the way to a girl’s heart

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I got this from Lilybethflame! :D

Soooo… Using our sanriotown term, I just “pulled an iheartbadtz,” wherein one answers these short surveys and posts their results. (well, that’s even though I technically didn’t get this quizzes from iheartbadtz!)

I usually abhor these things cause they used to take so long to answer. But I love the short ones :D Plus, I love reading the results.

You are White Chocolate
You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

Ooooh. I actually prefer milk chocolate; but white chocolate? Why not? :P

You Are a Chocolate Cake
Fun, comforting, and friendly.

You are a true classic, and while you’re not super cutting edge, you’re high quality.

People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

What Kind of Cake Are You?
This is good. I love chocolate! XD But I’d want to be an ice cream cake more!

I really like Japanese food

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

IMGP4636 I really really like Japanese food.

Well, that’s even though I had a not-so-good first experience with it.


When I was a kid, my mom brought home Japanese take-out food. Sushi!

And tells me, “Your dad loves Japanese food.”

Me being a daddy’s girl, I quickly scan through the different pieces of food there are. Ugly sickeningly raw food will not make a kid want to grab one and eat it.

But then I saw a pretty green colored one — it even has the texture of ice cream.

Pretty harmless, right?

Up until the time I put it in my mouth and ended up crying :P

Anyway, we ate at Saisaki yesterday :D

It was Iris’ birthday and her and Cokie had a sort of joint birthday celebration.

Japanese buffet? YUM.

Mail order brides might just be a better idea

Friday, November 16th, 2007


(Click to enlarge)

Anyway, we all know how Filipina mail order brides are, in a way, a bit widespread on the Internet, right?

But this?

I found this in a post in school.

Sooooo… Will someone answer this kind of an ad?


Monday, November 12th, 2007

I’m not sure if you’ve guys heard about the fact that Bong has dared me not to swear for a month.

And that for every week that passes, he gives me a cake — any cake I want.

And likewise, Harrell has dared me not to swear for a month and that he would give me anything I want if I do it. But he refused to give me a PSP. According to him, it costs too much. Boo hoo.

Anyway, today at 11:00 AM marked my first week not swearing :D

Yay! And Bong bought me a cake from BIZU!

He bought me this very very mouth watering cake — which I ate for breakfast; I was at school by 7 AM.

But then by the time I thought about taking a picture, I’ve eaten the chocolate sides. Hehehe.

Yum Yum.

Actual picture:


CSA has a secret conspiracy to keep me fattened up!

BTW, first day of lecture in Physics 71, I fell asleep :(
Well, not really asleep asleep. Sort of nodding my head and trying to keep awake.
At least I’m not the only one :(
And someone actually rested her head on the table and slept!

Have something lined up for tomorrow and Wednesday and Saturday. :D