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After the Wake

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

If anyone asks, my favorite mystery novelist would be Agatha Christie. Now please don’t be one of the unfortunates who didn’t know who she is! I made the last one who didn’t wikipedia her!

Well, anyway, I spent the whole morning yesterday reading After the Funeral and after doing some work and badminton in the evening, I finished it at around 4 in the morning before I called it a day — yes, I’m nocturnal!

And earlier this evening, we went to Garrick’s wake. It was surreal, at best, seeing all of us gathered. I mean… Hmm… I don’t really know what I mean.

It was a big difference from my grandfather’s wake. Fewer people attended back then. But I guess it was because most of his peers are already dead.

How do you welcome death?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Roll on the carpet, clean out the house, prepare food for Death… You guys know the drill!

Do you?

Well I’ve always imagine death to be a woman. Sorta like in the Sandman series.

Anyway, our org-mate died yesterday. It was very… emotional.

I first heard about it through text that I received from Laureen. All she said was, “Garrick just passed away…”

That time, I was walking around SM San Lazaro with my sister by my side. And after reading that, I uttered a resounding “sh-t!” — and I didn’t even check if people around me were offended. I was in shock.

No, I wasn’t close to him. A few encounters here and there. Small talk and joking around — he always struck me as a happy-go-lucky fellow.

(Photo grabbed from Superbong’s Multiply)

I regretted not visiting him or texting him.

What made it harder was the fact that Chris, another org-mate regularly updated us about Garrick. If you check out his multiply, you’ll see a handful of blog entries about progress and even a video — a video wherein Garrick even stuck his tongue out with a smile, supposedly trying to cheer up all those people who were keeping tabs on him.

So Garrick, we love you.
We really do.

I might be selfish in saying that I wanted you to hold on but I really did want you to. I can’t imagine how much you suffered but I still wanted you to bear the worse of it. I’m sorry…

I’m Free!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

I have a proposition!

I have to update everyday even if it’s about whatever. The blogging habit of mine got killed after all the papers and school work was over.

Cramming and Tiffy never did get along! Hoewells!


I was so happy cause Monday’s the last day I ever have to do anything for school! But then the day before, I crammed for five papers for Psych108, 1 paper for Psych110 and a portfolio for all my papers for Psych108!


I pretty much slept at 7, the morning of Monday and then woke up at 8 to go to school!

My sister was really uber sweet, she helped me with my portfolio! :3 IMGP4216

I love her for it!

Because of me, she slept at 6 in the morning!

Well, it turned out fine so… :D

So, how’s school / vacation going for you guys?

I missed you!

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They’re not box-shaped. Why call them boxers?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen the latest in Hello Kitty fashion!

I actually laughed myself silly when I saw this! I know that men are forever jealous of the fashionable females. But this totally adds a whole new level to it!

Hello Kitty boxers, any one? Hahaha.
And here I am thinking that they might end up being bought by women, anyway.

My say on all this?
My man would wear Hello Kitty! :P

Oh! One more thing! I can’t wait to watch Stardust tomorrow! I hope everything would go smoothly tomorrow :D

Don’t know Stardust?

Watch the trailer!

I’m back!

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Okay, did anyone notice I was gone? Haha. Anyway, I’m really really sorry. It wasn’t totally intentional.

I had killer exams. And I had to choose my priorities.

My exams won. I plan to go to med school. So either crunch time now or crunch time never!

By the way, I have face book! :D Bong has one too. So… Look for him in my friends. Hahaha.

We all know how much I love Grey’s Anatomy. Or used to, anyway, before all the drama started! :/

Soooo… I took a test! :D

Take this test!

Do we have a fever, or is it just you? Successful, charming, and oh-so-attractive, like your Grey’s Anatomy counterpart Dr. Derek Shepherd, you get everybody’s blood pressure rising! People may have a hard time looking past your smokin’ exterior, but when they do, they find intelligence to match. No wonder it’s sometimes hard for you to avoid the spotlight.

Accused of being a little intimidating? Only by the jealous ones, we’re sure. So dreamy!

I wanted to get Addison :(
No luck there!