… the truth can set you free …

I’m Free!

I have a proposition!

I have to update everyday even if it’s about whatever. The blogging habit of mine got killed after all the papers and school work was over.

Cramming and Tiffy never did get along! Hoewells!


I was so happy cause Monday’s the last day I ever have to do anything for school! But then the day before, I crammed for five papers for Psych108, 1 paper for Psych110 and a portfolio for all my papers for Psych108!


I pretty much slept at 7, the morning of Monday and then woke up at 8 to go to school!

My sister was really uber sweet, she helped me with my portfolio! :3 IMGP4216

I love her for it!

Because of me, she slept at 6 in the morning!

Well, it turned out fine so… :D

So, how’s school / vacation going for you guys?

I missed you!

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