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Psyching Myself Up

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Yesterday, Kester asked both me and Kim out of the blue, “What kind of birthday gift would you like to get — not that I’m going to give you anything, it’s a general question.”

Which got me thinking. And thinking makes my head hurt, so I just said, “Hmm… I don’t know. Now that you ask, I don’t really know.”

He says, “I think that’s really how most people would answer that question — they don’t really know what they want.”

Kim is quick to jump in, “Give me something that I’ll be able to use. Either that, or food. At least when someone gives you food, you’ll be able to share it with others if you’re not keen on eating it yourself.”

And I told her, “I’d give you lots and lots of markers.” (She’s a marker addict, her whole book is marker-ed. Shows you how studious she is — she reads her whole book!)


Found out that Mandy Moore has her own version of Rihanna’s Umbrella from BA. I like it sooo much more than the original version. And if you know me well enough, you’d know that I don’t like the song Umbrella :/

It’s so pretty :3
And hey, I actually learned something today — you shouldn’t discriminate a person because of the song he/she listens to :)) LOL. I loved that about today.

P.S. I still suck at bowling :/

Tomorrow: Physics exam, Eng11 paper, 3 min performance thing for Psych 108.
Friday: Quiz in Chem, 5 hour break, Computer lab thing for Psych 110 + Deadline for topics for final paper, Acquaintance Party for UProject


A Family "Vacation"

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Hey, I was pretty apprehensive about spending too much time away from home. After all, I had a lot of homework, papers and exams lined up for next week and next next week. But what the heck, I knew I’d be spending it going online anyway.

[You can skip this part]

Anyway, the day before — Friday, I was telling myself I wasn’t going to sleep so I can finish studying. The Chem 31.1 exam was canceled twice already and I haven’t studied even once. Ack?

Turns out, I didn’t end up studying too much. I just hope I pass D: Hmm… I think I will. I wasn’t cursing much during the exam which is really a good thing.

I remember a school mate telling me once, “Hey, heard you weren’t able to study for the Chinese exam last week.” I ask, “How did you know?” School mate tells me, “Oh, my sister asked me, ‘Isn’t Tiffany an honor student? I think she screwed up her Chinese exam — she kept on cursing.’ Haha.”

If I pass this exam, I owe it all to my lab prof, Ms. Florika Macazo :P She really knows her stuff. And apparently, she was a valedictorian — though I’m not entirely sure if it was during high school.


[Start reading here]

IMGP3656 Tagaytay! Cold weather, buffet breakfast, lunch and cable TV — who wouldn’t want to spend their time here?

We stayed at Taal Vista Lodge (I think? D:) and got there at around 7 pm.

After dinner, I was half tempted to start doing some school work — I even opened my Chem book cause I planned to start doing my post lab. Well, planned to, anyway. Hehe. I ended up watching Xmen 2 and The Mummy Returns :P

My mom went on to read some Perry Mason books that her friend lent her. Perry Mason! As soon as I finish reading my reading list, I’m gonna start on those books! :D IMGP3677

Actually, this wasn’t really supposed to be a vacation. Mom had a conference thing sponsored by Sanofi Aventis. But she wanted us to come along so off we went. Dad even came along! That’s usually a rare thing.

We spent half the time fighting with each other :/

We took turns telling one another how annoying the other one is. Hehehe. I’d hit his tummy and make puppy dog eyes at him when I can’t finish the food that I got XD Buffet makes me feel hungrier than I IMGP3679really am, hah.

I’m actually daddy’s little girl, heh. So I get on his good side. I should — I’m his favorite daughter! (Don’t tell my sister but I’m sure she’s gonna read it from here.)

BTW, his big tummy isn’t my doing. He is innately a big eater :P I take after him!


Family picture

Hmm… But all things must come to an end and pack our bags, we did. :(


SM Hypermart Taste Asia Bloggers Party Yay

Sunday, August 26th, 2007


A super delayed post, perhaps? Lol. Anyway, last week Thursday, I had a Physics exam that was, yet again, canceled. It’s actually starting to get a bit irritating cause it’s the second time it’s been canceled and I studied both times.

I was actually thinking if I should attend the SM Hypermart’s blogger party anyway since I was seriously lacking in sleep and I have a quiz in Chem the next day, not to mention midterms on Saturday. IMG_3824

We got there around 7? And stood around making small talk. Karlo of Pinoyblogero was making rounds making people sign the list of blogs and names that they provided for us. The person with the most signatures was supposed to win a surprise prize. Heh. So my friends were egging me on asking me if I could beat him. Lol. Which I didn’t do cause I’m not sociable. Hehe.

When our group was about to have our picture taken by none other than Sexymom (who I accidentally called mommy cause BA kept saying “mommy.” He quickly quipped, “Kaw ah, nakiki-mommy ka na rin!“) I beckoned to Alan Jr. to join in the picture taking. He shook his head. :( I think he’s apprehensive of me or something. Ack.

After a while, my feet were starting to hurt cause UP isn’t such a small university and coming home straight from school makes ones feet hurt. IMG_3844So I was glad when Chicky and Arbet when to get food. Yay! I happily sat down on the pretense of “manning the laptops.”


Around this time, Marcelle did a magic trick for me! Ack! :/ I was sooo impressed!

I also met people behind the blogs. Like Joni (I’m still thankful she didn’t plan on taking revenge that very evening on when I accidentally told her she was having a midlife crisis XDD), Jake, Arbet, Paul, and the others!  


Teaser? Haha. Or Laziness?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Full blown post to follow tomorrow.

BA came straight from his house. He was able to take a bath.
Being able to take a bath = smooth skin.
Smooth skin = femenine BA.
Aw, isn’t he so pretty?


I didn’t like HSM2’s soundtrack, oh well

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Photo taken by Sean Tiu.

Finally, I emailed Ria about not wanting to be cluster head of CSSP of UProject. Wah. It’s just that, I don’t know why. I guess the org hasn’t grown on me. I’ve been waiting for it to. I don’t have the passion! Maybe because the org still isn’t in full motion. Last time, they interviewed Sitti! Check it out at UProject’s multiply!

Ack. And I have to look for someone who will take my place. Tim Sy! Please please please? I haven’t done anything mean to you (except make fun of the fact that you’re colorblind). Pleaaaaaaaase?

Hoe noe hoe noes!

DSC00762 On other news, I’m going to�the second Taste Asia event at SM Mall of Asia! If you’re a Filipino blogger (or a blogger who lives in the Philippines? Haha), you can sign up at Tita Noemi’s food blog. I’m not so sure if they’re still accepting registrants but what the heck. I’m always late at dispersing information. Ack.

Sad to say, I’m not sure Marielle’s going :(
Joining the fun? Let’s have some fun together!

Photo from Marielli’s multiply.

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I like the color blue more than I do violet

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Instead of studying like the good student that I am, I spent last night and most of today reading Jessica Zafra’s Twisted Travels. Remember my entry a few days ago? Well…

IMGP3630I got it! :D I even had it wrapped in plastic ASAP. I overuse my books that’s why I need the extra precaution, hehe.

I am now a proud owner of a Jessica Zafra book. I read it all the way to UP and then right before the meeting with the HSBC guy (our org has a tie-up with them, details to follow!), Mr. Carlo T. Garcia (I think his parents tried to get creative, no? Though nothing beats my orgmate’s name — Rich King. Heh). Nice guy! Treated us to lunch at Chocolate Kiss (by the way, I didn’t super like the mashed potatoes, it felt… heavy on the tummy)!

I still had a class after the meeting, good thing it was PE, else I’d have to stop reading my book :P For the first time, I bowled a game that reached the passing grade — 75. I suck at bowling, I was happy.

I keep IMGP3625trying to find time to blog about my new flip flops but I never really got the opening I wanted. What the heck, just squeeze it in in a random entry, who would notice? Certainly not you!

 I’ve been meaning to wear it but who could wear a perfectly neat looking Hello Kitty merchandise? Aside from the fact that I’d have to step on her face. Oh no!

Harroun suggested that I carry it around and wear rubber shoes instead. And when people ask why I’m carrying it around, I’d promptly reply, “Oh, I plan to change to flip flops.”

Oh, I bought it in Banana Peel for a really cheap prize :)

Too tired

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

UP being UP was well, UP.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I got used to sleeping at 3 or 4 in the morning that when I lay down in bed at 11pm, I was still awake by 1. Then, I went online and played some games and finally resigned myself to trying to fall asleep again at 1:30. I think I fell asleep at around 2. :|

A depressing thing, really. I woke up at 6:45 with a huge headache, I quickly told the help to make me coffee.

I never knew Chem could be so dangerous :/
We used some benzenesulfonyl chloride stuff that was smoking :/ Well, probably not super dangerous but when I added that to some dimethylamine, it popped. Imagine a mini atomic bomb going off — smoke and all. I spilled some on my hands cause of that. :( And according to my table of reagents, it’s corrosive — I don’t even know what that means until my classmate pointed to some tissue beside the bottle with holes in it :( I’m still not sure of the meaning.

Surprising though how dangerous Psych110 can be (Psych stat). The airconditioner made a sound like it was failing and gave a sound before it uhhh… ejected its face — screen and all. Good thing we weren’t hit. :P

Did I just become boring-er?
8:30-10 class + 1.5 hour break + 11:30-6 class = devastatingly exhausted Tiffy.

No matter — I’m still glad that my 2:30-6 prof is fine. She had dengue and we missed two classes. (Can’t say I wasn’t happy about that)

I just needed to let that out.
I’m fine now :P

Family First

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Watched Bourne Ultimatum with some peeps from Chickenmafia today. At one point, I even felt nauseous. I’m not that used to watching those kinds of films, heh. Fun, though. Especially when I had to talk on my cellphone and Philos tried to do hand signals to communicate with Chicky. Apparently, chickens can’t understand this complex communication :P It confuses the hell out of them. Hehehe. Poor chicky.

After, they dropped me off in Binondo because I had a family gathering to attend.


You gotta love the family. When I got there, I hunted down my favorite nephew and had him kiss me on the cheek <3

Mom was immediately ready with her camera and focused it our way. Well, you know how my cousins are :P Once someone points a camera, there’s no stopping them.


Oh don’t worry, I also felt harassed! :P It was only supposed to be me and Diether.

IMGP3558 IMGP3556

As a parting picture:


They pulled down Diether’s pants and took a picture of his butt. The guy in the brown shirt would be my cousin JJ showing Diether his butt, saying, “You’re going to be ashamed of this picture when you grow up.”

Adieu! :)


Friday, August 17th, 2007



誰會講中文用中文回答吧 ﹗我試試看如果我能看得懂 :D

我發現Sanriotown很多人會用中文寫日記 ﹗:)

Cat Dog

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

If you haven’t caught on already, part of my job is commenting on blogs in sanriotown. And it’s days like these that I find something interesting :)

Okay not really interesting as I had hoped — Pochacco had been phased out? Where’d this person get the news? D: That’s horrible!How can you not like a character as cute as he is? :(

Someone verify the news! (This is news for me, heh)

Oh. According to�Wikipedia, “He is drawn as a white dog with black floppy ears, but no visible mouth. He is often dressed in athletic attire, as he has a sporty and playful personality.”

Don’t you just love cartoon characters who lack mouths? :3

I think it’s about time I switch my allegiance from the cat to the dog, huh? What do you think? :P

Plus, you gotta love the concept of a vegetarian dog :P

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