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I should really start worrying

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Instead of being the good girl that I should be, my days are spent wondering how to waste them.

1. Going to chickenmafia.com

What can I do? There’s nothing to do :( Those addicts are as addicted as I am. When you’re lazy, you look for fellow lazy people. Turns out I’m not the only one.

2. Watching Gilmore Girls

Photo from telefilmland.wordpress.com

Look at the picture! Aren’t they adorable? I know this is an old TV series but I don’t like waiting for episodes so I just watch them all at the same time. I try to, anyway.

Photo from girlslife.com

They’re so pretty! When I grow up, I wanna be just like them. :P 

3. Playing games in Neopets.com

I know, I know. I’m a big girl now. But! But! :( I have an adorable pet:

Oh well, I need to go to bed! :) Bye!

It’s weird when you spend your weekend in school

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

I went to my old high school to do work for my batch’s yearbook, ed in chief that I am. My old high school english prof who was my trainer for this journalism contest was sweet enough to give me a gift wrapped in a Spongebob gift wrapper. I think she remembers that my old cellphone used to have a Spongebob casing :P

Was there the whole day doing stuff. Meeting with the principal (don’t know his position, I think he’s the director, and then there’s another principal? oh dear me).

Most of the time I sat in front of the computer in the reg office waiting for the picture to load and identifying who the person in the picture is. And the the teachers there keep scolding me about forgetting the names of my former teachers XD Lol.

Free food is yay, though.

Had a meeting yesterday for UProject :)


The sis and me having our camwhoring moments. Hmm… Turns out I’m cluster head for the social sciences. Hmm… I’m not even sure what our cluster’s about xDDD Loooool.

Books and Comics

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

See? It wasn’t such a bad idea to read the Deathly Hallows the whole day yesterday. That would’ve be waaaay better than what Merryan was doing; which is to cover her ears and sing, “lalala” to herself whenever someone threatens to spoil it for her :3

I love Pi. :)

So now I’m in on the secret. I feel like part of the Order of the Phoenix with all the secrets I know *O* Lame analogy, I know. My head’s been in the gutters (another lame analogy) ever since I spent three hours in a chem lab trying my best not to fall asleep on a teacher who’s lecturing us about chem stuff nonstop. x_x

Tip: Write as many answers to VillaseƱor’s quizzes as possible. If she asks for the product, write the transition state and intermediate carbocation/carboanion as well–BONUS POINTS! Too bad I realized too late.

Oh well. Down the drain goes my grades.

And instead of studying in advance, here I am reading Runaways the whole evening. Thank you Sean for lending it to me :3

It’s like, waaaay cool :3 With kids with powers trying to overthrow their parents :3 Not that I’d want to overthrow mine — I love them to bits! I just want the cool powers :3

Meeting tomorrow for Psychedelics. And then PE :) Goodnight :)

Now to Get a Picture of My Hand Off the Top

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

That might weird prospect readers out.

Why haven’t I been blogging much?

Well, there’s the last book of Harry Potter! (Finally, I’m done with it! Read it yesterday at 12am, went to bed at around 3 and then read it all day) :P

What you’ve missed in my life —

1. My bestfriend’s birthday (July 12) :D

DSC01582 DSC01583

She’s so pretty. Sorry that I’m the focus of the pic XD Charm still hasn’t developed the skill of taking a good picture :P

2. The CSA Acquaintance Party which Bong already blogged about. Late pictures XD Sorry.

 IMG_0710.JPG IMG_1028

That’s about all the decent pictures I’ve managed to steal :)  

More coherent posts are gonna go your way after all the stuff settles down.

Oh by the way, new clothes! :) We went shopping the other day! :D

Lookie at My Nails!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

This is what you do when you have an exam the day after tomorrow (and the day after that) and you’re procrastinating. Darn it. I was all set on studying.


Can you see it? :) Can you, Bong? :P

It’s so neat and pretty :3 Which is the opposite of what my right hand looks like. (I’m right-handed. I’m not as dextrous as when I use my right hand painting my left hand’s nails XD)

I was gonna ask our help to do it. I called her name and Daddy told me off. Telling me that it was late and to let the help rest (it was only 8:30).

He asked me what I wanted.
I showed him my nails. “So, you’ll help me paint them?”
Poor dad–had a baffled look on his face and then laughingly scolded me, “How would I know how to do that?”

He called the help and even cleared the space up beside me so that Rosemarie–our help–can sit beside me XD

Turns out she does a horrible job at it. Oh well. I think I got the hang of it after around four tries. :P

Party Not

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Went to a party last night.

I just realized — I’m not a party girl. Took a sip of what I thought was juice (it turned out to be vodka with pineapple juice) and passed it on to Kesterson, who was pining away for a love lost while trying to convince himself that the other guy wasn’t good looking and with me all the way telling him that the guy was good looking.

And what do you get with four very bored CSA members from UP who likes to study? Well, four people sitting on the couch, deciding amongst each other who among the crowd is good looking. Haha. This anti-social behavior is disturbing. We’d mix around with the crowd once in a while because our dear PRC head is there and the party is for bonding.

Took a sip of tequilla, too. Hmm… It was weird. And I didn’t like it :P

A bit more personal than what I usually post. But I’ve been swamped with non-work things that it’s hard to keep updated about all my interests >_<

Though there’s one interesting thing that’s happened — I’ve finally watched Harry Potter with my mom and sister, no less. And this equation kept running in my head as I was watching it:

Harry Potter = emo

Which is a bit mean of me since I should be an understanding human being and take into consideration that Harry obviously went through a lot of hardships. Ahah. Well, still–he should be an innocent character, not a tormented one.

Laureen: I believe that a lot of scenes were wasted on Daniel Radcliffe.

Oh well. I’d give the movie a 3.

The highlight of that day would be sitting around Fully Booked with my sister trying to read parts of books.


My Week So Far

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Best friend Lynsley once told me that if you want something interesting to happen in your life, you have to make it happen. Hmm…

Maybe I’m too unattached with life that I haven’t really been living it.

Best bud Hershey said once that when you have set goals, time goes by too fast.

Maybe it’s time for one of those goal setting days.
I doubt I’d tell people, it would be too humiliating. I have weird goals in life.

Have you guys heard of Spring Awakening?

I’ve uploaded the album in my multiply.

 Hmm… I was thinking of updating everyday and boring you with my day to day stuff. What do you think? What the heck. Write for yourself, dear Tiffany.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been updating much. Because there’s nothing much to update and I’m worried that I might bore someone.

Happy birthday, Charm! :D I love you! :D Hahaha!
I visited her in Ateneo earlier today and had lunch with her BF, Ace and friend Nani. :)

I’m an Aunt for the nth Time :P

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

My cousin Shin Tian’s wife gave birth last July 4 to this adorable baby boy. He’s so small! All of us were almost shouting at Diether (however you spell his name), the baby’s 4-year-old older brother, to be careful around the baby.


Now this is me with the new baby boy, Aldrich. :)


We visited him earlier this morning after we watched my cousin Ahya Jay’s alumni basketball tournament thing with UNO high school’s basketball team.


The three of us were waiting in the car for Ahya Jay to finish changing clothes after his game so that we can go visit the new baby :)

SM MOA Dinner Date with Fellow Bloggers

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Earlier this Tuesday, I attended a free dinner sponsored by SM and a lot of other sponsors like Fruitas, Crazy Choco, Etc.

Pictures galore! :D


Ooooh. See the chocolate? :D



Eating cream puffs dipped in chocolate. Beside me is good friend Marielli :D


Our appetite is so obvious it’s funny XD


Ta-ta~ :D

Photos from Tita Noemi, BA and Sexymom (BA’s mom), I believe. Hmm… If I forgot to mention a photo owner, just… Uhhh… Take note: I’m not trying to steal your photos. Well, I already did XD But I did link!

I’ve Got Mail!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

This is a package sent to me by Jhan Rhyan, a friend of mine who’s studying in Taiwan right now :D


A sudoku book! XD Cause I’ve always wanted to own one that I can answer. I wrote it in my blog as part of my wish list :) And so he emails me that he’ll send me one! :D The mail came with a letter and a magnet book mark! Thanks :D  


This picture was taken last last year when he came to the Philippines for a visit. This is one of my more unflattering pictures XD Ah high school–how I miss you not!