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Mon David

I had the good fortune of being able to watch Mon David perform on a friend’s 18th birthday. He’s a jazz artist from the Philippines who has won awards internationally (that’s according to the google search I made, anyway)

Too bad the video was cut — I ran out of memory T_T

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3 Responses to “Mon David”

  1. lutymishima:hellokitty.com Says:

    do you like jazz? I don’t know much, but i like the groove!

  2. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Jazz? I’ve never really been into Jazz since I don’t get to hear a lot of jazz music. Though I do like Kenny G — I have his album. And he’s really good.

  3. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Is the video working? D:

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