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Monday, April 30th, 2007

One Day Blog Silence

School’s Cool

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Maybe I should repeat that over and over for it to come true. Heh.

Anyway, ask me what I’ve been up to these days and I’d tell you, “School, school and more school.”

My Normal Night Studying

This are the things that stood by me as I studied for my PE1 exam last Sunday night (darn that exam). I was only able to post this now because my mom brought the cam with her to Cebu. And tomorrow, she’s headed for Tokyo. Lucky mom!

My notes, my cute Piglet the Piglet, my cellphone (which replaced the one that got broken and which I bought for around $10–lucky girl I am), my pedometer (all this physical fitness talk is getting to me. I’ve been carrying my pedometer with me for three days now), and my midnight snack–the picture looks familiar, no?

Hahaha. Whoops.

Trying to lose weight and then eating that at night is a big no-no :P

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Friday, April 27th, 2007

I chanced upon a multiply site of my friend’s professor (I’m not going to link her first, maybe she doesn’t want to be linked) who happens to have a lot of hello kitty stuff!

Raein: she has a badge maker
Raein: a yogurt maker
Raein: plushies
Raein: dolls
Raein: collectibles
Rukia: dear good lord xD
Rukia: oh btw

Rukia: yamaguchi, teh creator (or director of hello kitty’s designs for the past so so… 20 years?) said


Rukia: sanrio released that
Rukia: hello kitty has no mouth
Rukia: omg teh toaster o_o
Raein: YES!
Rukia: that i actually want
Raein: THE TOASTER!!!!

Boys and girls, what have we learned today?

1. To be a Hello Kitty fan, you must be absolutely devoted! ABSOLUTELY.

2. HELLO KITTY has a mouth.

Pardon the caps. I was just so excited that time!

Humping the Road to Fame

Friday, April 27th, 2007

When your prof mentions a song and the singer who sings it, wait first if he likes the singer/song.

Prof (to class): Have you heard of Alanis Morissette’s version of ‘My Humps?’
Me: I hate it *points pen slightly at him as an acknowledgment*
Prof: *stares at me* (or so I remember)

Turns out he likes her–how she reinvented herself or something like that.

I found it super über weird and unpleasant to the ears.
I don’t like Alanis Morissette still.

Points to laugh at:
1. All those fat guys trying to… hmm… dare I call it ‘dancing?’
2. Alanis doing a head butt
3. Alanis hitting the guy’s balls
4. Alanis trying to showcase her boobs (Oh the horror)
5. This big guy trying to do the insy winsy spider

The list might go on indefinitely.
I’d rather stop.

It was hilarious, yes. Prolly your cup of tea, too.

My Favorite Artist

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

This would be the start of the “My Favorite” series.

I’ll start off with my bestfriend (about time, too). She’s my favorite artist. Hahaha. A little biased here, forgive me.

And this blog interview just made me soooo excited for her.

What are some of the things that you have worked on?

» sequential art
» Previously
▫ Kali (pencils, inks & colors) - Mango JAM (Yonzon Entertainment Syndicate)
▫ Z
odiacs: Hour Watchers (pencils & inks) - Otaku Mangazine (Otakuzine)
» Currently
▫ Venom Fang (story, pencils, inks & tones) – Rush Magazine (DramaQueen, L.L.C.)
» Pending
▫ Laps (pencils, inks & tones) - TOKYOPOP
▫ The Choice (pencils & inks) – Mangaholix (Groundbreakers)
▫ Kali gaiden (pencils & inks) - stand-alone comic book (Yonzon Entertainment Syndicate)
» freelance design
▫ Burlington Industries Phils.
▫ Islander Footwear Mfg. Corp.
▫ ChiaroScuro shirt designs
» freelance [commissioned] artwork

How did you and your parents feel about your filing for honorary dismissal? And do you have plans to continue your studies?

What I filed for was actually a leave of absence for one year. My dad was as up for it as I was; he always supports me, almost to a fault! My mom was hesitant even after bouts of explanation, but because newer — should I say bigger — projects kept coming my way, she finally accepted the fact that I have no plans of going back to college for a while. In fact, save for just a handful of friends, everyone else was urging me to go back to college this June 2007. But, anyway, since I’m not going back, I guess that automatically makes it an honorable dismissal.

As for my studies, I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon! I’ve always wanted to be a manga-ka, and it is true that many of the most successful comic illustrators are self-taught.

So, first, I would need to find a well-banced course loyal to the arts, and that would benefit me in terms of my skill improvement and job finding (isn’t this what it all boils down to?). Of course, there will always be other conditions involved, but I need some reason to go to even consider going back to university to begin with. And then, I have to weigh that reason against the time I have to spend for it, the amount of expenses that come with it, how many of my current projects I will have to drop for it, etc. And if it is all worth it, then why not? ^___^

She’s currently working on a lot of stuffs (which include working for Tokyopop, envy her).

And if you want to take a peep at her works, visit `dry ice @ promised-dream.net.

Twittering Twittering

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I’ve been using Twitter for a while, and only now do I read about an article about twitter when Mr. A. Racoma posts the link on Twitter.

The first thing that caught my eye was the picture. The guy with the glasses is hot. Haha.
Recently, I realized that guys who are tall, white-skinned and who wear glasses catch my eye.


For anyone unfamiliar with the latest trends in technology, “Twitterers” send and receive short messages, called “tweets,” on Twitter’s Web site, with instant messaging software, or with mobile phones. Unlike most text messages, tweets — usually in answer to Twitter’s prompt, “What are you doing?” — are routed among networks of friends. Strangers, called “followers,” can also choose to receive the tweets of people they find interesting.Twitter is best understood as a highly flexible messaging system that swiftly routes messages, composed on a variety of devices, to the people who have elected to receive them in the medium the recipients prefer. It is a technology that encourages a new mode of communication, he contends.

Sending tweets broadcasts “I am alive!” Reading tweets satisfies the craving of many people to know the smallest details of the lives of those they love.

The only people in the world who might be interested in my twittering — my family, my close friends — were precisely the ones who would be entertained and comforted by their triviality.

The only reason I got Twitter is so I can update my blog readers on what I’m doing without the need to write a full blown post. Though if you ask me, Twitter is not unlike a forum or messaging board of sorts. Different, but roughly with the same aim–communication (Yes, I am that simple-minded).

It also reminds me of a chatroom where people leave messages for other people to read.

Click the news link where I got the article from so you can see the picture too! Ta Ta!


Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

I love Japanese restaurants.


Cause my dad loves eating Japanese foods.

I remember as a kid, my mom and I brought home a styro-full of Japanese foods. When we got home, she called my dad and answered my question of what those things in the styro were, adding that it was my dad’s favorite.

When my dad finally got down, I was trying to decide which one of those “things” I was going to eat (they all looked raw). Until my eyes set upon this cute apple green colored thing…

Uh oh.

Well you probably know the rest of the story.
Anyway, last Sunday, we went to Wasabi to eat brunch!


There we go :)

At first I was even shy–I didn’t want to take a picture. Heh. But then not much people were near the door so what the heck.

It was a buffet so I didn’t have the courage to take pictures of the buffet XD

Here’s what I ate:

Japanese foods


According to Sean,

“ooo…my fave Jap restaurant…the buffet is lousy though; they hoard up the stuff that they didn’t sell in the week and present it as a buffet. If you’re going to really going to go ala carte, go for…the sashimi is glorious, the #1 special, the fried soft shell crab in either sushi or main course form, the ahi special, the oyster shooter, the scallop special or whatever it was called…it’s a rice meal i think. yumm…haven’t been there in a while”

Anyway, a goodbye picture!

It Feels Good…

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

…to tell someone that you don’t like him :3

I can only put up with so much. And I realized that when I thought that I’m disregarding them because this person’s my friend, I was wrong. Friendship doesn’t justify it all.

I know you shouldn’t count. I mean, you shouldn’t remember things that should have been forgotten.


1. Always disregarding what you say.
2. Constantly insulting you
3. Doing whatever he does whenever he feels like it.
4. Have I mentioned always putting you down? I guess that’s a tie-up with the first one.

And even though a person has reason to do any, saying that, “Hey, she’s my friend. Heck! She won’t mind.”

But the thing is, I do mind.

Friendship is not an excuse not to do right by your friend.
Now that I’ve learned that, hopefully, I’m not going to do that to anyone else I need to slap myself silly yet again.

To hell with the consequences of what I did. It still felt good.
(The full post is not available here.)

Mourning Monday

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Heard the news lately?

Last Monday, 33 people (including the shooter) were killed in a shooting rampage. And now they’re all wondering why the school didn’t shut the school down after the first shooting (there was a long interval between the first and the second one). According to the authorities, they believed the first incident to be “domestic in nature.”

Who are they to decide that–they didn’t shut the school down and didn’t even try to spread the incident wide enough. If enough were
done, maybe a lot of them would still be breathing, don’t you think?

Imagine having to experience terror and desperation knowing that the gunman is nearing and is shooting at everybody in sight–with the doors barred and with no where to go. Some even jumped off windows.

Argh. I don’t want to die like that.
Though they say that dying by a gunshot doesn’t hurt that much–I wonder how he knew that.


Sunday, April 15th, 2007

今天雖然想用中文寫我的 blog。