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There’s Something About Silence

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

the thing about me is that i’m a complainer–a whiner.

yeah. you heard me right.

and the funny thing is, i dislike whiners. i mean, i really dislike “*complain*complain* so sad…” not because it irritates me but because i want everything to just be happy. i don’t want there to be something to not be happy about.

which, i know is impossible.

but then being whine-y leads to being a drama girl, and then a drama princess, and pretty soon, a drama queen.

oh good luck with that.

and while commuting home, i got to well, be quiet. stay quiet and just, think.

and thinking suited me. i liked it. i mean just letting it all squish and mix around in my head makes those things insignificant. and thing is, i don’t even know what to whine about. it’s just actually a bunch of big small things that pile up on each other to make my life more dramatic than it really is.

there’s still one more thing that’s been bugging me–getting a zero (i think it’s a percent thing) on agreeableness in the big 5 (OCEAN) personality test.

hmm… and reporting about friendship in philosophy (Nicomachean Ethics) makes me reevaluate what kind of a friend i am to most people (not only to close friends, but to friends that are a little more than acquaintances). and you know what i realized?

i suck.

Giddy About ChiaroScuro

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Let me first reply to the comments:

supaheromomo:hellokitty.com -
Well, I don’t really let my mom dictate who I want to be. I was just explaining why I just took up Psych. I like my course and I’d love to become a doctor. Something about the Sciences really motivate me!

Tingal79 -
I liked Disney Princesses better XD That’s probably why. I was never addicted to Barbie. I actually didn’t see why some kids were sooo into her when I wasn’t (this was when I was a child) ^_^

To the others who have commented, I’ve already posted a reply ^_^v

Going on to the main blog for the day,

the chiaroscuro shirts are here (the business I started with 3 of my friends)! the two yellow ones anyway really nice! We’re still waiting for 3 more designs! I hope I can post pictures soon!
thanks for mimi and stan who bought their shirts alreadyyy! totally love them.
and i hear that paul’s designs are really selling now. his batchmates are TOTALLY supporting him that actually made me really giddy even though i wanted to cry cause of chem thing. awww don’t ask T_T

so anyway, i thought i was gonna get home early since hershey was on his way home by 2:30. but then we still went to this designer to get his measurements taken cause his sister’s getting engaged this may, i think.

anyway, he earned 30k (Php) from the stock market the other day i think that’s mybe why he treated me to terriyaki boy! i’m not complaining. thanks hersh!

then got home and saw albert! my cousin from China who’s visiting for a week, i think. according to him, we should all go out before he goes back to China hope we do get to do that. considering it’s sort of nearing finals alreadyyyy.

Coming to terms

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to get a job that’s related to computers. And that’s why I wanted to take up CompSci in college. But that was a long time ago.

Well, back then I also wanted to be a fairy or a princess, but we can’t get everything we want, can we?
And my mom was already a doctor. I remember her telling me that it would be very difficult indeed to take up CompSci especially since a lot of people were already taking it. In a way, she convinced me not to (of course, she denies that now). I can’t really blame her if I don’t like what I’m taking up–cause I do. I like studying Psychology and learning about certain things. It’s really interesting.

But the thing is, I haven’t really explored. I don’t know what else is out there.

Well, I could always become a doctor, right? :)

Ms Psych

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Okay. I don’t know why I became Ms. Psych. Don’t ask me. -_-

I’m a Psych major and they need someone to represent our batch. Unfortunately, they nominated me (Just for kicks I suppose. I now have a fan base.) and Alex spent his allowance (I’m not even sure how much) so that I’ll win. Oh gawd.

And I need a presentation by tomorrow. Five minutes. What am I gonna do? Sing. And I need clothes. Oh shoot. I don’t have fancy clothes. I’m not even prettttyyyy. Oh gawd. Sooo totally gonna lose.

Plus, I have to do an outline on Nicomachean Ethics for Philo and design my Sig-sheet for submission tomorrow.

Tell me I’m gonna survive this!

Hectic Days

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

I have a report next week, a term paper, and a long exam (in Philippines History, no less!)

And I’m not doing anything about it as of yet.

Watched a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy. Hmm… I keep forgetting. Have I told you how HOT Mcdreamy is?




Saturday, February 17th, 2007

They’re calling me an addict since I went to school at around 9am? x_x

Lol. I was totally panicking about chem. Feeling really desperate about it. Feeling like I really had to do well.

And after spending the day, I’m feeling more pressure. x_x Everyone’s too smart for their own good. *coughs*

Got to play bridge, chat, and laugh with CSA people :3 Now isn’t that fun.

JM was there when I went to the tambs early in the morning cause he has a make up class at 10. :)

And miggy even went to school because I asked (nicely, I might add XD) cause I was panicking and desperate. Sorry migs. And thanks a whooole bunch.

I uhh… accidentally spilled a secret of Tim’s? Uhh… actually, I don’t really know if it’s really a secret x_x honestly. It’s not of secret quality! :| But still felt bad. :S So a lot of secrets were revealed *_* Don’t ask me how or why! Lol.

Oh, and Tim’s color blind!! XD Soooo much fun! I’m gonna start looking for colorful stuffs to test him. Btw, addict siya mag-aral. Don’t even bother thinking otherwise. x_xOh oh! one more… Migs owes me a c2. Nyar har har!

Hitched a ride home with Jayne :) Got off at Lacson and rode a jeepney home.
Jayne’s such a mother figure! :3 You wouldn’t imagine! She even texted me, “txt mo ko if nakauwi ka naü ako un na woworry eh!:S (send me a message if you’re homeü i’m the one who’s worrying! :S)”

Sweeet ;D

Dinner with Dad at SM San Lazaro. :)
Karate Kid is soooo much better than terriyaki boy.

Walked around the mall with him and spent quality father-daughter time :)

Which reminds me. When migs dad called him on the cell, they were talking using uhhh 3G? And his dad was asking him what he was doing in school, he says cause he had to “tutor” (was that the word) me. And thrust the phone in my face saying, “meet tiff” -_-

*Note: I wasn’t the only one who asked for help T_T

Sooooooo wasn’t prepared. I think I looked stupidly at the phone. :| Super shamed! Tim and Joey couldn’t stop laughing :| Meanies. Meanies!

Chem exam

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

As much as I like blogging…

I must halt everything! >_<

I have a chem exam this coming Friday and I know zilch!

Really hoping that I get taught by this orgmate of mine.

Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I spent my day attending a forum :|

About love and lust.

Oh well… At least I got bonus points for that.

Time to study. Big exam on Saturday!

Ruining a Friendship

Monday, February 12th, 2007

I don’t exactly know why I did it.


And i very well know that no amount of excuse is going to excuse me from that.

I really want this person as my real friend. But I think all the drama is getting to me.

And the really confusing thing about this is that I’m not obliged to care. And there’s that effing word again.

I do care. I care about the person. And maybe that’s the problem. I cared too much to be affected by the drama?

And it’s all just too irritating to even talk about.

I said sorry. And that’s that.


Sunday, February 11th, 2007

If I say pretty please, would you send me a valentine? :3

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