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long overdue

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

had my chem 1st long exam yesterday T_T and psychology 101 1st long exam before that.

glad those are over! i can go back to reading books and stuff.

and of course, posting in my blog here :) And reading the posts in the forums. :)

i’m loving hellokitty more and more everyday. there are a lot of enthusiastic people posting about hellokitty :) which just makes me all the more excited.

oh! one more thing that’s making me excited–the possibility of buying brand new shoes! :3 rubber shoes to be exact.

maybe from sketchers or merrell :)

my new year

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Metro Manila Film Festival.

Feel like i’ve watched a lot of them. T_T
which is partly true.

After the kasal kasali with judy ann, we watched super noypi a couple of days after and just now, we watched mano po5 (with fam minus dad and sa-i’s family minus their dad too). XD

my head~ poor, poor, head.

super noypi didn’t develop its scenes well. poor direction. so whoever its director is must be the worst in the trade. THE ABSOLUTE WORST, i swear. T_T john pratts carried the movie well, though. corny e~ wahahaha.

mano po5 is a parody of the chinese tradition if i ever see one! gawd. first of all, a chinese girl (or any girl for that matter) offering her umbrella to a stranger (total stranger) during the rain (with the street empty) is a laughable thing! their intonations were totally off, and there were pretty stereotypical generalizations made. T_T it was a total joke.

so the next movie i’m going to watch would be something other than an mmff film T_T

a must watch (for me, anyway)
1. curse of the golden flower
2. invisible man
3. meet the robinsons
4. spider man 3
5. harry potter
6. 88 minutes

oh gawd. wanna watch!!