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Nicole Ann’s Birthday Party!

Hey. Do you know that I had so fun? I went to Nicole Ann’s birthday and we had so fun. Wow. First, I went to the Art house industrial and we made a pretty and nice artwork. We had damn lots of fun. Yeah.

Secondly, we get ready to blow the birthday cake there. And we took some photos with her.

Then, we reached there and started running around. After a while, Nicole’s parents start barbacuing for us to eat.

We went up the house and down. And that is the end of the day. We were tired but we had lots of fun. 

About My Family! :)

Hi. I am Amabel. I am 9 years old. I have two sissy. One called Annabel which is the second one and the first one is called Amanda. My father drive but my mother dont drive. My father have a can and a car. The car is for the three of us and my mother and the van is for his work. He normally drive the van during working time but if his car goes for service, he will use the van to drive us around.

My hobby is playing computer, doing art and craft and manny other things. The characters that I like is mymelody, hellokitty, sanrio, kurirnmail and many other chaaracters. I like to have lots of account but my mama dont allow because I to young to have so much email, She say when I grow up then I can have many more.

 Care Bear

Care Bear

Care Bear


Friends Forever






In school, I am a monitor of 3 Kindness. Me and my monitor partner is so stress with the class because they are so noisy and we cannot take care of them. It is very fun being a monitor but stress! :( I hope I am in another class that is not so noisy then I am a monitor. The teacher is called Mrs Teoh. The other day, she went to show us many Fractured Fairy Tales Story. You can find this videos, it is very fun to see:

The Ulgy Duckling! :)

Red’s Riding Hood! :)

Goldilocks And The Three Bears! :)

Leaping Beauty! :)





My Baby Cousin, My older cousin, my two sisters, me and my parents!


I am Amabel.:)

I have  a baby cousin and her name is charlotte.

We all call her spider because normally spiders are called  Charlotte.

She likes to scream, shout and nag.

If we say anything bad about her, she will know about it and cry or rather scream.

Lucky, she don’t stay with us or I will die as soon as possible.

The other day, she came to our house because her mummy went to other country for business trip.

So my uncle didn’t went with his wife, so the my baby cousin is with him.

I didin’t know that my uncle will come for a while and have dinner here.

When he came, he wanted to buy Toto.

So he went, while he was buying, my baby cousin cry like shit because he didn’t bring the my baby cousin along.

My Ah ma had a long time leting her cool down and sleep because my Ah ma stay with us and my Ah gong too.

I really regret having this baby cousin but not having my 10 year old cousin.

She is older than me in fact.

She is called  Charmaine.

She has a talent of drawing and colouring.

Her drawing is very nice, pretty and neat in fact

My oldest sister is in Sec 3 now.

She is called Amanda.

She likes to talk on the phone.

My older sister is in Sec 2 now.

Her talent is drawing and doing art.

My mother likes to work.

Her name is called Helen.

My father likes to sleep but he always help my mother.

My father’s name is Benny.

My Favourite Design for School Locker!


 I am Amabel. You are?? I like this words. This is my school design for locker sharing. HAHA. :)

This locker belongs to Alissa Wong Jia Xin and Amabel Teo Rui.Please DO NOT   touch/tear/open/scribble.Thank you for your kind cooperation. 

My Second Day Of Blogging!:)


This is my second day of blogging. I feel so happy now because my mummy is coming back tonight. She is coming back at 11.30. I can’t wait. Do you know that always it is fun time then time past very very fast but when something you want to do and it is still a long long time to wait and do like your birthday. :) Can you put your name if you did give me any comments. This is very nice. You show see it. That is my cousin’s blog. Nice! I enjoy reading that.


Hi. This is my first day at this account so I don’t really know how to use… Oh, after you see this. Can you help me put a comment????? :) Other people’s blog is so fansinating! :-$

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