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I was sorta sick yesterday, with a weird stomach flu.  My husband wasn’t home because he was at work.  But he took care of me once he got home.  So this morning, out of the blue.  He surprised me with a nice breakfast in bed.  A very sweet gesture which is a first for me.  Gotta love him ^^  And right before he left for work.  He did leave a love note for me in my closet.  Which I wasn’t suppose to find until after he left.  Nevertheless, he wrote how much his happy being with me and also thanking me for taking good care of him.  Gee,  I am lucky!!!  Love you too hubby ^^

My surprise breakfast in bed.

So my husband up his romantic factor yet again.  We went out on V-day and he was all secretive about our whole date.  I kept rattling of a list of places that he could have brought me but he still kept mums about it.  Until we finally arrived to a hotel, where in he had arranged a nice dinner at the roof top garden.  We weren’t the only ones there.  Other couples can be spotted too but a good distance from each table.  It was an intimate dinner with fine dinning good food and champagne. And we even witnessed a fire works display that was set off from the nearby mall.   Not only that, he surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers which I thought he wouldn’t get for me because he told me he wouldn’t.  He usually do make me off balance with this kind of stuff.  I wish I brought my camera to capture the moment we have had.  *currently have her head up in the clouds*



A Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!!!


I know I have been naughty for not updating my blog as much as I can. The reason is that, I’m pretty hooked with Pupee and Plurk.  Hehehehe.  My Bad!  And not only that.  I had been watching a marathon of TV series.


Here’s my list of things to watch on the telly:


Ugly Betty

Desperate Housewives

Being Human

Being Erica


American Idol

Ghost Whisperer

30 Rock



Legend of the Seeker

Gossip Girl

Hell’s Kitchen


United States of Tara


And a lot more!!!


So to all the people out there.  Have a good hearts day!!!!



Currently I’m obsessing the Pupee website.  It’s a lot of fun looking through other peoples closet.  Maybe I’m just being nosy.  Hehehehe.   Some folks there are quite talented in making their own accessories.  There’s a few in particular that I love most because they make their own stuff.  One of them can make realistic looking mini cakes and made them into bag clips and brooches.  This is her Pupee closet website http://pupe.ameba.jp/closet/5GZvc94E2Hy4/ (you have to backtrack to get a look at what I’m talking about.)   They are so fun and cute to look at that I wanted to make some myself.  Now where do I get the clay stuff she used?!   Maybe my next trip to a hobby store I could get some of it.   Also, her necklaces are really vintage looking and it seems fun to wear.  Wish I’m that creative.  But I did get a lot of good ideas, they are now swimming through my head at the moment.  Inspired by what I had seen by the people who shared them.  Weird isn’t it where inspiration can hit you like that.


This is just a sample of her talent.  ^^

Last night, my husband and I had a date at a local mall.  I’ve been bugging to watch “Inkheart” with him.  Since it’s a weekday the mall was relatively not crowded.  Which is good.  We had our early dinner first at a Greek restaurant.  We’re both on a diet at the moment.  Trying to lose the extra poundage we gained since our honeymoon trip and it was unsuccessful because the Yuletide just added more pounds than necessary O_o.  Right now we’re trying to watch what we eat.  So we ordered a nice healthy salad.  I got the pork loin kebabs while he got a chicken wrap.  It’s as healthy as it can get.  After that, we walk around a bit then watched the movie.  Personally I like the movie, my husband seems to think that it was okay.  I’m already planning to get the trilogy to get to the bottom of some unanswered stuff that is running round my head.  I’m just waiting for the 3rd installment to become a paperback edition before I dive myself into it.


Wonder if they plan to film the 2nd and 3rd installment.

Once the movie was over, we went to the nearest Krispy Kreme.  My husband has been craving doughnuts.  And since his on a diet, he opted for the none glazed.  That time the shop is offering it’s Valentine’s Day tin can.  I asked if they have other designs.  So they showed me the Krispy Kreme original box design.  And I fell in love how cute it looks.  Needless to say I got the 2 tin boxes hehehehe. My husband is asking me what will I do with them.  Men!  They don’t know that boxes are usefull to us women.  We got so many stuff that we can put and organize it with cute boxes! hehehehe.  (Trying to justify my buying it!  But technically he got it for me.) hehehehe.


The Valentine’s Day special edition tin box.


The original!

I just found out that “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is finally setting sail.  Since there was a problem with the previous handlers it was planned to be scrapped.  But the real hero is Fox for picking it up.  Yipee for Fox!!!!  Here’s the url for the in dept on the story  http://www.narniaweb.com/news.asp?id=2110&dl=22545350  and at http://www.narniafans.com/archives/3269

So I stumbled upon Poupee Girl.  Poupee is the French word for doll.   I’m currently satisfying the inner child in me back in my paper doll phase (Yeah, I’m probably using up my 2nd childhood a tad early hehehehe).  Not only can you dress up your dolly, you can also upload your stuffs, and get to know other members as well.


Here’s a sample of what you can do with your Poupee.

URL - http://pupe.ameba.jp/

Since today is the Chinese New Year.  My family woke up pretty early to temple hop and pray to the Gods that they would bless us a prosperous year.  It was crowded in some temples others are quiet.  It was a sea of red shirted people.  Smoke from the incense wafting around us.  The Dragon dancers and the loud booming of the drums set a festive tone.  All for the coming of the new year.


Wishing everyone a lucky Ox year!

Yep!  That’s right its my birthday today.  And to start off my day, exactly at midnight.  My husband who is in the room with me sent me an email.  Weird you might ask?  No, it’s his way of surprising me on my big day.  I am now officially off the calendar chart!  Nothing to brag about but it’s a reality and fact that I’m ooooolllllldddd.  So continuing with my Froggy’s email.  He said that I must have thought that he didn’t prepare any gift for me.  Knowing full well that I would probably give him a hard time if he didn’t hehehhe.  He sent me 13 questions that I should answer.  Which was easy but a couple I have to ask what exactly he is asking.  Just to make sure I answered correctly.  He then instructed me to get all the first letter of the answers and try to decipher where he kept his gift for me.  I was a little clueless, there are 13 letters I have to scramble around.  He then gave me a hint to make it a bit more easier.  In the end, I was able to answer “Christmas Tree”, which is where I went to next.  Since the Chinese New Year is almost here.  I didn’t put down our small tree yet.  It took me sometime to look around a small sized tree until I found a dark paperbag with the word “Agatha” on it.  Needless to say I was already boohooing while trying to solve the puzzle and I was a mess when I got the gift. It one of the best way to start my day.  Thank you Froggy!!!

In case your curious as to what the 13 questions are then here it is.  Scroll down if your getting tired of it and continue with how my day went.

1  What TV show studio were we originally slated to go in California but then ended up watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

Ellen Degeneres Show

2   What is the 2nd word of the company name which created the Absolute Boyfriend?

Kronos Heaven
3   Who is the 11 year old criminal genius who you got your husband hooked to read?

Artemis Fowl

4   What’s the surname of your husband’s favorite NBA player?

Yao Ming
5   What is the title of the most best-selling internet generation love story from Japan?

Train Man

6    What is the title of the 6th comic papaperback lined on the bookshelf of our bedroom?

Identity Crisis


7  What is the real name of the Wicked Witch of the West?


8   What is the 2nd letter of the name of our hero in Stardust?

Tristran Thorn

9   Which Hogwarts House does your husband belong to?


10  What is Paige’s nickname at home?


11  Who was the one who helped organize our wedding?


12   Who is the Arabian nursing student whom you always think has a crush on your cute little froggy?


13   What is your favorite song sang by Cindy Lauper?

Time After Time


 Here’s the gift my husband gave me.


A closer look of the charm.

 The rest of the day went by and a lot of well wishers called, texted, emailed and other electronical means.  Which made my day better, knowing that people remembered me. ^^

After work, my Froggy picked me up and we ordered Crab Rice from King Crab to bring home so we can share it with his family.  Froggy also ordered some BBQ from the nearby stall and I cooked some pig kidneys (Chinese style)  Of course we also got a birthday cake courtesy of my Mom.  Thanks Ma!


Yummy Crab Rice!


Assorted BBQ with vinegrette dipping sauce


Kidney’s Chinese Style taught to me by my Mom!


Basket of Fruits from Icings given to me by my Mom.  I got another cake that was given to me by my sister in law.  But we ate that one right up before we got a photo op.  ^^

 Needless to say, though we don’t have that much selections we ate a lot!  As in a lot!!!!  Oh, well it’s my birthday and I’ll be binge if I want to! hehehehe.

Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. Thanks to Sio Me and Mike for the gifts!

It’s a lazy Sunday.  And right this moment my hubby is at work!  Yep you read it right.  Since his a doc and all.  So I guess I should have gotten used to it after all the months that we’ve been married.  I’m still sleepy but I can’t seem to get back to sleep.  So my plans for the day is to be a house bum.  Probably watch a couple more episodes of Gokusen 3.  Then clean our space.  It’s getting a bit dusty.  And I don’t want our place to look like a pig sty. Oink!


Since the Narnia series is being put into the big screen.  The third installment of the well loved childrens book is not going to happen.  Which is really a downer because I love to see Ben Barnes again *ehem* I mean Prince Caspian in another adventure.   <3   I got this link from one of my many groups and it really made me LOL with the way the letter sender got to the point in a humurous way.   So I’m sharing it to all the other Narnia fans out there that haven’t read this yet.  Here’s the link  http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-narnia1-2009jan01,0,3925428.story


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