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A few weeks before the wedding, my fiance (of whom I fondly call my Frog, its kinda a long story he he he) and I had our pre-nups in Fully Booked, Serendra.  Though, its not the typical out of town thing that they usually do nor do we have beaches and sunset to be our backdrop.  Since we’re both book lovers and we met because of Fully Booked hosting Neil Gaiman’s autograph signing.  We thought that having our pictures taken there is the most suitable thing to do.

We arrived before the store opened giving us enough time to have pictures without the lurkers.  And letting our inner bookworm shine.  End result?  The pictures were amazing.  And if I’m not mistaken, the studio who did our photo loved it too and is going to use it as a sample in their store. ^^


….A kiss is just a kiss….

July 26, I got hitched to my Frog who is now my full pledge Prince!  Though I’m not too sure where his kingdom lies but still his a Prince in my eyes.  (Probably needed glasses)  He he he he.

The wedding was not quite what I had pictured and yet a lot of people told me it was really pretty and well organized.  I was stressed for the last couple of months prior to the big day.  That time I was not done with the souvenirs nor finalized any last minute details to make it more dreamlike.  I guess you might say I don’t want it too well planned because usually when I plan something, there’s always a glitch that I just can’t prevent.  Like I said, here are some of the glitches that we had encountered.

  • My Mom was suppose to be with me in the Bridal car but someone said otherwise.
  • Upon my great entrance in the church a humongous gust of wind blew off my veil and my make up artists where helping me pin it down.  Needless to say when the photos came in.  There were a lot of pair of hands in the picture.  Was not able to get a good pic of my entrance >_>
  • Dsc_2034_1

  • “Where did all those hands come from?! Creepy!”

  • While saying my vows my false lashes had a mind of its own.  And I have the video and pictures to prove it.  The horror!
  • When we were exiting the church, no one let out the confetti’s and poppers.  The latter was left behind the house.  And to think both Froggy and I had a couple of those for the sole purpose of it.
  • The guest book wasn’t passed around leaving some of the pages blank.
  • The supposed high light of the reception was the featured slide show made by a friend of ours was shown earlier than expected.  Hence no one really paid that much attention to the workmanship of the video.
  • The souvenir for the Godfathers was not given to them because it was opened and passed around instead.
  • Most of the groom’s guests left early, leaving us some left over souvenirs.  Which my family had really worked hard to make.  (Oh well more for me! Whee!)
  • P1010416

“Labor of love and a bucket full of sweat!”

Though from all those fortuitous events, I must say it was pretty all right.  I guess since we’re the main event, stressing out the minor details did irk me.  It was my big day and I want it memorable and magical.  I guess it is now, with all the errors that happened.  My brother-in law did say, it’s not about the wedding but it’s all about the marriage.  Let’s cross our fingers that’s his right!


“Picture Perfect”

After a month of married life.  I say it ain’t as bad as the others say.  We did encounter some conflicts but its not really of a big deal.   It’s nice to have my Frog with me.  Though his work time left us less quality time. But I can’t complain because it’s how it is.  Plus, I got domesticated.  People know me, will probably say I’ll have a hard time with the household chore.  To tell you the truth, I still get stressed if I can’t clean the house spotless.  But nevertheless, I was able to make it livable and somewhat less of a pigsty.  And as long as my husband doesn’t complain with the mess then its fine with me.  Of course, I do my share of chores so does he.  In fact, we love cooking together.  It’s the most bonding thing we do.  He really likes to cook.  And I really like to eat.  Don’t you think we’re well suited? he he he he.

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