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Yep!  Have been on hiatus for more than a year.   Bad blogger.  Anyhoo, lots of happening and catching up to do.

First off, I had a bouncing baby boy last December of 2010.  That really took much of my time in the blogging world.  Not complaining here.  His my little angel or my lil’ Tadpole. But every time I see his sweet smile, all seems to melt away.  Yeh, very cliche for a Mommy.  But it’s true!  His now 20 months old.  How time flies.

Last April, we had our 1st family trip to Xiamen.  It’s his first time to fly on a plane so we’re quite anxious to his reaction.  Whether he’ll be the screaming kid type on the plane annoying or sweet as an angel sleeping the whole flight away.  With our fingers and toes crossed.  He slept the whole way through….whew!  The trip was about a week long and the weather was a bit rainy but not bad enough that we can’t go out and have some fun.  Tadpole charmed a lot of the people he met because he’ll let them carry him without giving a fuss(which toddlers usually does) and he smiled a lot too.  He also loved the escalators in the mall.

Here’s a  photo of my Tadpole…..cleaning tips from him.  He does love to sweep the floor and  when you take it away, he’ll be complaining.


I haven’t realized it but it has almost been a year since I last updated my blog.  *tsk tsk my bad :( *

Will recap my year where I last left off….

December 2009 -  Went to Japan with the hubby and my side of the family.  It was my first time to go there and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!  Will try to post the pics of our adventure there once I got my wits organized.

January 2010 - Another year has gone, and I grew a year older (Yep!  Another candle on the cake!)

February 2010 -  Valentine’s, had a romantic dinner out with the hubby.

March 2010 - Went to Xiamen, China.  With the hubby and the rest of my family.  Had a lot of fun shopping with my nieces.  Too bad I can’t go with them next year. :(

April 2010 - Nothing special, just felt a bit sick.

May 2010 -  Found out why I was feeling under the weather……I’m pregnant!! ^^

June 2010 - Getting used to the idea that I’m preggy.  Same with the hubby. hehehe

July 2010 - Went to Hong Kong with the hubby.  Got tired a lot from all the walking but it was a nice relaxing vacation.  (wish we can do it again)

August, September, October and November 2010 -  Getting bigger each month.  Craved a lot of red foods like tomatoes, cherries, strawberries, spaghetti, beef (red meat hehehe) and anything red basically well except for blood :P

I’ll be due this December.  Still trying to gather baby stuff before the delivery.  Didn’t know that there’s a lot of things that are needed. Hope at least I got the main important things.

Kind of dreading the upcoming delivery but at the same time I’m excited to see our baby.


So my husband up his romantic factor yet again.  We went out on V-day and he was all secretive about our whole date.  I kept rattling of a list of places that he could have brought me but he still kept mums about it.  Until we finally arrived to a hotel, where in he had arranged a nice dinner at the roof top garden.  We weren’t the only ones there.  Other couples can be spotted too but a good distance from each table.  It was an intimate dinner with fine dinning good food and champagne. And we even witnessed a fire works display that was set off from the nearby mall.   Not only that, he surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful fragrant flowers which I thought he wouldn’t get for me because he told me he wouldn’t.  He usually do make me off balance with this kind of stuff.  I wish I brought my camera to capture the moment we have had.  *currently have her head up in the clouds*



A Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!!!


I know I have been naughty for not updating my blog as much as I can. The reason is that, I’m pretty hooked with Pupee and Plurk.  Hehehehe.  My Bad!  And not only that.  I had been watching a marathon of TV series.


Here’s my list of things to watch on the telly:


Ugly Betty

Desperate Housewives

Being Human

Being Erica


American Idol

Ghost Whisperer

30 Rock



Legend of the Seeker

Gossip Girl

Hell’s Kitchen


United States of Tara


And a lot more!!!


So to all the people out there.  Have a good hearts day!!!!




Another year of Hello Kitty goodness!!!


A Merry Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!!!

This post is soooo late.  My laptop crashed on me so I was computerless for a few days.  Anyhoo, I found out that I was featured in Blog All Stars!  Whoohooo!  That was really unexpected.  And Sanriotown did a great intro for my blog.

On another note, I received my merit prize from Sanriotown’s Travel The World contest last week.  Whooppeeee!  I didn’t expect it to be soooo darn cute! I was really giddy when I recieved the mail.  And I really wasn’t expecting that it will come in an adorable package. It is now considered as a conjugal property he he he.

Thank you so much Sanriotown. ^^


“The Prize!”

We arrived last November 18 which officially ended our honeymoon.  Kinda sad actually because that meant we won’t be together for 24/7.  But it’s back to reality so here we are!

The day we departed in LA.  My niece saw Brandon Fraiser in the airport.  That time we were in line for our boarding passes.  So I lucked out.  When I found out that he was there.  I wanted to stalk him with my camera!!!  Too bad we didn’t know his whereabout or I would have been following him around.  Hehehehe.

We had our last dinner in the airport fast food.  I was really sad to leave my sister and my nieces.  I don’t know when we will see each other again.  So I was bawling and just can’t suppress my tears. I hope they are all well.

The flight home wasn’t boring at all unlike the one we took going to LA.  We have personal tv’s, movies and games to our disposal.  Though the down side is that the arm rests won’t go all the way back up which disenable us to have a better sleeping position.  It was a much longer flight back because we have to stop and refuel in Guam.  By the time we got here.  It was already 5:45am.

Once home, we had an impromptu spring cleaning.  Dust occupied our lil’ abode while we’re away for a month and a half.  Then the unpacking started.  I don’t like unpacking.  It just gives me a headache where I have to put all the stuff and have it all organized again.  The Frog was sweet enough to cook lunch for us while I make a lot of mess unloading our stuff.  By 1:30pm, I was already in bed and ready to go to sleep.  I slept for 14 hours straight!!!  And I woke up around 3 am.  So I kept organizing til it was time to go to work. Yep, it’s back to work for me.  I’m already dreading the piled up papers that I have to do in the office.  Froggy is more lucky, he starts work today.

I have a slight jet lag from the time difference.  Though the Frog seems to be coping better than I do.   I guess his used to the weird hours with his work.


“Home Sweet Home”

The Rest Of My Life…

It took me only 5 seconds to fall in love with her…

It took me just 5 minutes to know that she was going to be my future wife…

On that fateful day at Rockwell, when the King of Dreams came down to visit us mere mortals did I know that I was destined to be with her…

I haven’t had that much sleep…On the day I got married I wasn’t even nervous, not at all but I was agitated that I should had a pick a better t-shirt than the blue scrubsuit that I wore…but hey I am a doctor so that’s probably befitting too. The photographers came in early and I had to dress up quickly…Man, you should have seen me do the FLASH thing where everything became a blur, and then I was done…

And during all the waiting, the hi’s and hello’s, and well wishes from friends, family, and even the unknown people at the church…

During all the three years that i’ve known her, the dating, the fights, and making up after the fights…

The days and nights on the phone, the Harry Potter events, and toys and anime conventions…

It was worth it…Seeing my hime walking down the aisle…serene, beautiful, and perfect…

My life and destiny in white…and the rest is history…

making history together for the rest of our lives.


(My niece drew this for me :))

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