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The hubby and I went to Xiamen, China for a week.  The weather was beautiful.  Not too hot nor too cold.  But we do get an occasional weird rain and sun all on the same day.   Xiamen is quite a bustling city.  Evey single year there’s always something different.  Like a new shops, eatery, new bridge or a building.  The city is really growing fast.

 We visited Tu Lou (literal translation means a building made of earth), a village with a peculiar rounded housing.  Which had stood the test of time.  It took us about 3 hours ride to get there.  But it was worth it because it’s not the usual thing you see.  The food is all home grown from the village and it was really really good!!!  I think I went for a couple of bowls of rice. >_<







This soup taste like there are coconuts in it!  The herbs they put in made it taste that way.  Really yummy!



This bamboo shoot dish is all home grown.


 This is one of the original buildings.  So the wood is bit weak, it was nerve racking to walk the 3rd floor.  O_o


Each housing can house a lot of people.  Each room is provided per family.  If the sons get married and no room is available.  They have to move to another housing.  Thus, they make more circular house.


Okay, this is not a potty.  But a deep well was provided for each apartment.









Very healthy chicken.  Never seen this well rounded chicken up close.



Each spike is represented by a clan from the village.  Each has their own design and height. It looks like a paint brush.


Back in Xiamen, we stopped at a nearby coffee shop named Geo Geo Cafe.  I love how they made this house into a coffee shop.  Makes you feel all homey.  Plus it has a nice view of the lake.




Very rich cheesecake.


Fruit tea.  Taste like four season so its really refreshing and sweet.


Flambe dessert!

Shopping at Zhong San Lu!  This street is filled with shops!  And at night it lits up pretty nicely too!  (Should’ve taken a night shot of it.  Maybe next time ^^)



If there’s shopping, then there’s lots of street food too!!!!  Just like this one.

So this past weekend, there was a massive sale in some malls.  My husband and I did go.  And naturally, when a girl sees those red signs that says “SALE” we just go stir crazy.  Guys, don’t seem to get it though.   But the hubby did succumb and bought some stuff too.

Dressing up my dolls in Pupe Girl I seem to get into the dressing up buzz.  I usually don’t dress up much for work.  Though I do doll up whenever my husband and I go out.  From the sale, I got some great pieces for a fraction of the original cost.  Not a bad buy.  Got a couple of shoes from VNC.  *Squee* I noticed lately that I’m getting into the shoe bug.  Also trying to organize them by putting a picture of it in front of the boxes so I’ll know what shoes are inside it.

My sister in law (SioMe) and I flew to Hong Kong last February 20.  It was a short flight from where we’re at.  About 2 hours of fly time.  Once we get to the bustling city.  We went straight to our rented apartel via the MTR at Kingston near the Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay.  We stayed for 5 days and 4 nights.  Since there are only the two of us.  We did manage to go to a lot of places.  Some we already knew and some we had discovered.  It was really an adventure for the both of us.  Whom is used to going to Hong Kong with our respective families and that they are the ones navigating us where to go.  But this time around.  We’re the bosses and we’re also the navigators.  Giving us the chance to explore the city and it’s sights at our own pace and time.


A nice cup of milk tea.


SioMe’s order: Tempura set menu


My order of Pork Apple Curry


Food Street at Kingston Road


Pumpkin Noodle Soup at Ajisen


Gyoza at Shirokiya Hong Kong


Okonomiyako at Shirokiya Hong Kong

We set a date when to go to Macau.  It’s just an hour ferry ride from the Central station.  Since it’s SioMe’s first time in Macau.  I took her to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Had lots of photo opts with the beautiful structure depicting different countries.  Then we took a cab ride to the Square, where’ the infamous church front of St. Pauls can still be found.  We also had a scrumptious egg tart which is quite famous in Macau for it’s authentic Portugal recipe.  So far it is the best egg tart I ever had.  We also tried the Yakult Fruit Tea drink.  It was different, but not that bad either.  At least now I know that Yakult and fruit tea can be mixed together.   Churches surround the square, because this used to be ruled by Portugal hence the churches.  They are really pretty.  We also hotel hopped from Wynn, to MGM, to the connecting hotels of The Plaza, Four Seasons Hotel and The Venetian Hotel.  All of them are gorgeous in their own way.  Some more extravagant than the others.  By the time we get home to our apartel, it was already 1am!


The boat ride to Macau


Fisherman’s Wharf







An authentic Thai Food Restaurant


The view from our table


Seafood Tom Yam Soup


Very tasty noodles.


The Arte Shop in Fisherman’s Wharf



Suit of Armor





St. Paul’s Ruins


Looking down from St. Paul’s Ruins


The best egg tarts!!!


Yakult Fruit Tea


 Trying to find our way.


A picture made out of cut out fabrics and glued together.


Made out of fabrics.


Opera House


Sitting Room




The church looks so dainty and pretty.


It was really crowded when we went to Macau.


Hotel Lisboa


Fountain show by Wynn Hotel


Flowers at the lobby of Wynn, and they’re real too!


Swimming pool area of Wynn


Wynn’s main lobby


Beautiful Chinese Zodiac ceiling at Wynn


Inside the main area of MGM


Glass Chandelier in MGM



The Four Seasons Hotel


The Venetian Hotel




From our walks in Hong Kong, we found out that the Ladies Market and electronic shops are located in Mong Kok, the outlet stores are in Tung Chung, and the wholesales clothes are in Lai Chi Kok.  Of course in between our walks there’s a lot of shopping that had been done.  He he he.  Girls will be girls.  Like a moth to a shinning bling bling.  We also noticed that Bonjour Pharmacy is cheaper than SaSa and Watsons.


Time Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Inside the airport

Our short trip had really made us aware of what Hong Kong & Macau has to offer.  Not only did we enjoyed ourselves. We made memories to cherish forever.

**Author’s Note:  If your going to Hong Kong, make sure you have the most comfy walking shoes because lots of walking is needed.  Happy Shopping!

If your looking for cheap stuff, then 168 mall is the place to be.  Since the -ber months came, the mall has been heavily packed by a sea of people.  Shoppers from different walks of life come to this place to get the best bargains.  Even the previous first lady whom had been known for her shoe addiction also shops here.

My sisters and I braved the mall last December 1st.  We really woke up early so we can at least beat the crowd.  We were able to do some Christmas shopping.  By lunch time it was already jammed pack with people.  It was soooo crowded that we were literally pushed around  and it was hard to maneuver yourself in a tightly packed path.  By mid afternoon we were all tired from the expedition.  So when my sister suggested to go to the mall again today in the early afternoon because she was running an errand.  I was like here we go again… my husband even wished me luck because he knows how crowded it can be.  But lo and behold, surprises never ceased.  The mall wasn’t that crowded at all today.  And to think it was almost Christmas.  We were able to finish her errand and even had some time to browse around all within the span of an hour.  The traffic wasn’t even that bad either. I guess my husband’s wish did come true.


It had been weeks since I last updated my blog, so this post can be a long one. O_o

October 14, 2008 (Tuesday)

We flew via US Airways to Philadelphia. My Aunt and Uncle picked us up from the airport and took almost an hour and a half before we reached Reading, PA. This is where my Aunt resides along with Uncle, my cousin Chris and his wife Yeng. It was a joyous reunion as they had not been able to make it on our wedding back home, they had planned to go but had to cancel last minute because of their work. :( By the way, they are vegetarian and they cooked up a scrumptious meal without any meat at all! Yum! Our room was ready too, they nicknamed it the honeymooner’s suite complete with amenities! It was the cutest thing that I saw. I loved how they made us feel so welcomed. ^^


“The first thing we saw once we got in the house.”


“Yummy ice cream cake.”


“Our attic honeymoon suite.”

October 15, 2008 (Wednesday)

The very next day, my Uncle drove us to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We all know that Hershey is one of the best known makers of chocolate. But little did people know that there is also a place called Hershey, where the chocolates are manufactured. We visited the Hershey Chocolate World. After that we went to Hershey Gardens located near the Hershey Hotel. (They are all HERSHEY, go figure) And then back home, where Yeng baked my favorite dish. Yummmmmmmmm!


“Kisses shaped lamp post signals that we are in Hershey!”


“Chris and Yeng strike a pose.”


“The smell of chocolate is in the air.”


“Chugging chocolate syrup.”


“Hershey Kisses”


“A chocoholic in action.”


“Hersheys Garden”


“Pumpkin decorations signals the coming of Halloween.”


“Lovely blooms greeted us in the garden.”


“Just oooohhh sooo pretty.”


“Whistling Kisses”


“A bathtub mini garden.”


“Trying to make a tune out of the panels.”


“Their version of the Japanese Garden.”


“Baked stuffed bell peppers!!! My favorite!!”

October 16, 2008 (Thursday)

Next on our itinerary is Shady Maple, a smorgasbord of food cooked by Amish people. Of course we cruised by in style because my cousin hired a limo. After the very satisfying lunch we stopped by at the Kitchen Kettle Village. A small village of shops mostly handcrafted or made by the Amish community. The next stop is Sight’s and Sound the Millennium Theater where we watched the musical play “In the Beginning”


“Authentic Amish food buffet.”


“An Amish girl selling corn wreaths.”


“The view from the Kitchen Kettle Village.”


“Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse, Pennsylvania.”


“The village is lined with shops selling local goods.”


“A frog in a witch costume pumpkin.”


“Hand crafted mail boxes.”


“Froggy trying to milk a simulation milking cow.”


“Produce for sale.”


“I’ve never seen these many types of corn before.”


“Riding in style.”


“The Millenium Theater by Sights and Sound.”


“Display of the In the Beginning play.”


“We got good seats!”

October 17, 2008 (Friday)

We visited my cousins at their workplace. Chris works in Health South Rehab Center as a Executive Data Analyst and Yeng works at the Babies-N-Motion Children Center as the Director there. Then my Uncle and Aunt brought us to the Olive Garden for lunch then to Marshalls! I am really addicted to this place. Isn’t it obvious!


“Chris in his work place.”


“The mansion where Health South used to be, now it’s abandoned and kinda makes me think of a haunted house. Creepy!”


“Where Yeng works.”


“In the nursery.”


“Yeng’s adorable little charges.”


“Good Italian food. Loved the baked stuffed mushrooms. Drool!”

October 18, 2008 (Saturday)

My Uncle and his family are 7th Day Adventist. Saturday is considered their Sabbath, so we went to church that day. It so happens that every once a month they have a pot luck among the church goes. Being 7th Day Adventist means going vegetarian. There was a really good spread of vegetarian food and some you might think “Is this Vegetarian?!” Because it tasted so good that you won’t think that its all veggies. After the very filling lunch, my Uncle drove us to the Reading Public Museum Park. Lovely place to be. Lots of greens and some duckies swimming in shallow water. Next stop is Vanity Fair Outlet. A humongous outlet store that carries a lot of branded stuff for cheaper price. Though in my opinion Marshals still is the best. ^^ It took us hours to walk through the whole lot. Time flew and before we knew it, it was dinner time already, my cousin picked us up to eat at Jumbo China Buffet. As usual, the frog and I overate again.


“Whatcha lookin’ at? Quack!!!”




“Feedin’ bread to the lil’ duckies.”


“Loved this photo of my cousins.”


“My Frog is fascinated with this squirrel.”


“Tree hugger.”


“Just one of the beautiful tranquil sights in the Museum Park.”

October 19, 2008 (Sunday)

We woke up pretty early to take a bus ride to Atlantic City. I was feeling a bit under the weather because of the cold temperature in Pennsylvania. And the gusty winds in Atlantic City didn’t help much. Despite it, I still enjoyed walking down the famous Boardwalk which was inspired by the Monopoly game board. Some casinos where also a big attraction to tourists like the Trump’s Taj Mahal, Ceasars Palace, Bally Casino, Wild Wild West and more. We were also fortunate enough to witness a Senior pageant on parade.


“The Boardwalk”


“The Ripley’s Belive or Not is also one of the main attractions here.”


“Lunch at Mario’s Pizza. Had Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Onion Rings, Fried Stuffed Peppers and Fried Broccoli.”


“Auntie and Uncle ordered a huge vegetarian pizza.”


“Permanent resident of Boardwalk, Atlantic City.”


“The Beach.”


“Parade of Senior beauties.”


“A message from my sweet Froggy.”


“Check this out! Colorful painted hermit crabs for sale.”


“A memorial for the war heroes.”


“Multi-colored buildings.”


“Inside the Wild Wild West casino.”

October 20, 2008 (Monday)

Went another round at the Vanity Fair Outlet. Then off to visit my Aunt who works part time in Kutztown University. The University is so big that it has about 30,0oo plus students.


“There’s even a couple of tanks inside the University.”


October 9, 2008 (Thursday)

It’s a bright sunny day here in Florida. The weather is great and just a lovely day out. Or should I say a lovely day to shop!!!! Achi Lina brought us to this amazing store called Marshalls. They carry brand names that are low in prices. If you are into branded stuff but doesn’t have the budget for it. This is the place to go. That is if you don’t mind having last seasons fashion then you’ll sure find yourself in retail heaven. I got myself a nice pair of Aigner patent wedge shoes that is sooooo adorable. Then she also brought us to Costco, and TJ Maxx (it’s like Marshalls). So if your in the States. Better try to go to these shops, you’ll definetly have some stuff to take home. Dinner time came, and my cousin and his family brought us to this restaurant called ECHO. It’s an Asian fusion resto. We fell in love with the sushi. My Frog always told me that the sushi I made are the best. But after sampling the delectable sushi concoction in ECHO. My husband said I lost this one hands down. *sob*sob* Better experiment some new flavors. :(


“Royal Palm Beach, that’s where my cousin and his family lives.”


“T.J. Maxx, a must see shop. Also do look for Marshalls.”


“Echo’s free yummy appetizer!!! Just pop those little beans and leave the pod behind.”


“Thai Curry Chicken”


“Sauteed vegetable with tofu and Echo’s fried rice.”


“One of the yummiest sushi I’d ever had!!!”


“Cute little pumpkins ready for Halloween.”

October 10, 2008 (Friday)

It’s another day that means more shopping opportunity hehehehe. I guess we are trying to take advantage of the sales and the lower tax rate of 6.5% than the 8.25% tax in LA. This morning we went to Barnes & Nobles in Wellington Green Mall. It opened its doors at 9am. They do have some good stuff though we have to restrain ourselves because we don’t want to lug around a lot of things while traveling. And this is coming from 2 nerds who just adore books! *sigh* If only we were allowed to bring more kilos. :( Once in the bookstore, the hour passed by without us knowing. That’s how engrossed we could be. We hit the other shops like JC Penny, Dillards, Macy and Nordstrom. But after going to Marshalls, everything seems unappetizing. In one random shop, we saw these miniature houses. They were so fun to look at because of the details in it. The mall also has a Sanrio Store. And they were on sale too!!! Got some to bring home. Wheeeeeee…..


“My cousin’s home.”


“A bookworms candy store!”


“Miniatures for sale! Froggy not included.”


“Miniature Village”


“A closer look.”


“Waffles anyone?”


“Sanrio Store in Wellington Green Mall.”


“Hello Kitty goodies!!! (Metal Bookmark, A Hello Kitty bobbing head frog suit and a Hello Kitty Pajama Pants.”


October 7, 2008 (Tuesday)

Departed from Burbank around 11 am. It was an unconfortable flight, we were already seated way at the back plus the seats aren’t that comfy enough. There wasn’t even food served on the flight but drinks are complimentary which is good enough. About 3 hours later we arrived at the Dallas airport. Good thing we had about 2 hours to spare to catch our connecting flight to West Palm Beach. The seating arrangement in the connecting flight is pretty much the same. We were seated way farther from the 1st flight. By that time, our necks are aching. Learning from the 1st flight over. We went out to buy food or else we would have starved on our way to Florida. Though we did catch a few Z’s on the way too. There’s a 3 hours time difference from Los Angeles. We arrived at 9 plus in the evening and my cousin Jimmy picked us up from the airport. Lots of catching up to do. :)


“Getting ready for our flight to Dallas.”


“Tickets to Dallas then a connecting flight to West Palm Beach.”


“Skylink express, a train ride going to another terminal in the Dallas International Airport.”


“The Logo”


“We’re officially in Dallas, Texas!”

October 8, 2008 (Wednesday)

Had a good nights rest at my cousin’s place. My cousin drove us to meet his wife, Lina who was already at work. And dropped us off so she can drive us to the Palm Beach Garden mall. But first, a nice stroll near the dock where she works. Then she drove us to surprise visit my cousin in his work place. On our way there we even passed by the house John Lennon used to live. After the surprise visit, she dropped us off at the mall to wander around on our own while she goes back to work. Of course, shopping is one of a girl’s favorite thing aside from diamonds hehehehe. Froggy has no choice! By 4:30pm, Lina and her daughter Irene picked us up and we went straight home where Jimmy had a scrumptious dinner waiting for us. To top it off, Lina baked a pineapple cake with vanilla frosting. Super YUMMY!!!!!! (Sorry no pic of that already ate it! Can’t resist!!!!)


“Passing by the dock.”


“Lounging near the dock.”


“Nice weather, isn’t it?”


“No such outpost where we lived in, so the pic op is necessary.”


“Look what we bumped into. There were lots of this little creatures running around.”


“Achi Lina and John.”


“Yatchs anyone?”


“Yatch Yard”


“Ahoy Matey!”


“The late John Lennon used to live here.”


“One of the many napkin folding tricks my cousin could create.”


“Palm Beach”


“A mall ain’t complete without a Sanrio Store!!!!”

The Frog and I are avid readers. We met during the Neil Gaiman book signing. Ok that’s not the topic of the blog today. That’s another long story. Anywhoo…the annual Manila International Book Fair has come! Naturally we had been abstaining to buy books this past weeks knowing that the book fair have more discounts and freebies on some purchases. Meee looovvvee freebiiieeesssss! *squee* (Down girl!) Ehem!We could spend hours in this fair. Browsing through all the shelves. Talk about kids in a candy store. That’s how I feel. He he he. Got a few good buys out of it too. (My Shelfari will definitely be updated with my new finds *wink wink*) Some for just a hundred pesos (still brand new) and others with 20% discounts like in National Bookstore and Power Books. I wonder why Fully Booked didn’t join in this year nor the last. They usually carry a lot of graphic novels which my husband loves. In the end, the Frog carried 2 bags full of books. And we plan to go back! Whoohoooo!


“Packed up my Hello Kitty Lemon Mint with me to the book fair.”


“Got this free admission ticket from my Mother-in-law. Thank you!”


“The venue: SMX near Mall of Asia.”


“A book lovers paradise.”


”New gadget from Time Life magazine to help children have a more interactive approach in reading.”


“Stanley Chi, creator of Chopsticks comics. I later found out that his the lil’ bro of my batchmate in school. O_o”


“The caricature that Stanley drew. Hmmmm.. Is that how I look like?”


”Feelin’ Japanesaaa..”


“I just thought that this book is funny. Don’t cha think so?”


”X marks the spot!”


“Help me grab this treasure chest!”


”Love this life size diorama of Juan Tamad.”


“The beautiful Maria Makiling.”

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