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Sanrio Yummies

In my previous post.  I did mention that I loooove Jap food, plus the fact that I’m making sushi for my large family.  Sushi is quite personal, since this is all in your preference on your taste.  Like what you want for a filling.  So I’m making a new twist to it, thus the Kimchi Sushi.  I also made California roll, Futo Maki and Unagi Inari for our New Year dinner.  Sorry if there’s no exact measurement with the ingredients.  I always do the taste test until to my liking.

Here are the things that you will be needing for the Kimchi Sushi.

Bamboo mat (you can buy this in any Japanese or Asian store)

Japanese Rice

Japanese Sushi vinegar (this is an instant version ask your local Japanese Market attendant)



Vegetarian sausage or any sausage  or meat you like to use (Cut it to strips)


Left to right: Pink powder, light Japanese Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Sushi Vinegar Mix, Japanese Mayo and Crab Sticks.


Mix the sushi vinegar straight to the Japanese rice.  Pour a little at a time and mix well until to your preferred taste. Let the rice cool a bit before you start making your roll.


Strips of vegetarian sausage.


 Spread the rice evenly on the nori.  Try not to put too much rice. Also wet your hands so that it wont stick to your fingers.


Put in one or two strips of sausage.


 Put in one leaf of Kimchi.  Make sure its not too soggy so try to take off the excess liquid.


Start rolling.  Make it a little tight and packed so that it won’t loosen up when you slice it.  Not too tight or the filling will get squished.   Also put a little water on the end of the nori so that it will stick and seal the roll.  This takes some patience and some practice to get it just right.


Slice the roll up evenly, try to wipe the knife with a wet cloth so that it won’t make ragged slices.  My garnish are the Tamago I made a day earlier.  tThe spiral one is Tamago with nori inbetween. Check out my previous post if your interested with the recipe.

Other sushi variations: *(You’ll still need the basic rice, nori and vinegar mix. And the bamboo mat.)

*For California Rolls:

Mango or avocado (depends what’s available), sesame seeds, crab stick, cucumber and Japanese Mayo.


I put a saran wrap on the mat and do the sushi inside-out style.


I used an inside-out roll style for the California roll.  And sprinkled sesame seeds on the outside.  You can still do the regular roll for this one too.  As I said it all comes to your preference.

*For Futo Maki: (This is a very colorful sushi because of the different shades of the ingredients.  Usually it’s a bit bigger than the regular sushi)

Cucumber, Tamago, Japanese Mayo, Kanpyo, Crabstick, Bonito Flakes, Korean Ham, Pickled Daikon,and some pink powder (it’s on the sweet side, sorry can’t remember the name)


Same rolling principle as the others.


 On the left is the Unagi Inari sushi and on the right is the Futomaki.

For the Unagi Inari Sushi:

You’ll need the Japanese rice, sushi vinegar mix, inari (sweetened beancurd pockets) and unagi.


Mix well the rice,vinegar and the chopped up unagi.


 Then scoop in carefully some rice in the inari pockets.  Don’t put too much or you might break the pocket.




Sanrio Yummies

I loooooove Jap food.  Especially sushi!  In preparation for tomorrow’s New Year dinner.  I plan on making some sushi.  When I say some. It’s usually enough to feed a small army of 30.  That’s why I seldom make em’ because when I do, I make a lot and share them with my large family.  It’s quite tiring and time consuming.  But worth it when I see the empty platter.  ^^ Part of tomorrow’s sushi menu is the Tamago.  Which I make a day early, or else I would be on my feet 5-6 hours with all the things to be done.

This is my version of a Tamago.  I got a recipe online and tweeked it a little.  Since I hate measuring.  I used a small ladle to be my measuring cup.  So bear with me with this.  But the mixture will all depend on your taste bud whether you like it a bit salty (which will make the egg more sturdy) or sweet (which will make the egg more sticky and harder to roll) my preferance is in between.



8 eggs

¾ ladle of kikoman

¾ ladle of milk

¾ ladle of mirin (Japanese Rice Wine)

2 tbsp sugar

A dash of Hondashi powder

*oil for greasing the pan


·      Mix in all the ingredients.

·      Strain the mixture.  It will make the mixture more smoother in texture.

·      Grease the pan then pour in one ladle of the mixture.

·      Roll it to one side, then pour another ladle full of mixture and roll it to the other side.  Repeat till it’s up to your preferred thickness.


I usually make 4 recipe of the mixture.  As I said I’m feeding a lot of people. O_o


By straining, you’ll be able to take out small egg shells that you missed plus the clump of egg whites will not be visible in your final product.


 Work with a non-stick pan and grease it to make sure it won’t stick.  Not too much or else your Tamago will be really oily.


This will make the layer more uniform.  Just make sure you ladle the same amount as the first.  




 When you see that the side had set, gently roll it towards you.  This is a bit tricky but with some practice you’ll get the hang of it.  Then once you get to one side, ladle it on the open space then roll it away from you.  Do this until you get the desired thickness that you want.  I usually just make 3 rolls.


Just make sure that the end is really cooked so that it won’t unroll.



And here’s the end result!  Enjoy!!!!  Don’t forget to slice it so you can see the swirl in it. ^^  Another variation is to put nori in between the layers, do this while you fold.  You can see the lovely nori swirl when you sliced it up.


Sanrio Yummies

This post is sooooo due.  My niece and I tried our hands in baking some cookies for Christmas.  So here’s our little endeavor.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My hands were really greasy and sticky.


We got the recipe from one of my niece’s text book. We tried following the recipe to the tee.  But naturally we went through some trial and error.  Anyhoo, after mixing all the ingredients.  We ended up with a crumbly dough.  It took some elbow grease to get the consistency of the dough just right. We added some flour to smooth it out.  Then rolled and flattened it with a rolling pin.  We got a star cutter and cut away.



We carefully take the cut out stars and placed them on the cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  It was a bit tricky because the cookies break off easily.  We baked it  as instructed.  And here’s the outcome!


A little twist with the recipe, I made some small circle cuts and then put candied walnut on some of it.  ^^

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