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So I stumbled upon Poupee Girl.  Poupee is the French word for doll.   I’m currently satisfying the inner child in me back in my paper doll phase (Yeah, I’m probably using up my 2nd childhood a tad early hehehehe).  Not only can you dress up your dolly, you can also upload your stuffs, and get to know other members as well.


Here’s a sample of what you can do with your Poupee.

URL - http://pupe.ameba.jp/


November 7, 2008 (Friday)

The Frog and I were suppose to go home that very day. Since the Frog is really a big Houston Rockets fan plus he found out that they were coming to LA to play against the Clippers. We opted to stay for another week. And got ourselves a couple of tickets via Stubhub. It was both our first time to watch a live NBA game. So naturally we got a bit star struck with the immensity of Staple Center, where the usually basketball game is always in play. We really got a good seat for a good price too!!! I was snapping away most of the time especially at Yao Ming (the Frog’s favorite player) I always see him on sports channel but in person he is really huge!!! He towered above all the other players. Froggy also gave me a crash course in basketball 101. I was really not into the game. But live games I found can be really exciting especially if the scores are really really tight. In the end, even if I didn’t become a converted basketball fan. I am in total respect for the game. By and by. Houston’s won!!! It was 83 - 92!!!


“The Golden Ticket!”


“Excited to watch the game live!”


“A statue of Shaquille O’Neil”


“The Staple Center basketball court.”



“Houston Rockets are warming up before the game.”


“A lively dance number by the Clippers girl.”



“The National Anthem sang by Georgina.”



“The Jump Ball.”

“Standing tall.”


“2 points for Yao!”


“The Clipper girls.”


“Clippers 83 - Rockets 92″


“Houston commentators.”

Finally! I’ve finished the 4th book! I was a bit peeved that I wasn’t able to finish it earlier because of all the distractions. Like just the other day when I was suppose to read the book, then the lights went out. And it took some time before the lights came back. >_> Then there’s work, and then the play. So basically, I don’t have much time to squeeze in some reading. Tomorrow I can finally hand the 4th installment to my sister to read, she finish booked 3 yesterday.

Made some sushi earlier for our Dice Game in my Mom’s home. It always take a lot of time to make sushi so when I do make em’, I make lots! Got some help from my very sic Frog, my niece and the help who likes eating sushi too! ^^


“Making California-Maki”


“My niece helping me roll some Futo-Maki.”


“Haven’t perfected the California Maki yet.”


“Something different, Kimchi Sushi.”


“It took me almost 2 hours to make this little babies, Tamago. The center one are Tamago with Nori.”

We do the Dice Game annually. Usually with my family and my sister’s friends. So this year, our latest addition to the growing players is my Froggy. We had decided to do pot luck hence the sushi as my contribution. The prizes are usually food, and money. Before it used to be things and other stuff. But came the later years, they decided that money prizes are more practical. We didn’t get to win much this year but good enough that we were able to get back what we paid for. Not bad eh?

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