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It has been weeks since I last updated here.  So sorry for slacking.  My bad.  Been very preoccupied with Facebook.  Yep!  I’m one of the many addicted pips out there who is always stuck in that website trying to be updated with what other pips are doing.  To the point that my hubby and I are both tuned on it and even comment on each others pages despite being a few feet away from each other!!! Funny isn’t it??  XD

Catching up on things. For the past month, I had a 5 day business trip to Hong Kong with my bestfriend (which later turned into a pleasure trip he he he).  Hoping to get some good resourcing at the Hong Kong Convention Center.  We did find lots of great stuff. Though, we’re not sure if it’s saleable here since the prices are a bit steep.  Hmmm.. we have to think about that.  The weather was a bit crazy, one day it’s hot the next day it would rain!  Not really a great month to travel.  But on the plus side, it’s the sale month in Hong Kong.  As for the remainder of our trip, let the pics says it for themselves.


While taking the Airport Express, here’s our first view of Hong Kong.


You know your in Hong Kong once you see this building.


My Best Friend found a new friend. ^^


Had breakfast at a local restaurant, this is minced pork in chili sauce with rice noodles.


Supreme Seafood Congee


Pumpkin Congee


A nice glass of soy milk completes our Yam Cha.


We went shopping at the Ladies Market in MongKok.  And this little Japanese restaurant was tucked away around the area.  A great find.  Will definitely go back there if I get the chance!


Gyoza, one order of this didn’t satisfy our hunger so we ordered 2!!!


Grilled Pork Chop with salt and pepper seasoning Bento really hit the spot!!!


This was taken outside Mcdonalds.  It seems they have a new Hello Kitty promo.


 Cute Hello Kitty in Mcdonald’s.  Too bad we were too full to get this.  *sob*sob*


A cute display of Carnival fun.  This is the counter of a bubble tea juice bar.


Beside the juice bar is a little pet shop.  Ain’t he adorable???

The next day we decided to go to Hong Kong Disney!!!! Whheeeeeee…….


Our entrance tickets


The MTR train going to Disney is being Disneyfied!


Hidden Mickey!


 The entrance to Disneyland Hong Kong


Surfin’ Mickey and Friends


Main Entrance


Art Animation (also a great way to chill inside the air conditioned room! hehehe, the weather is too darn hot!)


The Evil Queen


Snow White


Mickey through the years.








The Incredibles


Wall of Disney sketches


Only in Hong Kong Disney do they sell real Disney jewelries.


Mickey and Friends made in gold!


Yummy sweets for sale!


Lilo and Stitch takes center stage.


The Castle


A couple of lost Muppets!


Space Mountain


Buzz Lightyear


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


Closer look of the castle


Winnie the Pooh ride


Mickey the Wizard


Beach fun with Stitch


Small World








Under the Sea?!?!?!






Disney food…hmmm…


High School Musical parade


Dumbo ride


…..you got a friend in me……


….roller coaster ride…


…..There’s something sweet, and almost kind,  he was mean……


The Musical!


Another Stitch photo op


 Surfin’ with Stitch


Jungle tour


I love this!!!


A firey experience!  Plus it’s hot out too!


Cute baby elephant.  Trying to cool himself off.


Lion King the musical


The Mighty Simba


The circle of life!


The Jungle.


Baby Tarzan up in the tree house.


 Kala and baby Tarzan


Jane and Tarzan


At Tarzan’s Tree House


Never thought I’d find “fishballs” in Disney!!!


The train terminal at Disney


Even the posts have Disney inspired theme going on.


Another look at Hong Kong, taking a ferry ride to Macau.


A nice view of Macau’s bridge.


Had lunch at the same Thai resto that I always go to when I’m in Macau.  Love the authentic Thai food there!!!   This is a fish dish, the fish is burried under all the herbs and spices.


It also comes with a sour and spicy soup.


The streets of Fisherman’s Wharf





 Kuan In Mah


Inside the MGM hotel




This race car is displayed inside a store.


This is found inside Hotel Lisboa





 At Main Street, Macau



Loved this lotus flower.


 Beautiful structures they have there.


Even Mcdonalds have a different look here.


This church looks like a cake with white frosting.





This is really a work of art and patience.  The girl who made this took her 10 days to finish cutting this.  This is one piece of black paper.  The whites you see here is another white paper layered on the back so you can see all the cuts!  Really really brilliant!


We had our dinner here.  A small Jap restaurant tucked away in one of the many streets in Macau.


Blueberry soda


Cold noodles


Seafood Noodles


Night look of Macau



 Though we didn’t ride one of these.  I just like how they looked. ^^


Right after we got back from Macau, my best friend and I had a nice midnight snack at this resto.


Rice pizza!!!


Bruce Lee in the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong


Lights!!! Camera!!! Acccctiiiioooonnn!!!



The view near the Avenue of the Stars.



The hubby and I went to Xiamen, China for a week.  The weather was beautiful.  Not too hot nor too cold.  But we do get an occasional weird rain and sun all on the same day.   Xiamen is quite a bustling city.  Evey single year there’s always something different.  Like a new shops, eatery, new bridge or a building.  The city is really growing fast.

 We visited Tu Lou (literal translation means a building made of earth), a village with a peculiar rounded housing.  Which had stood the test of time.  It took us about 3 hours ride to get there.  But it was worth it because it’s not the usual thing you see.  The food is all home grown from the village and it was really really good!!!  I think I went for a couple of bowls of rice. >_<







This soup taste like there are coconuts in it!  The herbs they put in made it taste that way.  Really yummy!



This bamboo shoot dish is all home grown.


 This is one of the original buildings.  So the wood is bit weak, it was nerve racking to walk the 3rd floor.  O_o


Each housing can house a lot of people.  Each room is provided per family.  If the sons get married and no room is available.  They have to move to another housing.  Thus, they make more circular house.


Okay, this is not a potty.  But a deep well was provided for each apartment.









Very healthy chicken.  Never seen this well rounded chicken up close.



Each spike is represented by a clan from the village.  Each has their own design and height. It looks like a paint brush.


Back in Xiamen, we stopped at a nearby coffee shop named Geo Geo Cafe.  I love how they made this house into a coffee shop.  Makes you feel all homey.  Plus it has a nice view of the lake.




Very rich cheesecake.


Fruit tea.  Taste like four season so its really refreshing and sweet.


Flambe dessert!

Shopping at Zhong San Lu!  This street is filled with shops!  And at night it lits up pretty nicely too!  (Should’ve taken a night shot of it.  Maybe next time ^^)



If there’s shopping, then there’s lots of street food too!!!!  Just like this one.

My sister in law (SioMe) and I flew to Hong Kong last February 20.  It was a short flight from where we’re at.  About 2 hours of fly time.  Once we get to the bustling city.  We went straight to our rented apartel via the MTR at Kingston near the Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay.  We stayed for 5 days and 4 nights.  Since there are only the two of us.  We did manage to go to a lot of places.  Some we already knew and some we had discovered.  It was really an adventure for the both of us.  Whom is used to going to Hong Kong with our respective families and that they are the ones navigating us where to go.  But this time around.  We’re the bosses and we’re also the navigators.  Giving us the chance to explore the city and it’s sights at our own pace and time.


A nice cup of milk tea.


SioMe’s order: Tempura set menu


My order of Pork Apple Curry


Food Street at Kingston Road


Pumpkin Noodle Soup at Ajisen


Gyoza at Shirokiya Hong Kong


Okonomiyako at Shirokiya Hong Kong

We set a date when to go to Macau.  It’s just an hour ferry ride from the Central station.  Since it’s SioMe’s first time in Macau.  I took her to the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Had lots of photo opts with the beautiful structure depicting different countries.  Then we took a cab ride to the Square, where’ the infamous church front of St. Pauls can still be found.  We also had a scrumptious egg tart which is quite famous in Macau for it’s authentic Portugal recipe.  So far it is the best egg tart I ever had.  We also tried the Yakult Fruit Tea drink.  It was different, but not that bad either.  At least now I know that Yakult and fruit tea can be mixed together.   Churches surround the square, because this used to be ruled by Portugal hence the churches.  They are really pretty.  We also hotel hopped from Wynn, to MGM, to the connecting hotels of The Plaza, Four Seasons Hotel and The Venetian Hotel.  All of them are gorgeous in their own way.  Some more extravagant than the others.  By the time we get home to our apartel, it was already 1am!


The boat ride to Macau


Fisherman’s Wharf







An authentic Thai Food Restaurant


The view from our table


Seafood Tom Yam Soup


Very tasty noodles.


The Arte Shop in Fisherman’s Wharf



Suit of Armor





St. Paul’s Ruins


Looking down from St. Paul’s Ruins


The best egg tarts!!!


Yakult Fruit Tea


 Trying to find our way.


A picture made out of cut out fabrics and glued together.


Made out of fabrics.


Opera House


Sitting Room




The church looks so dainty and pretty.


It was really crowded when we went to Macau.


Hotel Lisboa


Fountain show by Wynn Hotel


Flowers at the lobby of Wynn, and they’re real too!


Swimming pool area of Wynn


Wynn’s main lobby


Beautiful Chinese Zodiac ceiling at Wynn


Inside the main area of MGM


Glass Chandelier in MGM



The Four Seasons Hotel


The Venetian Hotel




From our walks in Hong Kong, we found out that the Ladies Market and electronic shops are located in Mong Kok, the outlet stores are in Tung Chung, and the wholesales clothes are in Lai Chi Kok.  Of course in between our walks there’s a lot of shopping that had been done.  He he he.  Girls will be girls.  Like a moth to a shinning bling bling.  We also noticed that Bonjour Pharmacy is cheaper than SaSa and Watsons.


Time Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Inside the airport

Our short trip had really made us aware of what Hong Kong & Macau has to offer.  Not only did we enjoyed ourselves. We made memories to cherish forever.

**Author’s Note:  If your going to Hong Kong, make sure you have the most comfy walking shoes because lots of walking is needed.  Happy Shopping!

I was sorta sick yesterday, with a weird stomach flu.  My husband wasn’t home because he was at work.  But he took care of me once he got home.  So this morning, out of the blue.  He surprised me with a nice breakfast in bed.  A very sweet gesture which is a first for me.  Gotta love him ^^  And right before he left for work.  He did leave a love note for me in my closet.  Which I wasn’t suppose to find until after he left.  Nevertheless, he wrote how much his happy being with me and also thanking me for taking good care of him.  Gee,  I am lucky!!!  Love you too hubby ^^

My surprise breakfast in bed.

Currently I’m obsessing the Pupee website.  It’s a lot of fun looking through other peoples closet.  Maybe I’m just being nosy.  Hehehehe.   Some folks there are quite talented in making their own accessories.  There’s a few in particular that I love most because they make their own stuff.  One of them can make realistic looking mini cakes and made them into bag clips and brooches.  This is her Pupee closet website http://pupe.ameba.jp/closet/5GZvc94E2Hy4/ (you have to backtrack to get a look at what I’m talking about.)   They are so fun and cute to look at that I wanted to make some myself.  Now where do I get the clay stuff she used?!   Maybe my next trip to a hobby store I could get some of it.   Also, her necklaces are really vintage looking and it seems fun to wear.  Wish I’m that creative.  But I did get a lot of good ideas, they are now swimming through my head at the moment.  Inspired by what I had seen by the people who shared them.  Weird isn’t it where inspiration can hit you like that.


This is just a sample of her talent.  ^^

Last night, my husband and I had a date at a local mall.  I’ve been bugging to watch “Inkheart” with him.  Since it’s a weekday the mall was relatively not crowded.  Which is good.  We had our early dinner first at a Greek restaurant.  We’re both on a diet at the moment.  Trying to lose the extra poundage we gained since our honeymoon trip and it was unsuccessful because the Yuletide just added more pounds than necessary O_o.  Right now we’re trying to watch what we eat.  So we ordered a nice healthy salad.  I got the pork loin kebabs while he got a chicken wrap.  It’s as healthy as it can get.  After that, we walk around a bit then watched the movie.  Personally I like the movie, my husband seems to think that it was okay.  I’m already planning to get the trilogy to get to the bottom of some unanswered stuff that is running round my head.  I’m just waiting for the 3rd installment to become a paperback edition before I dive myself into it.


Wonder if they plan to film the 2nd and 3rd installment.

Once the movie was over, we went to the nearest Krispy Kreme.  My husband has been craving doughnuts.  And since his on a diet, he opted for the none glazed.  That time the shop is offering it’s Valentine’s Day tin can.  I asked if they have other designs.  So they showed me the Krispy Kreme original box design.  And I fell in love how cute it looks.  Needless to say I got the 2 tin boxes hehehehe. My husband is asking me what will I do with them.  Men!  They don’t know that boxes are usefull to us women.  We got so many stuff that we can put and organize it with cute boxes! hehehehe.  (Trying to justify my buying it!  But technically he got it for me.) hehehehe.


The Valentine’s Day special edition tin box.


The original!

Yep!  That’s right its my birthday today.  And to start off my day, exactly at midnight.  My husband who is in the room with me sent me an email.  Weird you might ask?  No, it’s his way of surprising me on my big day.  I am now officially off the calendar chart!  Nothing to brag about but it’s a reality and fact that I’m ooooolllllldddd.  So continuing with my Froggy’s email.  He said that I must have thought that he didn’t prepare any gift for me.  Knowing full well that I would probably give him a hard time if he didn’t hehehhe.  He sent me 13 questions that I should answer.  Which was easy but a couple I have to ask what exactly he is asking.  Just to make sure I answered correctly.  He then instructed me to get all the first letter of the answers and try to decipher where he kept his gift for me.  I was a little clueless, there are 13 letters I have to scramble around.  He then gave me a hint to make it a bit more easier.  In the end, I was able to answer “Christmas Tree”, which is where I went to next.  Since the Chinese New Year is almost here.  I didn’t put down our small tree yet.  It took me sometime to look around a small sized tree until I found a dark paperbag with the word “Agatha” on it.  Needless to say I was already boohooing while trying to solve the puzzle and I was a mess when I got the gift. It one of the best way to start my day.  Thank you Froggy!!!

In case your curious as to what the 13 questions are then here it is.  Scroll down if your getting tired of it and continue with how my day went.

1  What TV show studio were we originally slated to go in California but then ended up watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

Ellen Degeneres Show

2   What is the 2nd word of the company name which created the Absolute Boyfriend?

Kronos Heaven
3   Who is the 11 year old criminal genius who you got your husband hooked to read?

Artemis Fowl

4   What’s the surname of your husband’s favorite NBA player?

Yao Ming
5   What is the title of the most best-selling internet generation love story from Japan?

Train Man

6    What is the title of the 6th comic papaperback lined on the bookshelf of our bedroom?

Identity Crisis


7  What is the real name of the Wicked Witch of the West?


8   What is the 2nd letter of the name of our hero in Stardust?

Tristran Thorn

9   Which Hogwarts House does your husband belong to?


10  What is Paige’s nickname at home?


11  Who was the one who helped organize our wedding?


12   Who is the Arabian nursing student whom you always think has a crush on your cute little froggy?


13   What is your favorite song sang by Cindy Lauper?

Time After Time


 Here’s the gift my husband gave me.


A closer look of the charm.

 The rest of the day went by and a lot of well wishers called, texted, emailed and other electronical means.  Which made my day better, knowing that people remembered me. ^^

After work, my Froggy picked me up and we ordered Crab Rice from King Crab to bring home so we can share it with his family.  Froggy also ordered some BBQ from the nearby stall and I cooked some pig kidneys (Chinese style)  Of course we also got a birthday cake courtesy of my Mom.  Thanks Ma!


Yummy Crab Rice!


Assorted BBQ with vinegrette dipping sauce


Kidney’s Chinese Style taught to me by my Mom!


Basket of Fruits from Icings given to me by my Mom.  I got another cake that was given to me by my sister in law.  But we ate that one right up before we got a photo op.  ^^

 Needless to say, though we don’t have that much selections we ate a lot!  As in a lot!!!!  Oh, well it’s my birthday and I’ll be binge if I want to! hehehehe.

Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. Thanks to Sio Me and Mike for the gifts!


Sanrio Yummies

In my previous post.  I did mention that I loooove Jap food, plus the fact that I’m making sushi for my large family.  Sushi is quite personal, since this is all in your preference on your taste.  Like what you want for a filling.  So I’m making a new twist to it, thus the Kimchi Sushi.  I also made California roll, Futo Maki and Unagi Inari for our New Year dinner.  Sorry if there’s no exact measurement with the ingredients.  I always do the taste test until to my liking.

Here are the things that you will be needing for the Kimchi Sushi.

Bamboo mat (you can buy this in any Japanese or Asian store)

Japanese Rice

Japanese Sushi vinegar (this is an instant version ask your local Japanese Market attendant)



Vegetarian sausage or any sausage  or meat you like to use (Cut it to strips)


Left to right: Pink powder, light Japanese Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Sushi Vinegar Mix, Japanese Mayo and Crab Sticks.


Mix the sushi vinegar straight to the Japanese rice.  Pour a little at a time and mix well until to your preferred taste. Let the rice cool a bit before you start making your roll.


Strips of vegetarian sausage.


 Spread the rice evenly on the nori.  Try not to put too much rice. Also wet your hands so that it wont stick to your fingers.


Put in one or two strips of sausage.


 Put in one leaf of Kimchi.  Make sure its not too soggy so try to take off the excess liquid.


Start rolling.  Make it a little tight and packed so that it won’t loosen up when you slice it.  Not too tight or the filling will get squished.   Also put a little water on the end of the nori so that it will stick and seal the roll.  This takes some patience and some practice to get it just right.


Slice the roll up evenly, try to wipe the knife with a wet cloth so that it won’t make ragged slices.  My garnish are the Tamago I made a day earlier.  tThe spiral one is Tamago with nori inbetween. Check out my previous post if your interested with the recipe.

Other sushi variations: *(You’ll still need the basic rice, nori and vinegar mix. And the bamboo mat.)

*For California Rolls:

Mango or avocado (depends what’s available), sesame seeds, crab stick, cucumber and Japanese Mayo.


I put a saran wrap on the mat and do the sushi inside-out style.


I used an inside-out roll style for the California roll.  And sprinkled sesame seeds on the outside.  You can still do the regular roll for this one too.  As I said it all comes to your preference.

*For Futo Maki: (This is a very colorful sushi because of the different shades of the ingredients.  Usually it’s a bit bigger than the regular sushi)

Cucumber, Tamago, Japanese Mayo, Kanpyo, Crabstick, Bonito Flakes, Korean Ham, Pickled Daikon,and some pink powder (it’s on the sweet side, sorry can’t remember the name)


Same rolling principle as the others.


 On the left is the Unagi Inari sushi and on the right is the Futomaki.

For the Unagi Inari Sushi:

You’ll need the Japanese rice, sushi vinegar mix, inari (sweetened beancurd pockets) and unagi.


Mix well the rice,vinegar and the chopped up unagi.


 Then scoop in carefully some rice in the inari pockets.  Don’t put too much or you might break the pocket.




Sanrio Yummies

I loooooove Jap food.  Especially sushi!  In preparation for tomorrow’s New Year dinner.  I plan on making some sushi.  When I say some. It’s usually enough to feed a small army of 30.  That’s why I seldom make em’ because when I do, I make a lot and share them with my large family.  It’s quite tiring and time consuming.  But worth it when I see the empty platter.  ^^ Part of tomorrow’s sushi menu is the Tamago.  Which I make a day early, or else I would be on my feet 5-6 hours with all the things to be done.

This is my version of a Tamago.  I got a recipe online and tweeked it a little.  Since I hate measuring.  I used a small ladle to be my measuring cup.  So bear with me with this.  But the mixture will all depend on your taste bud whether you like it a bit salty (which will make the egg more sturdy) or sweet (which will make the egg more sticky and harder to roll) my preferance is in between.



8 eggs

¾ ladle of kikoman

¾ ladle of milk

¾ ladle of mirin (Japanese Rice Wine)

2 tbsp sugar

A dash of Hondashi powder

*oil for greasing the pan


·      Mix in all the ingredients.

·      Strain the mixture.  It will make the mixture more smoother in texture.

·      Grease the pan then pour in one ladle of the mixture.

·      Roll it to one side, then pour another ladle full of mixture and roll it to the other side.  Repeat till it’s up to your preferred thickness.


I usually make 4 recipe of the mixture.  As I said I’m feeding a lot of people. O_o


By straining, you’ll be able to take out small egg shells that you missed plus the clump of egg whites will not be visible in your final product.


 Work with a non-stick pan and grease it to make sure it won’t stick.  Not too much or else your Tamago will be really oily.


This will make the layer more uniform.  Just make sure you ladle the same amount as the first.  




 When you see that the side had set, gently roll it towards you.  This is a bit tricky but with some practice you’ll get the hang of it.  Then once you get to one side, ladle it on the open space then roll it away from you.  Do this until you get the desired thickness that you want.  I usually just make 3 rolls.


Just make sure that the end is really cooked so that it won’t unroll.



And here’s the end result!  Enjoy!!!!  Don’t forget to slice it so you can see the swirl in it. ^^  Another variation is to put nori in between the layers, do this while you fold.  You can see the lovely nori swirl when you sliced it up.


Sanrio Yummies

This post is sooooo due.  My niece and I tried our hands in baking some cookies for Christmas.  So here’s our little endeavor.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My hands were really greasy and sticky.


We got the recipe from one of my niece’s text book. We tried following the recipe to the tee.  But naturally we went through some trial and error.  Anyhoo, after mixing all the ingredients.  We ended up with a crumbly dough.  It took some elbow grease to get the consistency of the dough just right. We added some flour to smooth it out.  Then rolled and flattened it with a rolling pin.  We got a star cutter and cut away.



We carefully take the cut out stars and placed them on the cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  It was a bit tricky because the cookies break off easily.  We baked it  as instructed.  And here’s the outcome!


A little twist with the recipe, I made some small circle cuts and then put candied walnut on some of it.  ^^

In case your wondering if I’ve fallen ill.  Then the answer is no.  It so happens that my Froggy has work on Christmas Eve.  So he asked me if I would accompany him on his night duty that day.  Since it’s our first Christmas together.  I said yes.  So I packed up some gear and invited my best friend if she wants to meet up and stay for the night in the hospital.   Which she was alright with.  (Thanks Ge!)  We even joked about getting admitted so we can have a private room with a bed, tv and toilet.  Renting it like a hotel room.  Though we did no such thing.  We just camp, yes camp complete with sleeping bags in one of the unused office spaces they have.  It was alright, despite the lack of sleep.  By midnight, we went to the doctor’s lounge to have a Noche Buena feast.  Though innovation with utensils is a bit ingenious.  And quite hygenic if I might add.  We were using tongue depressors as our spoon.  Neat huh?!  He he he he.  After the midnight snack, I went back and try to get myself some shut eye.  I think I fell asleep arounf 3am.  By the end of Froggy’s duty, we dropped off my best friend at her house and then we went straight home.  We were able to get an hour of sleep before we got ready for the Christmas lunch with the in-laws.  I made baked macaroni while Froggy grilled some pork chops.  My in-laws prepared a lot of food too!  And they even ordered a turkey from Savory.  What it tastes like?  It’s  like a bigger version of their usual Savory chicken.  Currently, my minds is mud.  I still lack sleep.  Though the Froggy is ribbiting away in his lala land.  All I can say of my day is that you can chalk this one up as an experience at the same time a memorable first Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


A humble Noche Buena from the TMC ER Staff


The tireless people who give a damn for patients coming in during Christmas!

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