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Since today is the Chinese New Year.  My family woke up pretty early to temple hop and pray to the Gods that they would bless us a prosperous year.  It was crowded in some temples others are quiet.  It was a sea of red shirted people.  Smoke from the incense wafting around us.  The Dragon dancers and the loud booming of the drums set a festive tone.  All for the coming of the new year.


Wishing everyone a lucky Ox year!

This is our 2nd round to go to SMX for the Manila International Book Fair.  And yet we still got a bag full of books.  Seems like new books kept surfacing and some books just dropped off the face of the earth.  And others are not in their supposed place.  Talk about OCness!  He he he.  This time around I feel tired from looking, searching and rummaging.  Must be the bioflu I took earlier.  Anywhoo…after taking stock of our stash it’s time to cover them with plastic.  That’s my quirk though, covering it to preserve the prestine cover.  I just feel uncomfortable if I have to read a book without any plastic cover whatsoever.  Weird huh?


“Passed by Baywalk, nice sunny day.”


“Happy Mid-Autum Festival! A full moon at this time of the year signals the Mooncake Festival.”

The Frog and I are avid readers. We met during the Neil Gaiman book signing. Ok that’s not the topic of the blog today. That’s another long story. Anywhoo…the annual Manila International Book Fair has come! Naturally we had been abstaining to buy books this past weeks knowing that the book fair have more discounts and freebies on some purchases. Meee looovvvee freebiiieeesssss! *squee* (Down girl!) Ehem!We could spend hours in this fair. Browsing through all the shelves. Talk about kids in a candy store. That’s how I feel. He he he. Got a few good buys out of it too. (My Shelfari will definitely be updated with my new finds *wink wink*) Some for just a hundred pesos (still brand new) and others with 20% discounts like in National Bookstore and Power Books. I wonder why Fully Booked didn’t join in this year nor the last. They usually carry a lot of graphic novels which my husband loves. In the end, the Frog carried 2 bags full of books. And we plan to go back! Whoohoooo!


“Packed up my Hello Kitty Lemon Mint with me to the book fair.”


“Got this free admission ticket from my Mother-in-law. Thank you!”


“The venue: SMX near Mall of Asia.”


“A book lovers paradise.”


”New gadget from Time Life magazine to help children have a more interactive approach in reading.”


“Stanley Chi, creator of Chopsticks comics. I later found out that his the lil’ bro of my batchmate in school. O_o”


“The caricature that Stanley drew. Hmmmm.. Is that how I look like?”


”Feelin’ Japanesaaa..”


“I just thought that this book is funny. Don’t cha think so?”


”X marks the spot!”


“Help me grab this treasure chest!”


”Love this life size diorama of Juan Tamad.”


“The beautiful Maria Makiling.”

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