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Today is suppose to be an ordinary day.  Nothing special.  And yet I was wrong.  Because the moment I got to the front door.  A note was stuck there saying “Read Me!” in it says “Do you know what today is???“  Something seems to light up in my mind.  But I wasn’t too sure.  So following the note, I came across another note the says to pick up the flashlight and that I must not turn the lights on.  Wading in the dark I followed the instructions.  I got the third note saying that I was getting closer.  When I finally got in our home.  The lights were all turned off and the only illumination in the room are a couple of long candles.  A table setting for two and music that we had compiled for the wedding.  On top of the table is a love letter explaining it all.  So what this is all about?  It’s the fourth year anniversary of the time we first met.  In case your wondering, we met at a Neil Gaiman book signing.  And yep!  My hubby done it again, he made me off balance.  But in a good way.  Guess what?  I was boohooing again.  To compensate for the lovely dinner.  I washed the dishes.  I think it’s fair enough eh? hehehehe.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise Froggy. Wub yah!

Why does sad things have to happen?  Why does it always shock us and leave us all depressed and broken in some ways.  I guess I’m trying to have an outlet for the recent passing of my brother in law.  I am sad that it had happened so suddenly that all of us are still hurting to the very core.  My Mom is in bed trying to nurse the deep pain it is causing.  On how my sister can handle it all.  On how her kids can go along their life without their father guiding them.  I on the other hand is still skeptical that it did happen at all.  That any moment he will be there back to his usual place.   So far, my sister is really calm though I know she is showing to the others that she can handle this.

It’s a lazy Sunday.  And right this moment my hubby is at work!  Yep you read it right.  Since his a doc and all.  So I guess I should have gotten used to it after all the months that we’ve been married.  I’m still sleepy but I can’t seem to get back to sleep.  So my plans for the day is to be a house bum.  Probably watch a couple more episodes of Gokusen 3.  Then clean our space.  It’s getting a bit dusty.  And I don’t want our place to look like a pig sty. Oink!


Christmas is just around the corner and I think I lack the spirit to be jolly.  I’m not saying I’m sad about Christmas, it’s the most joyous month there is!  It’s just that I felt I lack the enthusiasm for this great season.  Don’t get me wrong, I looooove Christmas so I really don’t know why I’m not too gangho about it this year.

My usual fair for this great season is that I’m able to finish my greetings via snail mail right before December starts.  Now?  I’m not quite done with it yet.  (So sorry if your getting the cards later than usual.)  Also, gifts are already being wrapped up and ready to go the moment I’m done with my shopping.  This year?  I got tons to wrap and still at a loss when I will be able to get them to their respective owners.  Some I have to give without wrappings at all!  I know its unacceptable.   Then there’s the first Christmas with my husband which I was looking forward to but it turns out his working on Christmas Eve.  There’s also the lack of festive deco in our home.  Though my sister donated her small tree to us with borrowed trimmings.  And my brother gave us a Nativity and a gazebo with carollers display.  Yet, I don’t feel Christmassy enough.

Am I a Scrooge?!?!


Nothing much to blog about really.  That’s why I had been quiet for awhile.  La dee dum dee dah.

My husband and I are preparing for our Honeymoon.  I really can’t say its a honeymoon because we’ll be visiting relatives.  So technically, we won’t be alone that much like all the honeymooners are doing.  I’m not complaining at all.  It would be nice to see those familiar faces.  I guess this is me saying that I might not be blogging for awhile.  But will try to document where we are if I can get my hands on a computer.

Tah tah! (flying kisses!)


Cooking is my quality time with my husband.  So if his home early, you’ll see us in the kitchen slavin’ away for our dinner.  Though we’re no gourmet cooks. Tonight’s dinner is composed of salty fish rice, garlic button mushrooms and some left overs that needs to be consumed.  Nothing fancy right?


“My Hello Kitty apron makes me feel like a chef.”

 On another note.  The Mooncake festival is almost here. Who can forget those dice games!!!  Aside from that, the Mooncake is also a sweet treat.  Ma is already baking up a storm with her delicious Mooncakes.  She does this yearly and give it to family, friends and relatives.  Yummmmmm.  Gave me a small box of mini mooncakes with special snowy white skin which is made from glutenous rice.  She usually experiment with different flavors.  The ones I got were Taro, Jackfruit, Green Tea and Green Beans.


“Oooops, there’s suppose to be 4 in a box.  Can’t resist and ate the Green Tea :P.”


“See how small it is, this is the Taro flavor.  Personally, I like the Green Tea and the Jackfruit better.”

 Tomorrow is the start of the Manila International Bookfair in SMX.  This geek is definitely going dragging her geeky frog with her.  Or is it the other way around?


I really never considered myself a blogger.  Much less a person whom likes to keep tab on things that they do on a daily basis.  Nor did I keep any diaries to document my life.  Well, I did try but gave up after a few entries.  Leaving the diary pretty much unused and new.  He he he.   Didn’t really have the patience for it nor the articulation to make myself be understood.  I guess, I write like I talk and I talk like I write.

I do have a few blog sites.  Usually I post when there’s something happening or anything interesting that happened to me.  Mundane stuff, I just let it float and never see the light of  the webpage.

Actually I’m a bit envious of bloggers out there living interesting lives.  Or have a passion for something that they can talk endlessly about without boring their readers.  I really never grasp how they did it.  I always thought that whatever I blog about, no one would even be interested to read about it.  Since I’m not that interesting to begin with. Reading through the blogs of other people made me realized that this is the only way to let off steam and whatnots. Right?

These couple of days I have been blog hopping here in Sanrio Town.  Reading and checking out other peoples site.  Making me see other peoples interests.  The pictures they post definitely worth more than a thousand words!  And you know what?  I’m inspired to get into this new age of shouting to world that I’m alive! That I’m here and living and here are my interests.

In conclusion, I want to thank Sanrio Town and all the bloggers out there. For letting me see the light. For wanting to be part of this Sanrio Town blog family.

Let the magic of blogging commence….


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