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August, September, October had passed and I had been neglecting to update my blog.  My bad!  Been hangin’ around in Facebook a lot!!!  I guess that’s what had been distracting me for sometime now.  Kinda got hooked in some of their games. O_o

November is here and the pre-Christmas sale are just everywhere.  Been trying to hop from Sale to Sale.   The early rush of shoppers are eminent.  Because my hubby and I are one of them.  ^^ And we’re going to another one this Sunday.

Finished reading Percy Jackson series last month.  I love how the Greek Mythology play a big part of the story.  Even my hubby, sister, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew got into it.  And I love discussing it with them right after they read the books. The story is a cross between Harry Potter and Greek Mythology.  So it’s a win-win story line.  I don’t want to say much about the how it goes because I don’t want spoiling anyone if they are still in the middle of reading the series.  But one thing is for sure, I’m definitely gonna watch the movie adaptation of it!!!!


My husband and I had been waiting for this movie to come out.  Froggy owns a copy of the graphic novel and he was all praise with Alan Moore’s ingenious plot.  So since it was pegged to be put on the big screen.  I borrowed the novel.  It was a slow start for me because I was actually at a loss.  I do read graphic novels but sometimes the flow is a bit confusing.  As I read on it all became clearer and when I reached the last page.  It was definetly a good read.  If I am going to pin point each plot line I would be at a loss on how to explain it but if I take it as a whole I would have a better chance of telling you what went on.  Rorschach’s character had left a strong impression on me.  I have his whole persona etched in my mind.   And when the movie came out.  I was having a high expectation for this character and the movie itself.  It was well justified in the movie and much more than I had expected.  The movie is almost 95% accurate to the graphic novel.  A not so easy feat.  But it was well executed.  It was like literally watching the comic book come to life.  For those who had not read the novel.  Some may find themselves bored or even lost in the middle of the movie.  This superhero movie didn’t come from your typical goody-two-shoes mold.  Think of a darker, violent and more human super heroes.   One thing is for sure, I will be waiting for the DVD release of this movie so I can add this one up to our growing collection. 2680938775_e9a85908af.jpg

Currently I’m obsessing the Pupee website.  It’s a lot of fun looking through other peoples closet.  Maybe I’m just being nosy.  Hehehehe.   Some folks there are quite talented in making their own accessories.  There’s a few in particular that I love most because they make their own stuff.  One of them can make realistic looking mini cakes and made them into bag clips and brooches.  This is her Pupee closet website http://pupe.ameba.jp/closet/5GZvc94E2Hy4/ (you have to backtrack to get a look at what I’m talking about.)   They are so fun and cute to look at that I wanted to make some myself.  Now where do I get the clay stuff she used?!   Maybe my next trip to a hobby store I could get some of it.   Also, her necklaces are really vintage looking and it seems fun to wear.  Wish I’m that creative.  But I did get a lot of good ideas, they are now swimming through my head at the moment.  Inspired by what I had seen by the people who shared them.  Weird isn’t it where inspiration can hit you like that.


This is just a sample of her talent.  ^^

Last night, my husband and I had a date at a local mall.  I’ve been bugging to watch “Inkheart” with him.  Since it’s a weekday the mall was relatively not crowded.  Which is good.  We had our early dinner first at a Greek restaurant.  We’re both on a diet at the moment.  Trying to lose the extra poundage we gained since our honeymoon trip and it was unsuccessful because the Yuletide just added more pounds than necessary O_o.  Right now we’re trying to watch what we eat.  So we ordered a nice healthy salad.  I got the pork loin kebabs while he got a chicken wrap.  It’s as healthy as it can get.  After that, we walk around a bit then watched the movie.  Personally I like the movie, my husband seems to think that it was okay.  I’m already planning to get the trilogy to get to the bottom of some unanswered stuff that is running round my head.  I’m just waiting for the 3rd installment to become a paperback edition before I dive myself into it.


Wonder if they plan to film the 2nd and 3rd installment.

Once the movie was over, we went to the nearest Krispy Kreme.  My husband has been craving doughnuts.  And since his on a diet, he opted for the none glazed.  That time the shop is offering it’s Valentine’s Day tin can.  I asked if they have other designs.  So they showed me the Krispy Kreme original box design.  And I fell in love how cute it looks.  Needless to say I got the 2 tin boxes hehehehe. My husband is asking me what will I do with them.  Men!  They don’t know that boxes are usefull to us women.  We got so many stuff that we can put and organize it with cute boxes! hehehehe.  (Trying to justify my buying it!  But technically he got it for me.) hehehehe.


The Valentine’s Day special edition tin box.


The original!

I just finished watching the live action Jdorama “Absolute Boyfriend.” It’s a cute story of a very naive girl whom was luckless when it comes to love.  So she got into Kronos Heaven, who make lover robots and she’s the test subject of this new type of technology.  The next day she got a big package with an android in it.  And to start it up, she has to kiss it on it’s lips.  The robot is programed to love and cherish her.  An ideal boyfriend so to speak.  Of course, there’s a love triangle and love square or a pentagon.  Well you know what I mean. Lot of funny moments along the series. After watching this drama.  It made me think of it’s original counter part.  The manga series.  Usually, they change some stuff for the live action version.  And I would love to know the real deal.  There are 6 volumes in all.  I just bought the first 4.  They don’t have 5  & 6 that time.  But I’ll make sure to get em’ all once it’s available.  ^^


“The Jdorama”


“The Manga”

We are in the dawn of the new vampire era.   The Twilight saga had seem to capture our thirsts for more vampire stories.  I hate to say it but I really don’t like how she had written the books.  Twilight fans, before you throw your tomatoes at me hear me out first.  I do love a good vampire story.  Dracula was the first vampire we knew, well maybe aside from The Count from Sesames Street.  Depends when you where born.  Anyhoo, I think Miss Meyer had some good ideas.  The plot is good, though not the great.  So I give her points for her efforts.  But her writing style is not at par with the greats.  Though I admit and guilty of owning the whole series and even read the excerpts from Midnight Sun.  My opinion still stands, she’s not a really good writer.  So I really wonder why people kept comparing her to Miss Rowling.  Their genre aren’t the same nor their writing style.   Meyer’s characters lack depth, they are 2D cut out paper dolls.  Don’t get me wrong, I like her idea for the Cullen family.  Unlike Rowling’s have more in depth look on the characters lives and thoughts a 3D effect.  Your probably itching to throw that tomato on me now.  But before you do, try reading the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice first.  Then decide which vamps are better.


The Cullen Family Crest

There’s this book that is out now that is literally taking a new approach to reading experience.  It’s a mesh between “Spy Kids” and “Da Vinci Code” for kids.  (What can I say I’m a kid at heart) Anyhoo, I like the way they make this into an interactive book by combining game cards, the book itself and logging online to the website.  Not only you explore more of their world but also you get to know some facts of historical figures.  Curious about this book?  Check out http://www.the39clues.com/ to know more about it.


Finally! I’ve finished the 4th book! I was a bit peeved that I wasn’t able to finish it earlier because of all the distractions. Like just the other day when I was suppose to read the book, then the lights went out. And it took some time before the lights came back. >_> Then there’s work, and then the play. So basically, I don’t have much time to squeeze in some reading. Tomorrow I can finally hand the 4th installment to my sister to read, she finish booked 3 yesterday.

Made some sushi earlier for our Dice Game in my Mom’s home. It always take a lot of time to make sushi so when I do make em’, I make lots! Got some help from my very sic Frog, my niece and the help who likes eating sushi too! ^^


“Making California-Maki”


“My niece helping me roll some Futo-Maki.”


“Haven’t perfected the California Maki yet.”


“Something different, Kimchi Sushi.”


“It took me almost 2 hours to make this little babies, Tamago. The center one are Tamago with Nori.”

We do the Dice Game annually. Usually with my family and my sister’s friends. So this year, our latest addition to the growing players is my Froggy. We had decided to do pot luck hence the sushi as my contribution. The prizes are usually food, and money. Before it used to be things and other stuff. But came the later years, they decided that money prizes are more practical. We didn’t get to win much this year but good enough that we were able to get back what we paid for. Not bad eh?

I am seriously in a marathon mode with this series.  My sister is already half way in book 2.  And I had just finished book 3 this early morning so I can pass it to her without breaking her stride.  As for my sis in law.  She just finished the 4th book in the wee hours of the morning so I can have it today.  We are so much into this reading race, that’s its kinda hilarious.  I told my sis in law to keep it quiet for the mean time with the plot so as not to spoil my book 4 experience.  And my sis is the same with us.  So my sis in law and I speak in hush voices as not to give away the rest of the plot. He he he he.  Though my sister claimed that she has Edward’s amazing hearing talent and that we should quit it. :)

My current eye state is not doing too well from all the crash reading.  I’m thinking that my grade would have up a notch if I had my eyes examined today.  Lacking sleep over a book is not recommended.

Based from my calculations, my sis will definetly want the 4th book in about one and a half to two days. That would at least give me some time to finish it.  This is sooo de javu, it’s like reading Harry Potter all over again.  LOLS!


 ”Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.”

Finally finished “New Moon” though I still think Anne Rice’s vampires are more rockin’.  And yet still here I am reading the 3rd installment of the Twilight series.  Go figure.  I guess, I am curious as to how the events will unfold.  Plus, I don’t want to be left in the cave not knowing what the heck happened to the most read series in 2008.

After reading “New Moon” I’ve updated the Frog on what I had read.  Relaying to him the juicy parts.  And all he said is  “typical and predictable”.  This is coming from someone who reads a lot of graphic novels.

So I’m off again to read “Eclipse.”


“Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.”

Everyone is a buzz with this new series that knocked off Harry Potter from the top best selling chart.  But seriously, we all do like a good vampire story.  Don’t we?  I’ve already got the whole series and honestly speaking I’m still reading “New Moon” for a couple of weeks now.  Pretty slow, I know.  My eyes just get tired so easily that I have to stop reading for awhile.

My sister in law whom had read the 1st book just the other day is already on the 3rd book today.  So I guess, I should also start racing with her.  Before I hear the spoilers!   *Hands covering my ears!*

Tried coaxing my Frog to read it.   Well he eventually did read the 1st book.  And didn’t like it one bit.  I guess it’s too girly for him.  Sorry Froggy.   But at least now I can say he read one fourth of the series! he he he.

So I’m getting off this computer to start my reading.  Who wants to get left behind?


 ”New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.”

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