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Yep!  That’s right its my birthday today.  And to start off my day, exactly at midnight.  My husband who is in the room with me sent me an email.  Weird you might ask?  No, it’s his way of surprising me on my big day.  I am now officially off the calendar chart!  Nothing to brag about but it’s a reality and fact that I’m ooooolllllldddd.  So continuing with my Froggy’s email.  He said that I must have thought that he didn’t prepare any gift for me.  Knowing full well that I would probably give him a hard time if he didn’t hehehhe.  He sent me 13 questions that I should answer.  Which was easy but a couple I have to ask what exactly he is asking.  Just to make sure I answered correctly.  He then instructed me to get all the first letter of the answers and try to decipher where he kept his gift for me.  I was a little clueless, there are 13 letters I have to scramble around.  He then gave me a hint to make it a bit more easier.  In the end, I was able to answer “Christmas Tree”, which is where I went to next.  Since the Chinese New Year is almost here.  I didn’t put down our small tree yet.  It took me sometime to look around a small sized tree until I found a dark paperbag with the word “Agatha” on it.  Needless to say I was already boohooing while trying to solve the puzzle and I was a mess when I got the gift. It one of the best way to start my day.  Thank you Froggy!!!

In case your curious as to what the 13 questions are then here it is.  Scroll down if your getting tired of it and continue with how my day went.

1  What TV show studio were we originally slated to go in California but then ended up watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

Ellen Degeneres Show

2   What is the 2nd word of the company name which created the Absolute Boyfriend?

Kronos Heaven
3   Who is the 11 year old criminal genius who you got your husband hooked to read?

Artemis Fowl

4   What’s the surname of your husband’s favorite NBA player?

Yao Ming
5   What is the title of the most best-selling internet generation love story from Japan?

Train Man

6    What is the title of the 6th comic papaperback lined on the bookshelf of our bedroom?

Identity Crisis


7  What is the real name of the Wicked Witch of the West?


8   What is the 2nd letter of the name of our hero in Stardust?

Tristran Thorn

9   Which Hogwarts House does your husband belong to?


10  What is Paige’s nickname at home?


11  Who was the one who helped organize our wedding?


12   Who is the Arabian nursing student whom you always think has a crush on your cute little froggy?


13   What is your favorite song sang by Cindy Lauper?

Time After Time


 Here’s the gift my husband gave me.


A closer look of the charm.

 The rest of the day went by and a lot of well wishers called, texted, emailed and other electronical means.  Which made my day better, knowing that people remembered me. ^^

After work, my Froggy picked me up and we ordered Crab Rice from King Crab to bring home so we can share it with his family.  Froggy also ordered some BBQ from the nearby stall and I cooked some pig kidneys (Chinese style)  Of course we also got a birthday cake courtesy of my Mom.  Thanks Ma!


Yummy Crab Rice!


Assorted BBQ with vinegrette dipping sauce


Kidney’s Chinese Style taught to me by my Mom!


Basket of Fruits from Icings given to me by my Mom.  I got another cake that was given to me by my sister in law.  But we ate that one right up before we got a photo op.  ^^

 Needless to say, though we don’t have that much selections we ate a lot!  As in a lot!!!!  Oh, well it’s my birthday and I’ll be binge if I want to! hehehehe.

Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. Thanks to Sio Me and Mike for the gifts!

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