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Yep!  Have been on hiatus for more than a year.   Bad blogger.  Anyhoo, lots of happening and catching up to do.

First off, I had a bouncing baby boy last December of 2010.  That really took much of my time in the blogging world.  Not complaining here.  His my little angel or my lil’ Tadpole. But every time I see his sweet smile, all seems to melt away.  Yeh, very cliche for a Mommy.  But it’s true!  His now 20 months old.  How time flies.

Last April, we had our 1st family trip to Xiamen.  It’s his first time to fly on a plane so we’re quite anxious to his reaction.  Whether he’ll be the screaming kid type on the plane annoying or sweet as an angel sleeping the whole flight away.  With our fingers and toes crossed.  He slept the whole way through….whew!  The trip was about a week long and the weather was a bit rainy but not bad enough that we can’t go out and have some fun.  Tadpole charmed a lot of the people he met because he’ll let them carry him without giving a fuss(which toddlers usually does) and he smiled a lot too.  He also loved the escalators in the mall.

Here’s a  photo of my Tadpole…..cleaning tips from him.  He does love to sweep the floor and  when you take it away, he’ll be complaining.


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