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7 Responses to “A Week in Xiamen”

  1. I really thought it was a potty, good thing you put a description. :) Nice pictures!!!

  2. LOLS!!! That’s the first thing that popped in my mind when I first saw it. Good thing the guide told us what it really is. Thanks for the comment. Sorry for lack of descriptions. My mind is still mud. And I wanted to post some pics. ^^

  3. Love the pics! Seriously, there are people still living there? I’d have thought they’d preserve the place since they’re pretty old.

  4. People still live there. I just took pics without clothes hangin’ dry so that it would look a bit isolate hehehehe.

  5. Whoa, that’s wicked.o_o I’m definitely amazed by that. Guess they really were able to preserve their culture.

  6. I think the government help them preserve their town. And in turn they are the one guiding the tourists and telling them all about the place and making sure they kept it beautiful.

  7. That’s pretty nice.^_^ Good for the government to actually preserve the place, unlike other places that I know of.:P

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