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So this past weekend, there was a massive sale in some malls.  My husband and I did go.  And naturally, when a girl sees those red signs that says “SALE” we just go stir crazy.  Guys, don’t seem to get it though.   But the hubby did succumb and bought some stuff too.

Dressing up my dolls in Pupe Girl I seem to get into the dressing up buzz.  I usually don’t dress up much for work.  Though I do doll up whenever my husband and I go out.  From the sale, I got some great pieces for a fraction of the original cost.  Not a bad buy.  Got a couple of shoes from VNC.  *Squee* I noticed lately that I’m getting into the shoe bug.  Also trying to organize them by putting a picture of it in front of the boxes so I’ll know what shoes are inside it.

My husband and I had been waiting for this movie to come out.  Froggy owns a copy of the graphic novel and he was all praise with Alan Moore’s ingenious plot.  So since it was pegged to be put on the big screen.  I borrowed the novel.  It was a slow start for me because I was actually at a loss.  I do read graphic novels but sometimes the flow is a bit confusing.  As I read on it all became clearer and when I reached the last page.  It was definetly a good read.  If I am going to pin point each plot line I would be at a loss on how to explain it but if I take it as a whole I would have a better chance of telling you what went on.  Rorschach’s character had left a strong impression on me.  I have his whole persona etched in my mind.   And when the movie came out.  I was having a high expectation for this character and the movie itself.  It was well justified in the movie and much more than I had expected.  The movie is almost 95% accurate to the graphic novel.  A not so easy feat.  But it was well executed.  It was like literally watching the comic book come to life.  For those who had not read the novel.  Some may find themselves bored or even lost in the middle of the movie.  This superhero movie didn’t come from your typical goody-two-shoes mold.  Think of a darker, violent and more human super heroes.   One thing is for sure, I will be waiting for the DVD release of this movie so I can add this one up to our growing collection. 2680938775_e9a85908af.jpg

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