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I loooooove Jap food.  Especially sushi!  In preparation for tomorrow’s New Year dinner.  I plan on making some sushi.  When I say some. It’s usually enough to feed a small army of 30.  That’s why I seldom make em’ because when I do, I make a lot and share them with my large family.  It’s quite tiring and time consuming.  But worth it when I see the empty platter.  ^^ Part of tomorrow’s sushi menu is the Tamago.  Which I make a day early, or else I would be on my feet 5-6 hours with all the things to be done.

This is my version of a Tamago.  I got a recipe online and tweeked it a little.  Since I hate measuring.  I used a small ladle to be my measuring cup.  So bear with me with this.  But the mixture will all depend on your taste bud whether you like it a bit salty (which will make the egg more sturdy) or sweet (which will make the egg more sticky and harder to roll) my preferance is in between.



8 eggs

¾ ladle of kikoman

¾ ladle of milk

¾ ladle of mirin (Japanese Rice Wine)

2 tbsp sugar

A dash of Hondashi powder

*oil for greasing the pan


·      Mix in all the ingredients.

·      Strain the mixture.  It will make the mixture more smoother in texture.

·      Grease the pan then pour in one ladle of the mixture.

·      Roll it to one side, then pour another ladle full of mixture and roll it to the other side.  Repeat till it’s up to your preferred thickness.


I usually make 4 recipe of the mixture.  As I said I’m feeding a lot of people. O_o


By straining, you’ll be able to take out small egg shells that you missed plus the clump of egg whites will not be visible in your final product.


 Work with a non-stick pan and grease it to make sure it won’t stick.  Not too much or else your Tamago will be really oily.


This will make the layer more uniform.  Just make sure you ladle the same amount as the first.  




 When you see that the side had set, gently roll it towards you.  This is a bit tricky but with some practice you’ll get the hang of it.  Then once you get to one side, ladle it on the open space then roll it away from you.  Do this until you get the desired thickness that you want.  I usually just make 3 rolls.


Just make sure that the end is really cooked so that it won’t unroll.



And here’s the end result!  Enjoy!!!!  Don’t forget to slice it so you can see the swirl in it. ^^  Another variation is to put nori in between the layers, do this while you fold.  You can see the lovely nori swirl when you sliced it up.

Sanrio Yummies

This post is sooooo due.  My niece and I tried our hands in baking some cookies for Christmas.  So here’s our little endeavor.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My hands were really greasy and sticky.


We got the recipe from one of my niece’s text book. We tried following the recipe to the tee.  But naturally we went through some trial and error.  Anyhoo, after mixing all the ingredients.  We ended up with a crumbly dough.  It took some elbow grease to get the consistency of the dough just right. We added some flour to smooth it out.  Then rolled and flattened it with a rolling pin.  We got a star cutter and cut away.



We carefully take the cut out stars and placed them on the cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  It was a bit tricky because the cookies break off easily.  We baked it  as instructed.  And here’s the outcome!


A little twist with the recipe, I made some small circle cuts and then put candied walnut on some of it.  ^^

I just finished watching the live action Jdorama “Absolute Boyfriend.” It’s a cute story of a very naive girl whom was luckless when it comes to love.  So she got into Kronos Heaven, who make lover robots and she’s the test subject of this new type of technology.  The next day she got a big package with an android in it.  And to start it up, she has to kiss it on it’s lips.  The robot is programed to love and cherish her.  An ideal boyfriend so to speak.  Of course, there’s a love triangle and love square or a pentagon.  Well you know what I mean. Lot of funny moments along the series. After watching this drama.  It made me think of it’s original counter part.  The manga series.  Usually, they change some stuff for the live action version.  And I would love to know the real deal.  There are 6 volumes in all.  I just bought the first 4.  They don’t have 5  & 6 that time.  But I’ll make sure to get em’ all once it’s available.  ^^


“The Jdorama”


“The Manga”

In case your wondering if I’ve fallen ill.  Then the answer is no.  It so happens that my Froggy has work on Christmas Eve.  So he asked me if I would accompany him on his night duty that day.  Since it’s our first Christmas together.  I said yes.  So I packed up some gear and invited my best friend if she wants to meet up and stay for the night in the hospital.   Which she was alright with.  (Thanks Ge!)  We even joked about getting admitted so we can have a private room with a bed, tv and toilet.  Renting it like a hotel room.  Though we did no such thing.  We just camp, yes camp complete with sleeping bags in one of the unused office spaces they have.  It was alright, despite the lack of sleep.  By midnight, we went to the doctor’s lounge to have a Noche Buena feast.  Though innovation with utensils is a bit ingenious.  And quite hygenic if I might add.  We were using tongue depressors as our spoon.  Neat huh?!  He he he he.  After the midnight snack, I went back and try to get myself some shut eye.  I think I fell asleep arounf 3am.  By the end of Froggy’s duty, we dropped off my best friend at her house and then we went straight home.  We were able to get an hour of sleep before we got ready for the Christmas lunch with the in-laws.  I made baked macaroni while Froggy grilled some pork chops.  My in-laws prepared a lot of food too!  And they even ordered a turkey from Savory.  What it tastes like?  It’s  like a bigger version of their usual Savory chicken.  Currently, my minds is mud.  I still lack sleep.  Though the Froggy is ribbiting away in his lala land.  All I can say of my day is that you can chalk this one up as an experience at the same time a memorable first Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


A humble Noche Buena from the TMC ER Staff


The tireless people who give a damn for patients coming in during Christmas!


A Merry Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!!!

If your looking for cheap stuff, then 168 mall is the place to be.  Since the -ber months came, the mall has been heavily packed by a sea of people.  Shoppers from different walks of life come to this place to get the best bargains.  Even the previous first lady whom had been known for her shoe addiction also shops here.

My sisters and I braved the mall last December 1st.  We really woke up early so we can at least beat the crowd.  We were able to do some Christmas shopping.  By lunch time it was already jammed pack with people.  It was soooo crowded that we were literally pushed around  and it was hard to maneuver yourself in a tightly packed path.  By mid afternoon we were all tired from the expedition.  So when my sister suggested to go to the mall again today in the early afternoon because she was running an errand.  I was like here we go again… my husband even wished me luck because he knows how crowded it can be.  But lo and behold, surprises never ceased.  The mall wasn’t that crowded at all today.  And to think it was almost Christmas.  We were able to finish her errand and even had some time to browse around all within the span of an hour.  The traffic wasn’t even that bad either. I guess my husband’s wish did come true.

Christmas is just around the corner and I think I lack the spirit to be jolly.  I’m not saying I’m sad about Christmas, it’s the most joyous month there is!  It’s just that I felt I lack the enthusiasm for this great season.  Don’t get me wrong, I looooove Christmas so I really don’t know why I’m not too gangho about it this year.

My usual fair for this great season is that I’m able to finish my greetings via snail mail right before December starts.  Now?  I’m not quite done with it yet.  (So sorry if your getting the cards later than usual.)  Also, gifts are already being wrapped up and ready to go the moment I’m done with my shopping.  This year?  I got tons to wrap and still at a loss when I will be able to get them to their respective owners.  Some I have to give without wrappings at all!  I know its unacceptable.   Then there’s the first Christmas with my husband which I was looking forward to but it turns out his working on Christmas Eve.  There’s also the lack of festive deco in our home.  Though my sister donated her small tree to us with borrowed trimmings.  And my brother gave us a Nativity and a gazebo with carollers display.  Yet, I don’t feel Christmassy enough.

Am I a Scrooge?!?!


This post is soooo late.  My laptop crashed on me so I was computerless for a few days.  Anyhoo, I found out that I was featured in Blog All Stars!  Whoohooo!  That was really unexpected.  And Sanriotown did a great intro for my blog.

On another note, I received my merit prize from Sanriotown’s Travel The World contest last week.  Whooppeeee!  I didn’t expect it to be soooo darn cute! I was really giddy when I recieved the mail.  And I really wasn’t expecting that it will come in an adorable package. It is now considered as a conjugal property he he he.

Thank you so much Sanriotown. ^^


“The Prize!”

Probably most of you had already watched the movie.  For those of you who hadn’t watched it yet then be warned.

Last Sunday, we watched the most anticipated movie since Harry Potter.  Well, to tell you frankly the movie is just so so, actually a big let down.  I know that book to movie usually looses its essence.  The first half of the movie is really one big bore.  The scenes are too cheesy that it’s almost becoming chedar.  The sparkling Edward just made me laugh instead of making me awestruck.  I kept peeking at my husband who just laugh at the not so romantic scenes.  Okay his laugh is a bit sarcastic plus he did mention that he should have watched Bolt instead.  The interesting part started with the baseball game that the Cullens usually play when there’s a thunder storm. Then the chase scene and the fight between the vamps get more interesting than the love story between the two main characters.  Plus the guys who plays James, Carlisle and Emmet are cuter than Edward (sorry Rob fans)  Alice, Victoria and Esme fits the bill.  Rosalie was a bit off.  This is all in terms of the way the book describes them.  I really dont want to nit pick this movie because I’ll just get in trouble with all the fans girls who love it.    I know that it was a low budget movie, but with all the hype I wanted it to be a bit more.  Lets just hope that the second movie is better than the first.


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