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The best thing about Hello Kitty Online is the fast friendships that you make.  I have VERY rarely run into anyone that is not immediately friendly and helpful.  The environment of this game is unlike any other MMORPG that I’ve ever played, and it’s amazing that Hello Kitty fans across the world have united to create this harbor from the world.

I enjoyed wandering quietly through the world of Hello Kitty, imagining myself in the place of my avatar.  She would be a very quiet girl with an inner strength, searching for the key to save Hello Kitty from evil and to protect her from any who tried to thwart her cute victory.  My blue-haired Allara would seek to do everything she could to strengthen herself, constantly challenging herself to find new ways to grow.

Allara’s favorite task was to walk through the forests and valleys, searching for new plants and rocks to gather.  She enjoys collecting knowledge even as she collects the items in her backpack, a deep desire to know the world around her burning in her veins.  And yet, the quiet girl would retire to the large towns, sitting in a corner, waiting for someone to approach.

And approach they did!  Every time Allara so much as spoke a word in the towns, people flocked to her, offering help, allegiance, and friendship.  She slowly began to come out of her shell, helping members new to this realm, growing stronger so that she could protect others as her new friends started out protecting her.  She collected items for new players, giving them away from her farm, enjoying the astonishment that she remembered so well - “Really?  You’ll give this to me for free?  Thank you so much!”

Hello Kitty Online’s world is unreal.  While it’s fictional, it’s terribly easy to fall into the relaxed atmosphere, to call upon the silent place within yourself that loves bright happiness and wishes to spread it upon the world.  Hello Kitty Online is a metaphor for our inner selves, a way for us to express the childlike joy that we all still have within us - it is a place where we can make a difference in the world, through charity events or simple conversation, and I can only hope that when this world is finally released for good, that it will stay such an awesome, inspiring place to be.


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  1. I especally love the last paragraph of this post :)

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