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Well I soppose I should catch everyone up on this particular subject :) I have been feeling so lost for the past few years because I thought I was one person… but there was always another person dying to come out. I am shy and sensitve (maybe a little too sensitive for my taste) and all my relationships with guys were always missing something. Something was just not right… I always felt out of my element. After some serious soul searching and a few weeks at a stargazing camp (im totally in love with outer space) I found out that it was not guys that im interested in. So I guess this a new chapter in my life. And Im totally ready for it! I finally know who I am :)

Hello Army Life community! Im sorry that I havent been blogging lately. I have been in California for the past few months dealing with by brother Tony’s divorce from his wife. I have been watching my nephew TJ and going to court and so on. It is an unfortunate event because so many army couples end in divorce. Please continue to keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay strong,


Well Im sad to report that my brother is not coming home until Februrary. But I am just glad he is coming home. My life is so happy right now! I am glad that I can share it with all of you! (my online family :0) ) I am overjoyed that my Tony in coming home. He told me that he has been proud of me since that day I was born. I hope I am living up to that.

Stay strong, Alex

Well I am overjoyed that everyone is so supportive of my blog! It is helping me to get through this difficult time. The hole in my heart is a difficlt thing to  live with. My brother is my best friend and I love him with all my heart and soul. I cry often but always in private. This blog is a way for me to release my feelings and not bottle them up. Thank you for all you support and love, I wish everyone a very blessed new year!

Sorry I havent been blogging lately. My good friend just passed away from breast cancer, so it has been hard for me. She was an amazing woman and a wonderful mom. She was strong and fearless. She will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

MY BROTHER IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited and relieved that he is safe and coming home! He is coming home Januray 16th! I am hoping and praying that the plans will not change and he will come home later! Thanks for everyone’s support of the army and my cause for this blog! You are all heroes too!

Stay strong, Alex

This was requested by Rosie (dominicanmai89@hellokitty.com): Do you think you’ll go into the army because of your family’s past with the army?

First of all thank you for yours and everyone’s interest in me! It’s very kind of you all! I thought about going into the army for a while. But I realized that by going in to the army, I was running away from my problems insted of facing them head on! I think it takes a very special person to willingly risk their life for their country. It doesnt just take extreme physical strength, but beyond extreme emotional strength! Lets be sure to give all our support to our men and women in arms!

Stay strong, Alex

This was requested by Ari: Tell me more about you. . .

I am in high school and live on the west coast. I have brown curly hair and honey yellow eyes. I love to read anything about fantasy and I love to play baseball. I play the drums for my school band and am on the honor roll. I devote a lot of my time speaking about army life online so I can help people who do not have contact with army family support systems. I LOVE Hello Kitty and the color periwinkle. I love music in Spanish because I am Colombian and Spanish. I love animals and the outdoors, but only if there is indoor plumbing! LOL I love to sing, even if Im not Beyonce! Last thing, My idol is Tyra Banks! I think she is a good role model!

Thanks for your support everyone!!!!!

Stay strong, Alex 

This was requested by Rosie Jimenez: How is my brother’s family handling him being away and how long has he been gone?

My brother has a wife and three year old son. They handle his absence like troopers. Not to say they dont have their moments of tears and hysteria. They do their best to deal with it and they pray he will come home safe! I wish them love and strength every day! My brother is on his 4th tour of duty and has been gone since July 2008. Thanks for your request Rosie!

Stay strong, Alex

Thanks to everyone for your support! I didnt get any requested topics in my inbox. So I hope you dont mind if I pour my feelings a little! I havent heard from my brother in over two months, and im so scared that the worst has happened. There are night when I cry myself to sleep and wake up and cry myself bac to sleep. I feel like a part of me is missing. I have my moments of sadness but I always remember that I have to be strong for my nephew. I want to remind all army family members that you dont always have to be strong. Because a truly strong person is one that can admit their weaknesses.

Stay strong, Alex

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