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Another normal day at work… or not

So, yesterday we were a little bored (meaning, I was gathering liek crazy and it’s boring), then Glyth decided to call us to play truth or dare in Kaylin’s farm. Course I went ^^

There, we decided it’d be a just truth game. After a while, Kaylin (I dunno if this is the write spelling =/ ) had to go so we moved on to Glyth’s farm. In the end, it was just me, Lucid, Glyth and AnyaAnya (funny thing, 2 dreamers and 2 founders ^^)20100626013654.jpg

While there, I noticed that AnyaAnya was wearing an Angel Camisole, while I was wearing the Devil’s one. Funny  coincidence or what? ^^



After a while and some dirty little secrets,  Dewberry announced it’d have an GM Event on Harbour. Course we waited for the free ride ^^

There we met our new GM, Persimmon (uff hard name). Because of his outfit, we spent some time deciding the best nickname for him


While Glyth decided for Simon, I sticked with Vamp (for obvious reasons ^^)

Then we noticed that Ly was his Lady Vampire, since she was also wearing a vampire coat


The event was another Pet Hunt, but this time we had 3 pets to find (any one would give u a prize). There’d be no anagrams either. Well, easier, but not easy at all. For you who doesn’t know, I’m HORRIBLE at hunting. Even pet cards are harder for me. I don’t know the reason, monster just hate me ;-;

Anyways, with the help of my AWESOME, AWESOME guild friends, I was able to win twice! o///

The thing was, in the beginning Lychee asked us what we preferred: bear or crab. 1st I thought the prizes would be pet cards, but then everybody remembered abt the crab and plushies items. I just thought “OMG PLUSHIES! I HAS NO PLUSHIES AT ALL!!!!”

BUT the 1st prize was 5 exp boost, and the 2ndwas money ;-;

just disappointing.  It seems that for the ones who are already high lvls, Lychee DID gave them bear plushies >.>

So, even that I was able to win 2rounds, I got no plush at all; at least, I wouldn’, if it wasn’t for the most AWESOME guild pal eva: KIRAKIRA! YAYYY

She gave me, totally FREE, a teddy bear :3

I was SO SO HAPPY! \o/


After the event, we discovered vamp’s real plans: HE WOULD SUBSTITUTE LIME! OMG!!!

So we decided to take shouts of Lime while we could :3

20100626045214.jpg  Lime is the one with the giant pink bear hat


we were all very very sad that Lime was leaving us


I dunno if u can see, but Nator was hiding behind the tower (duh, the tower is transparent, Kittynator! -.-”)


WE even convinced  Glyth to come, but not Nator =/

he was all anti-social yesterday -.-

Anyways, after the event pple split in 2 groups, so I made some shouts of the new GM again o/(I don’t trust him o.o I C U, VAMP!)


Also, a Lychee in the tree/flower o/



Finally, yesterday I finished training Bigby, so I exchanged him for Miss Siriguejo (this is the name of Bob SquarePant’s Boss in Brazil - I dunno it in english, but it means the fusion of the names of 2 types of crab = siri + caranguejo - in english they all mean crab ^^”). As the Snapper is blue, and the Fierce Snapper is pink, I decided they’ll be Miss and Amister Siriguejo

So, this is Bigby


And this is Miss Siriguejo


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