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Bacon and Knits

August 10th, 2008 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Today, along with Maria and Herr, I’m embarking on a tour of the South. We’ll be visiting lots of cities, beaching, and, undoubtedly, yarn questing.

Don’t let the heat and humidity fool you. Apparently, Southern belles are some of the knittiest chicks out there. They’re no trendheads. They’ve been purling and lacing away since, perhaps, the dawn of time.

And so, I am going to try and catch a glimpse of that on this excursion. Onward and out!


 A very literally knitty Southern belle

Back Home Again

August 2nd, 2008 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Oh! Oh, how I miss this blog! Just thinking about how I’ve been neglecting it makes me want to frog myself to tatters. I’ve just had some big changes; colossal, enormous, BIG changes, and I admit I’ve been so busy that I’ve been shirking my knittastic duties. But worry not. Now that everything is neatly settled, blocked, and pressed, I can get back to my knitting.

And just in time to start on my Christmas presents!

(Believe me, if you were a novice knitter, you’d understand. We’re even worse than chain department stores.) 

Scarf in the Sky

October 3rd, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Or at least up a tree.

It’s autumn, folks. The weather seems to have finally regularized where I am. So… the only logical and conventional next step would be…

Apple picking!

One thing you should know about me: along with knitting, I am rather obsessed with climbing trees. Weird, yes. But what else is new? ;-)

These two obsessions would someday be destined to collide. Hence:

No, that’s not some new bioengineered fruit. It’s a scarf!

I was bored, so I lugged my knitting bag I had brought along up to the very highest sittable branch of one of the hundreds of dwarf trees. Ho ho ho. And you thought winding a ball of yarn in public attracted odd glances! X-D

My branch marked by the spiffy red arrow.

Afterwards, we went to the neighboring artist village of Sugar Loaf (any town named after food is good for me!). There were a whole bunch of funky artsy stores. One was called My Sister’s Closet (not to be confused with the chain of thrift shops in Arizona…). It sold dresses. And hats. Tons of hats! I have decided I will be a hat-wearer from now on. Because they’re so stinkin cute!! I bought 2 wool cloches. Not remembering the fact that Maria is allergic to wool. Yikes…

Now I’m going to tell you about the scarf itself. I went to this awesome art fair in Montclair a few weeks ago. The first stall I saw was this woman that knits all sorts of cool stuff. I obviously didn’t need anything hand-knit *flips hair haughtily*, so I instead bought these balls of leftover novelty yarns that she sells. It was really cool! Extra-floofy eyelash, chenille, mohair, ribbon… I swear I drool just thinking about it. 

So I brought it to a meeting of my knitting circle and we all fawned over it. We decided on making it into a big long airy scarf, taking turns knitting it and adding our own favorite leftovers on until a whole bunch of us could wear it at once. So now it’s our Friendship Scarf. Isn’t that cute?

And that’s all there is, there isn’t any more. Bye for now! 


September 30th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

I’m STILL getting tons & tons & tons of spam comments!! And now I’m not even notified when they come. I mean, I’m notified when a real person comments on my blog, but when these inhuman beings post their unwanted canned meat, it goes by unnoticed until I actually check. How is this? Do these things have some sort of super-hacking ability? Or… is it all a CONSPIRACY??? Someone on the inside is cavorting (okay, I guess that’s not exactly the right word, but whatev) with the beasts! We must go against them! BLOGGERS UNITE!!!!

(in a moderator’s office far, far away: “This girl is freakier than we thought. All that yarn must be going to her brain. Sigh…. I guess I’ve got to approve this…”)

It came from behind the stash!

September 27th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

I was KIPing today, knitting away at another pair of mittens made of some hideous greenish Lion Brand boucle.

I had forgotten what a menace boucle could be. Suddenly, the yarn began to morph into something else. Something - UGLY.

It got all tangly and knotty and icky! I had to unravel all the mitten and start winding the fiendish yarn into a ball. Which is not exactly as hip as KIP. I got some odd looks.

Sigh… I’ll have to work harder to finish those 7 mittens I need by the holidays…

And now, to entertain you while I knit insanely, Audrey the Actress performing a dramatization of the yarn incident! The Ugly Chair seemed a worthy backdrop.

“Oh, hello, blob of yarn!”


“Hm? What’s this, now?”




*burp* (^-^)

No Audreys or blobs of yarn were harmed in the making of this filler.

Marvelous Mittens

September 26th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

It sure has been odd weather lately. Today was almost ninety degrees, and a couple days ago I almost had to put on a sweater! *dramatic gasp* Anyway, on that day I started a pair of mittens from this pretty and tacky Lion Brand Landscapes in Parfait. And today I finished them. Talk about bad timing…

But here they are, with Maria’s hideous paisley Ugly Chair as backdrop! I hope the combination didn’t make you gouge your eyes out, but don’t let paisley appearences fool you- it’s really a great knitting chair.

I’m not sure whether to sell them or give them away. Mittens aren’t really my thing, personally… I mean, it’s really impossible to knit with them on. Believe me, I’ve tried. *involuntary shudder*

One is just a tiny bit bigger than the other because I didn’t count rounds while knitting the hand.

Wait - did the novice knitter say rounds? Yes indeed, it’s my first time knitting with double-pointed needles! And it was really easy. True, it was a bit like wrestling half an octopus, but the needles were really great - this awesome smooth bamboo stuff. I’m so glad I guilted Maria into buying them for me!

Hmm, that yarn really looks way better in the ball than in the mittens…

Oh, did I mention? The pattern for these mittens was from Chicks With Sticks - It’s a Purl Thing! Sigh… what a lovely book…

That’s all for now - it’s supposed to be chilly tomorrow! I’ve got to get knitting!

Stitch DC

September 25th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Grrr… the novice knitter is angry. I finally got the digital camera from HECK to start working (after -cough- two months) only to find that all my pictures of The Pink Thing’s frogging were gone!! Waaahahahaaa… and they were really good pictures, too!

However, the novice knitter can never stay upset for long. Especially when there are great knitty things about!

Namely… the great Stitch D.C.!

Eeeeeeee!! Yarn store, yarn store, yarn store… *drools*

Stitch D.C. is this really great yarn store in, I hope you’ve guessed, Washington D.C. There are a bunch of them all over town. This one was in the artsy district of Georgetown, in a yellow building with a blue door. Cute! Yarn stores in NYC aren’t as cozy.

 Here is just a sampling of the goodies they offered!

The woman working there was knitting away on a pretty lavender sweater or something when we walked in. She was really nice and un-snobbish, unlike many yarn store attendants that shall not be named (you know who you are).

I, the lovely thrifty knitter, went straight to some bright red worsted-weight pure wool for the hat I promised I would knit Maria’s best friend. Then I splurged on this gorgeous hand-painted variegated purple wool that I had really been wanting. It’s called Malabrigo Aquarella Floresta (what a mouthful) and it’s hand-spun in Uruguay. Uruguay just sounds like somewhere where there’d be good yarn. Right? Right?

Afterwards, we went out to eat in this very cool Italian fusion restaurant. I ordered spaghetti bolognese because I didn’t remember what it was and so was quite disappointed when it turned out to be just ordinary spaghetti with meat sauce. However, it was good spaghetti with meat sauce! I KIP(knitting in public, duh)ed there and got some looks in varying degrees of approval and confusion from the tres chic diners. Hee hee. It pays to be a novice knitter.

 This was only the back room. The front room was even funkier!

So, if you ever find yourself in D.C. and have no idea what to do while you try to survive the ultra-conventional Monument Tour, check out Stitch D.C. for some monumental yarns!

Heh heh. Free advertising.

You heard the man.


August 27th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

I’ve been getting a lot of what seem to be spam comments lately. At first, they were things that sounded like real comments, but obviously weren’t. For example, I got a “Useful, thank you!” comment on The Demise of the Great Pink Thing. Um, what? Oh, so you’re planning to go on a world tour with a scarf, too? Congratulations.

Yeah, there were a lot of “Useful, thank you”s, along with some things that just inserted the name of the title in an irrelevant comment. One person/bot wrote, “I didn’t understand some parts of this comment, They like me, they really like me!, but it sounds interesting, so I’ll be sure to check it out.” Okay, that makes no sense at ALL. It’s like he/she/it burst into an ecstatic reverie in the middle of a business speech.

And today I had every post receive a comment that said, “add your blog to msn” or something. My heavens. Is this the price of fame?

But anyway, spammers, if you can read this, you are dealing with one very web-savvy novice knitter. I’m not sure you want to mess with someone wielding multiple pointy objects… even if they are just knitting needles.

P.S. By the way, The Pink Thing has been frogged!! My camera is acting up (once again), but don’t worry, full details are coming soon!

The Demise of the Great Pink Thing

August 20th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Well, we’re back! The only person who commented on whether or not to let The Pink Thing live suggested letting it live a few days longer. We liked that idea, but we wanted The Pink Thing’s last days to be really special! So we packed our bags and headed off on a world tour to The Pink Thing’s favorite places.

I wonder if you’ve noticed just how many Venetian gondoliers wear scarves? Although none of them are pink, fluffy, and sparkly, The Pink Thing felt a particular attatchment to the place.

In Hawaii, The Pink Thing relished its machine washability by big-wave surfing and not even shrinking in the drier.

The Pink Thing wanted to go to the Irish countryside to see sheep, from whom he feels connected to. (The delusional thing seems to believe it’s pure wool, when we all know it’s just acrylic.)

But all Pink Things must come to an end, and so it was time for the frogging.

But not today. I’m too jetlagged. Maybe tomorrow.

Poncho to Scarf in 2.5 Minutes Flat

July 28th, 2007 by akari_mizunashi:hellokitty.com

Well, I don’t know if it was really that much time, but you get the picture.

Anyway, handy-dandy stainless steel scissors in my hand, I started chopping away at The Pink Thing’s seam. I was surprised at how well-made it really was. The mattress seam was almost invisible. But I did manage to get it all undone, and then hocus-pocus-sha-mocus, The Pink Thing was suddenly and magically…

A scarf! Ha, see? I’m not stupid after all.

As modeled by That Kid, whom I had to bribe with candy to wrap that itchy acrylic thing around her neck. She wasn’t really that happy. No, not at all.

Now that it’s a scarf like I first thought, I have misgivings on whether or not to frog it. But then again, the scarf’s not exactly my style and I could use the yarn for something better, like… another scarf!

Now I’d like to throw this question out to the audience. Someone please comment!! Shall The Pink Thing be allowed to live? Or shall it be reincarnated as a new Pink Thing? I leave it to your consciences.

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