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server problems *cries*

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

sadness! i can’t connect! i did connect for a minute and then was d/ced. now i can’t even connect to the server page. i didn’t play yesterday cos i had an appointment and was really tired afterwards. i ended up falling asleep at 7:30pm (T_T;). i did wake up at about 12am but then i decided to just watch some movies. i watched this really funny “horror” movie on Netflix called The Washingtonians about how George Washington was really a cannibal and there was a secret society of people who dressed like him and kept his secret safe from everyone. it was HYSTERICAL!! i laughed until i cried. i recommend it if you like campy horror movies.

oh well. i guess i’ll try to connect again. hopefully i make it on!


“tagged” from Acton

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

i wasn’t reeeaaally tagged, i just visited his blog and i was one of the first 3 to see it so i guess that qualifies me as tagged. ^^

This Week’s Questions:

Do you follow fashion trends or do you have your own style?
Do you match/colour-code everything?
Do you plan your outfits carefully in advance?

i follow some trends, but i also definitely have my own style. i probably dress younger than i am, but i guess that’s a good thing.

i don’t match everything. if i did that everything would blend in! i don’t wear crazy outfits though either. i do try to not let my hair (which is pink) clash with my outfit. ^^

sometimes. my little sister used to plan her outfits for a month! i always thought that was silly. if i have something special going on, especially if i need to be dressed up, then i plan it out. or if i want to make sure i look super cute for something. but usually not. i grab whats clean and doesn’t look horrible. :P


cherry blossom house is finished!!!

Saturday, August 28th, 2010


woohoooo!!! it took a lot of people and a lot of effort. it’s a lvl 3 house so it took super long to build. it also has 3 rooms (which is awesome). i love it! i can’t wait to fill it with furniture! thank you so much to all my guildees and HKO friends who helped!! i love you all!! now to work on other people’s houses! ^^ i’m totally slacking on my lvl 14 tools. lol!


my new new house!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

so i finished the straw hut. that took forever and i had 4 people helping! then i was going to build the candy cottage until the Item Mall opened today and there was soooo much cool stuff to look at! i ended up getting quite a few things even a new house! of course i didn’t realize that a lvl 3 house was going to end up taking a million years to make. so far me and my friend Layla from my guild spent at least 30 mins and it’s at 2%. that’s right. 2%. i don’t know how long it will really take. it’s the Cherry Blossom house. if you know me, you’ll know i have this thing about cherry blossoms. they are actually the theme of my wedding (whenever we get around to planning the rest of it). it is so cute! and pink! i can’t wait until it’s finished. i’m holding off on quests until i finish it. i also really REALLY need to prioritize my storage space. i was hoping now that they have more items in the item mall they’d give us more room to store them. and i save a lot of things cos i’m always scared that i’ll need it for a quest and then not have it and have to go back and get more.

anyway, i’ll post more later. you know, gotta keep posting cos it’s extra loyalty points!! ^_^


the great pinbee massacre of ‘10

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

so i’ve been doing fairly well in game. almost lvl 24. i now have a new house to build, but i’m waiting until tomorrow when i can ask some guildees to help me. right now i’m in the middle of the pet hunt quests. i know there are 3 of them and i am not looking forward to it. i also saw that you don’t have to do the quests to move on to Beijing but i really want all the XP and Friendship points. it’s not like Beijing is going anywhere….i don’t think. not only that, but after i finish the Beijing quests there won’t be much to do until the other cities are open so i’m totally fine taking my time. i had a Snapper card already so i’ve started on the Pinbees. how many KO’s does it take to get a card from a Pinbee? the world may never know! i’m racking up tons of pinbee frills so if you happen to need those for anything, message me in game and i will give them to you!

people have been great in game so far! my guild is awesome, first of all. secondly, i’ve run into a couple people i knew way back during CB and FB! it’s so cool to talk to them again! it’s nice to run into HKO vets! they truly understand the pain of burry balls. haha! i’ve met some new people too and i’ve helped them out and they’ve helped me out. it’s nice to be in a game where people are polite and offer to help on quests or things. i don’t know if it’s like that in WoW. i only played it for 30 mins and all i did was die and i was mad that it wasn’t cute.

i must say i’m really really liking the GM’s and how the events are run. they run so incredibly smoothly compared to CB and FB! so instead of just a huge mob of people it’s smaller groups of people who actually really want to play the game. it makes the games so much fun! i played Loopy Loony Letters today. OMG it’s hard! i got one right but only because they gave a hint. i also played Pik Pak Boom again. i have no luck whatsoever at that game. i KNOW Mango always wins but i always have this feeling the one time i choose her she’ll lose! hopefully they’ll keep this game after the Welcome Back week ends. it’s very suspenseful!

i’m super psyched to be able to use my coins in the Item Mall tomorrow! they said it’d be working tomorrow and i sooo hope they are right! i tried to use my points to get something today and it wasn’t working *disappointment* but i’m sure they’ll figure it out. the online support has been excellent so far. i’m so happy i decided after months to finally come back and play! i’ve been neglecting my Farmville and i don’t even mind! hehe!

anyways, server is down for the night and so am i. please cross your fingers or say a prayer to Hello Kitty that i have luck getting all the monster cards i need tomorrow! i dislike this quest. hahaha!


Having fun in HKO!

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

so i started playing FINALLY in the open beta! i am having so much fun! i joined an awesome guild (seriously, they are all super sweet) and i even won an event today. i never won any events in CB but there was a lot more people in those. the way these work are so much better. at first since i was put off by how the events were run in CB i didn’t take part in any. but then last night i figured,”what the hey, i may as well. besides some of guildees will be there”. it was this rock, paper, scissor game. it was cute! i totally lost cos i kept picking GM-Lime because i was sure he was going to win at some point! today we raced through the grapevines in South Sun Land.

i’m almost lvl 22 now! it’s been fun questing, but the best part is knowing that i won’t have to redo the quests a billion more times. and i was so so SO glad when the burry ball quest was made simpler. i will NEVER forget how much we all loather Oh-chan for the burry ball quest in the 2nd CB!

oh, also i got my Keroppi build-a-bear. i also got 2 clip on’s since i RSVP’d and chose Deery Lou and My Melody. i almost chose a My Melody build-a-bear because she was just sooo cute. i’m hoping my fiance will remember how much i wanted her cos my birthday is coming up ^___^. here’s a pic!


yes, that’s my cat Peewee in the background ^___^ i was sad they didn’t have a full outfit for Keroppi like they did the other characters. Chococat’s outfit was so adorable! so i ended up just picking out some random shorts my Keroppi. he can’t be pants less!

also here’s a link to the guild i joined. they just happened to be named Sugar AND have Cinnamoroll as their mascot so i HAD to join! i’m really glad i did. i had been thinking about joining a guild instead of running my own like i had before, and i like it much better this way. the Super Cute guild i had was great and i met some truly awesome people, who i miss dearly. but i think they wanted to go their own way and i’m okay with that. i’m really glad to be with the guild i have now and they have their own great site! so check them out!

guild logo

alright. time to get back to questing. take care guys!

tinyhearts.gif Sugar

still here!

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

sorry about my super lack of updating!! it has been CRAZY over here. i moved and then moved again 6 months later and then ended up moving back to where i lived in the first place. insanity. so i’m getting settled back in the house i never should have moved out of in the first place. i still have most of my HK things in boxes in the garage and it’s driving me crazy. i just haven’t straightened things up enough to display things like i want.

ohh! i ended up getting a 4th HK Build-a-bear! they had special ones out for HK’s 35th birthday and i was going crazy over everything about that celebration! i even got a HK tattoo to commemorate it (and of course my crazy love of Hello Kitty herself). here’s some pix:


i love it! it just makes me sad i can’t see it since it’s on my back. next time i need to get one i can see more often!

AND i heard about the new special Sanrio 50th anniversary build-a-bears (i swear to you, the only time i get a build-a-bear is when it’s HK related) so i’m trying to convince the fiance to get me the Keroppi one for my bday. my HK’s need a friend!

anyways, that’s about it. hopefully see you in game!

♥ Sugar