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i have saved up the money and have now become leader of my own guild! i really liked a lot of the people in my old one and i’m sad to leave them but it was just too crowded. 200 people is too many.  so now i have a very small guild but hopefully it will grow in time. plus our mascot is cinnamoroll! how can you not love that?!! his emotes are incredibly adorable! so if anyone is look to switch guilds or find one, Super Cute is open! you’ll either have to wait until i (or 1 of the other members is) am back on so i can invite you. but everyone is welcome!

7 Responses to “Super Cute Guild!”

  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    i want to see the cinnamoroll logo!! And congrats on your new guild!!!!

  2. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    er… what is the guild name?

  3. Sugar chan Says:

    the guild is called Super Cute. we only have like 8 people so far. i was hoping more from my old guild would come with me, but i understand not wanting to.

  4. Says:

    i remember you were in the same guild as me~ ^^ congrats on making a new guild i would join (cinnamoroll rox), but i really like HKO Founders >.

  5. Says:

    ahh my message cut off.. *continues* —
    maybe ill join yours later, oh and thanks for adding me to you blog roll, ill add you to mine ^^

  6. mozartbach Says:

    wow, so many new guilds

  7. Sugar chan Says:

    i liked the HKO Founders too. there are a lot of cool people there. but there were too many people and i really wanted Cinnamoroll! lol! ^^

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