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Why I haven’t been on HKO as much

October 3rd, 2010 by Sugar chan


Choco Harbour Rescue & Purple Event

September 14th, 2010 by Sugar chan

this is charity event is so much fun!! i at first was sad i hadn’t gotten a chocolate monster card, so my friend Steffy gave me one. now i keep getting the cards all the time. LOL it figures! so if you still need one and i’m on PM me! i’m not sure if it’s a competition, but my guild has been doing really well in the standings for most donated from the choco event. even if it’s not a competition, i’m really really proud for raising as much as i have. i’m also super proud of my guild. we’re awesome. ^^

the other night (like really really late -_-;) we had a special event. it was Monster Hunter, but it was purple themed! everything you could win was purple (purple clothes, accessories, shoes, and hair). despite how nervous Monster Hunter makes me (it’s sort of a stressful game!) i ended up winning a few times. i got the purple shoes, purple top, and purple bag. i didn’t really want the other stuff anyway. i love my avatar having pink hair (cos i love having it in real life). anyway, i took some screenies. check em out!

and i was documenting Sugar Guild’s (and my own personal) progress in the standings. they’ve changed a bit now. i don’t think we’re in the lead and i KNOW my standings have gone down. but it’s cool to know that i once made it to 4th!


anyways, i got a lot of bday events coming up this week. my soon to be mother-in-law and sister-in-law are making me a Hello Kitty birthday cake! i’ve never had one before and i’m so excited! not to mention that they are making sure i can eat it. i have nut allergies and unfortunately lots of chocolate things (cake mixes, candy, exc) are processed with nuts and i can’t eat them. but they’ve gone through and made sure that i can eat this. it feels good to know i can eat something without worry of my throat swelling O.O it’s scary! i have an Epipen for just in case, but i neeeevvvvveer want to have to use it!

Choco Harbour Rescue!

September 10th, 2010 by Sugar chan

i was excited to be one of the first people (along with Kira and Erin) this morning to start with the new charity event! i was kinda confused at first, but Dew was there. for some reason i can’t get the chocolate spill graphics to show up for me. i still see random veggies and picnic tables. i haven’t gotten a choco monster card yet, but hopefully i’ll get one soon. anyway, here are some screenies!
i show up at the Harbour after seeing the mysterious messages in my chat to find the attack of ?’s!
then little chocolate bars showed up to do deliciously sweet evil havoc on the Harbour!
then i found the giant broccoli. at this point i didn’t know that those weren’t supposed to be there. so i thought maybe we were going to stop the choco spill by being vegans.
then THAT showed up! totally wasn’t expecting that!
and here are the triumphant heroes of the first Choco Monster attack! i think we were all kind of confused. lol
we caught on fast after that.

i’m soooo excited about this event! not only because it’s cute and fun but because it’s for a great cause. and i really don’t have the money to donate to this cause as much as i would like to, so being able to play a game and have that donate is awesome!

anyways, my allergies have been acting up again so i’ve taken some allergy meds which are making me sleepy. but i’ll definitely be back in game tomorrow!

the pet hunts continue

September 9th, 2010 by Sugar chan

i’ve now finished the first AND second pet hunt quests! woohoo! i’m glad i waited until i finished with Beijing before i did these. the slyverns took what felt like forever. the hoverbells took longer than i expected too. almost a whole inventory page!


anyways, i’m on to the spinnows now but had to stop for server maintenance. the hunt shall resume tomorrow! after that, i don’t really know what i’ll do. make furniture?

Pet hunts - the beginning

September 8th, 2010 by Sugar chan

it’s so early in the morning and i just want to get on and try to hunt monster cards before it gets busy but of course something is going on with the server…or maybe it’s just me. i have no idea.

the pet hunts aren’t taking as long as i thought, but at the same time they are very monotonous. KOing monster after monster over and over. pretty boring. plus you don’t get exp for KOing monsters. i got the Ardillion card after only hitting 100 of them. i was super excited about that! the others weren’t so easy. the beetils were really annoying and one of them never got up after i hit it the first time. it was playing tricks on me!

so after what seemed like an eternity of beetil hitting i finally got the card. check out my inventory afterwards

craziness! i eventually finished the first pet hunt quest. i have the arachnea card and am on my way to getting the slyverns. i’m hoping to average 1 pet card an hour…if i can get back on…and if i don’t get too bored…. oh hurry up Tokyo!

i woke up Hello Kitty!

September 7th, 2010 by Sugar chan

i’ve been trying really hard to dedicate myself to the few quests i had left. and finally, i have finished all of the quests (except the pet hunts. they reach a new level of annoying). i was so excited to see Hello Kitty that i made sure to take a picture of us together.

there is my Chargewing Charlie! i did have a few quests after saving Kitty but i made it my mission to get them all done today. hurray for dedication and federal holidays! now i’m on to the pet hunts and after 600+ Pinbees i FINALLY got a card. not really looking forward to the rest of these quests, but i want the experience.

in non-HKO news, i have exactly 10 days of being in my 20’s left. i’m a little nervous about turning the big 3-0, but it’s probably not that much different than it is being 29. it just seems like such a scare deadline. like by that time you have to have reached a certain point in life, and i’ve been going about my life in all sorts of crazy directions and haven’t really reached anything. but birthdays ARE good for Hello Kitty lovers! everyone always knows what to get me! i’ve already gotten 2 early presents. my fiance got me the HKO premium box set and my fiance’s mother got me this really nice Hello Kitty watch. i’ll totally have to upload a picture. i’m also just really excited about sushi dinners. not everyday grocery store sushi. EXPENSIVE sushi! that’s the best kind! i’ll try to take so pix of that too and any other birthday happenings that go on.

and a very very happy birthday to my guildee Ly!!!! we all got to sing for her! so many birthdays!!


ps. if any of you have extra monster cards for the 3 pet hunt quests, i will totally pay you for them. but only if you’ve already finished with it!

Premium Edition!

September 5th, 2010 by Sugar chan

my fiance got me a copy for my birthday which is coming up! of course he gave it to me early or else i would go crazy lol! so i got my super cute special pet! it’s a Chargewing that i named Charile after Charlie the Unicorn from those funny web cartoons. if you haven’t seen them, look them up! i also got myself with my free cash points a new hair style and the prom dress outfit. i look like a princess! i love it! i can’t wait until they add new stuff to the item mall. like Halloween stuff. oh man, i really need more storage space! i’ve also been loving the golden ticket for the Sunbright Express that they gave us for Welcome Back week. i use the train constantly now. it’s just so cute! that and i gotta use it while i can!

so i’m almost finished with Beijing. i didn’t think i’d be done so fast! but i still haven’t done the pet hunt quests so i’ll still have something to do. i’m dreading those!

also, while i was at Target the other day i picked up this cute little Hello Kitty plushie of her dressed as a zebra! so cute!

server problems *cries*

August 31st, 2010 by Sugar chan

sadness! i can’t connect! i did connect for a minute and then was d/ced. now i can’t even connect to the server page. i didn’t play yesterday cos i had an appointment and was really tired afterwards. i ended up falling asleep at 7:30pm (T_T;). i did wake up at about 12am but then i decided to just watch some movies. i watched this really funny “horror” movie on Netflix called The Washingtonians about how George Washington was really a cannibal and there was a secret society of people who dressed like him and kept his secret safe from everyone. it was HYSTERICAL!! i laughed until i cried. i recommend it if you like campy horror movies.

oh well. i guess i’ll try to connect again. hopefully i make it on!


“tagged” from Acton

August 28th, 2010 by Sugar chan

i wasn’t reeeaaally tagged, i just visited his blog and i was one of the first 3 to see it so i guess that qualifies me as tagged. ^^

This Week’s Questions:

Do you follow fashion trends or do you have your own style?
Do you match/colour-code everything?
Do you plan your outfits carefully in advance?

i follow some trends, but i also definitely have my own style. i probably dress younger than i am, but i guess that’s a good thing.

i don’t match everything. if i did that everything would blend in! i don’t wear crazy outfits though either. i do try to not let my hair (which is pink) clash with my outfit. ^^

sometimes. my little sister used to plan her outfits for a month! i always thought that was silly. if i have something special going on, especially if i need to be dressed up, then i plan it out. or if i want to make sure i look super cute for something. but usually not. i grab whats clean and doesn’t look horrible. :P


cherry blossom house is finished!!!

August 28th, 2010 by Sugar chan


woohoooo!!! it took a lot of people and a lot of effort. it’s a lvl 3 house so it took super long to build. it also has 3 rooms (which is awesome). i love it! i can’t wait to fill it with furniture! thank you so much to all my guildees and HKO friends who helped!! i love you all!! now to work on other people’s houses! ^^ i’m totally slacking on my lvl 14 tools. lol!


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