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Goodness me!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

This is terrible of me! I’ve already gone inactive of a few weeks. Hmm, maybe¬† a desktop client could help.. easier to open a program, like I do with a LJ Client.

Not much happened aside a party, first in either a long time or never.¬† I’m glad I don’t drink, woo. Miss a lot of friends I made in HKO, hurry up, HKO!! *shake fist* (please?)

I can be found on the IRC irc.coldfront.net an IRCop(Admin) there, dontcha know? Easily found on #coldfront and #irchelp just highlight me! ;)

Back at work, just counting the days away until a new life. About a little over 107 days until she arrives, 141 until the wedding day! Oh, I’ve got permission to use the internet from next-door to the church so I should be able to broadcast the wedding! Wee!