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About the Pondering Muse

You may know me as AdTheRat from varies places across the internet after all, I’m the one and only.. I should trademark it to protect it..

Anyway, I’ve just returned back to Hello Kitty in time for the Open Hearts event, so much has changed from the Closed beta.  (For which I only played for one day then was distracted by other things, needless to say I liked what I saw.)

I’m 23 years old, set to marry an awesome girl by the name of Inka on July the 29th in about 5 months time. Woo! I’m British, she’s Canadian, she’s visiting me for 5 weeks, during which we’ll tie the knot and from there I’ll travel back with her to start a new live with her in Canada.

I ponder many things.. like, why do we have a blue sky? (Answers, as the sun passes thought the atmosphere the wavelenght is changed, (much like passing thou a filter), the longer the sun travels thou the atmosphere the more the colour changes, thus giving us the orange and sometimes red sky at dawn and dusk.)

so there you have it.. a little insight to the life of me.

(Ps. I kindly request that if you meet me in game, to refer to my ingame gender, thanks :) )

3 Responses to “About the Pondering Muse”

  1. GM_Calealen Says:

    Thanks for sharing your blog and congrats in advanced. Take care of your wife-to-be ^-^

  2. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    Hehe, Congrats!

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