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New Book Bag

My olds pink and girlish backpack was getting old and soiled. It was time to replace it. I always want to replace my bag with one that was more adult like. I did have to wait for a few months until back to school sales started.  I have to confess , I struggled whether to buy this pack or one that was more girlish.  This got me  thinking about how one presets one self as male fan of the cute one.  I have to confess on reason I wore a pink pack was to play around  with people since or reality and gender roles. But at the same times I am very conscience.  I might had  a few  a bit uncomfortable; thinking I may be a child predator.

In the end I decided to purchase this bag over the pink and girlish version.  bag. It was a good decision for me  I love it became it had more room, a better fit,  and the design is more for older teens and adults yet it still 100% Kitty. With this bag I feel I might  make a few less uncomfortable to be around me. As for the rest well, it not my problem if one cannot  handle a guy that likes Hello Kitty.  Keep
Portland Weird.


The free The free Carabineer is a nice touch is a nice touch

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  1. I really like that HK line, because it has blue and looks more mature.

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